Monday, June 25, 2012

Sweet Tea and Boiled Peanuts

Tonight I'm relaxing on the porch with husband and mama...sipping some "Southern iced tea" and nibblin' on some boiled peanuts.

If you are from the Deep South, you've no doubt driven by "Boiled Peanut Stands" on the side of the road.  Everybody down South loves 'em--Lord have mercy, I stopped and bought some while driving from Augusta to Warner Robins recently.

If you can't find a roadside stand, you can buy them canned.  They may be eaten straight out of the can or placed on a plate and covered with a paper towel, and heated in the microwave for thirty seconds.

You can also prepare your own in the crockpot...

Recipe for Miss Janice's Boiled Peanuts:
1 1/2 quarts raw uncooked green peanuts
1/2    cup salt
2 1/2 quarts water

Wash the peanuts well.  Place the peanuts into the crockpot, add the salt and water; stir.  Cook covered on high for 5-7 hours.  Add more water if necessary to keep the peanuts covered.

I have even given out cans of Boiled Peanuts as my "Friendship Gifts" in the past...

Tied the cans up with plaid bows...this is very Southern y'all!


Lori said...

Love boiled peanuts. When I worked, some girls sold boiled peanuts for a United Way fundraiser. They made a killing selling peanuts.


Hope said...
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annie said...

This blog just makes my day so often! Picks me up and puts a smile on my face.
*raises a glass of sweet tea in toast*

Natalie said...

I love all your friendship gifts!!

Kathie Truitt said...

Oh my, I could NEVER have done this. I would have eaten every single one before I got home. I applaud your willpower. Enjoy your mama.