Saturday, July 23, 2022

For the Love of Checks

 I have always loved check fabrics…Buffalo check or gingham check, I love them both.  I have checked linens all over my house (red and white, blue and white, green and white, and sometimes yellow and white. I have placed all the pink and white to my riff raff closet for storage). So yes. I’m a bit obsessed with check!

I have purchased a lot of checked linens from in the past and when I saw this cute bath rug with the red gingham ruffle, I knew I had to have it and the matching shower curtain.

Here’s a few photos of my guest bath decorated with red and white gingham and some blue and white pieces.

I’m just getting a head start in my Christmas decor!! I’ll share more of my gingham/buffalo check decor later. 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Summer Porches

 I snapped a photo of my front porch this morning. My porches keep getting smaller with every move.

I have a large lanai in the back which overlooks the fairway at our golf club. I decorated it with Lilly Pulitzer loot and now I’m tired of that. I still wear my Lilly, just don’t want my house to be Lilly-field anymore. I will change it up, just trying to decide how I want it to look. 

It’s so hot and humid in Florida right now that I’m not using either porches. Summer has always been my least favorite time of the year. There isn’t much going on in July and August. I’m looking forward to Labor Day…football season and pumpkin-everything! 

Friday, July 15, 2022

Airline Etiquette

If you have traveled by air recently, you know that it is chaotic, at best, at the airports. Delayed flights or canceled flights can ruin vacations, cause much heartache to those traveling to attend weddings or funerals, and generally disrupt your plans. If you are lucky to actually board your flight on time and get on your way to your destination, there still could be a lot of unpleasantness ahead!

It seems a lot of air travelers leave their manners at home and bad behavior in flight is not uncommon these days.

Please keep in mind these airline etiquette guidelines:

~After boarding the plane, find your seat and place your carry on bag in the bin above your seat (unless directed by the Flight Attendant to place it elsewhere). 

~Respect the Flight Attendant and the rules onboard…otherwise, you may find yourself on a no-fly list and in trouble with law enforcement. 

~Observe any mask mandates.

~Please do not bring smelly food onboard…please. 

~Respect your limited space. Don’t recline your seat on a short flight. If you simply must, do it slowly. 

~Allow the person seated in the middle seat to use both armrests.

~Don’t remove your shoes and socks.

~Don’t be a seat kicker. On my last flight, the child behind me kicked my seat during the entire flight. The adult with him never said a word. I didn’t say anything, but it was soooooo annoying. 

~After the plane has landed, do not cut in line and rush to the front…that is just tacky and a pet peeve of mine!