Sunday, August 30, 2009


Lord have mercy, I've been dressing in the preppy style for a long, long time! Here's a photo of me in the late 70's...totally prepped up!

"Here's What I Wore"...That skirt was one of my favorites--a pink and green wrap-around skirt I bought at the Casual Hut, the place to shop back in the day in Augusta, Georgia. The white blouse is a "Country Club Blouse" with a Peter Pan collar. The collar was monogrammed in pink and had a pink piping trim! I want that blouse back, right was too cute! The pink cable cardigan sweater was from Trimmingham's in Bermuda--now closed, but one of my all-time favorite stores! My espadrilles and monogrammed in white...yes ma'am! I'm carrying a cute pink Bermuda Bag also white. My ponytail is adorned with a pink grosgrain ribbon. I can see I'm wearing my Rolex Chameleon watch with the pink (interchangeable) grosgrain ribbon, which I've not worn for years!!! I need to start wearing that watch again--it has its own wardrobe, different colored bands, enabling it to be worn with different outfits! The necklace I'm wearing was very popular back memory beads--loved 'em! I'm also wearing gold disk monogrammed earrings and the matching monogrammed ring...still have those also.

Now, here's another photo...from way back to my days at Richmond Academy in Augusta, Georgia. Here's the cheerleading squad in our uniforms--monogrammed vests, country club blouses, and the cute plaid skirts. We were also wearing rigueur back then! I'm the last one the right on the top row, with the flippity-do!) Preppy cheerleaders at the oldest high school in the South...yes ma'am!
Fast forward, to the present...So, here I was a couple of months ago, posing in front of the Lazy Daisy, in Vero Beach, Florida--still dressing preppy! Lilly pink gingham skort, a pink Lilly tee shirt, and pink Lilly mules. I wore my pearl necklace, matching pearl stud earrings, along with my Cartier roll ring wedding band and my Oyster Perpetual Rolex. I'm still wearing the ponytail and a white grosgrain ribbon bow...another preppy staple--Chanel sunglasses!

So, what are my preppy fashion staples??? Here's a few...

~Pearl necklace and pearl stud earrings
~Anything genuine madras
~A Burberry umbrella
~Lilly Pulitzer shifts
~Engraved jewelry
~Tory Burch Revas
~Ferragamo Vara pumps
~Grosgrain ribbon bows for my ponytail
~Headbands (preferably by Ferragamo)
~Monogrammed baseball caps
~Bermuda bags (monogrammed, if appropriate)
~Chanel 2.55 pocketbook
~Nantucket Lightship pocketbook
~Burberry pocketbook
~Louis Vuitton pocketbook
~Scarves...Hermes, Cartier, Christian Dior, and Lilly
~Rolex watch
~Polo shirts
~Cardigan sweaters
~Pullover sweaters, either monogrammed or with the Lilly palm/Polo pony
~Jack Rogers sandals
~Chanel ballet flats
~Chanel sunglasses

What are some of your preppy staples? 'Cuz if I don't have it, I want it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thank you Miss Barb for inviting me to your Rooster Shindig! I just love roosters...they are so stinkin' cute! This is a post I did awhile back...

I thought y'all might like to take a peek at my front porch--the setting for a breakfast I prepared recently for weekend guests at my home. So, Welcome to the Roost, and yes, Southern is spoken here. I just love this sign, which was custom made for me by Nana--she has an Etsy shop--Family Attic. Nana was a pleasure to do business with...she was so patient when I kept changing my mind about the size, color, and font! Check out her site, she has some awesome signs!

The sign greets all my guests as they arrive at the front door...

This door arrangement features my favorites...rattan, hydrangeas, and a gingham ribbon bow!

Rooster planter and more hydrangeas...

Another spot for chillin' on the porch...

Closeup of the rooster fabric on the pillows...

I'm ready to serve...

Free birds...
"Mr. Rooster" greeted us all as we sat down and the placed the rooster napkins on our laps. The first course of soft cooked eggs* was served from the darling rooster egg cups. French toast**, fresh fruit, and turkey patties (Jimmy Dean frozen!) were served and fresh squeezed Florida orange juice was enjoyed, as well as the breakfast staple eye-opener--steaming hot coffee!

The centerpiece rooster is from the "Butler's Pantry" pattern by Lenox.

The rooster place cards are by Caspari.

The rooster linen napkins and rooster tumblers were purchased at Williams-Sonoma.

I found the rooster egg cups on Ebay and the flatware at World Market.

All the dinnerware is Majolica china, by J. Wilfred.

Miss Janice's French Toast** and Jimmy Dean Turkey patties...

Healthy fresh fruit...

Chanticleer presides over the coffee service...
*Recipe for Soft Cooked Eggs:
Put the eggs in a pot and cover with water. Bring the water to a rolling boil. Cover the pot and remove from heat. I leave the eggs in the pot for four minutes. Pour off the hot water and run cool water over the eggs for three minutes. Place the large end of the egg into the egg cup. Hold the egg and cup and in one hand and take a sharp knife and break the shell at the small upper end of the egg. Cut the egg shell all the way around and remove the bits and pieces. Enjoy!

**Recipe for Miss Janice's French Toast:
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
2 tblsp. ground cinnamon
2 tsp. vanilla extract
4 slices bread
Powdered sugar

Beat together the eggs, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Heat a lightly oiled skillet over medium heat. Soak the bread slices in the egg mixture until thoroughly coated. Cook the bread until each side is lightly browned and crisp. Top with syrup and powdered sugar.

Meanwhile y'all, I'm now trying to beat the heat here in South Florida...working in my garden, sippin' iced tea on the porch, and tendin' to my geraniums...

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope I brought a little "sunshine" into your day! Don't forget to drop by BarbsGoodLife for more rooster tablescapes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This week's "Lilly Photo of the Week" was sent in by Katie at TheSaltyKiss. Here she is in her bedroom after shopping at the Lilly Warehouse sale this past June. I will just let the photo speak for itself...


Are y'all jealous, or what? Look at that stuff. To be honest, she (Katie's on the left) shopped at the sale with her best friend (in the middle) and her mama (on the right) they are posing for a photo during a tour of Lilly Headquarters, in Philadelphia--in front of some new cute Lilly. I have to say I definitely want a couple of those shifts hanging up there on display!

The next photo is one that I "borrowed" from her blogsite...again, it's Katie (on the right) and her best friend (on the left) posing in a Lilly golf cart! Y'all, I am totally coveting one of these to scoot around Tradition. I would dress in my cutest pink & green Lilly, drive up to get my Starbuck's fix, and cruise the village...all the while being the envy of every girl in the neighborhood! Is this not the cutest golf cart you've ever seen?

Katie has a darling blog, TheSaltyKiss. She hasn't blogged in awhile and I hope she's okay! She's probably like a lot of us...trying to find the time to do everything! Thank you so much Miss Katie for these fabulous photos. We are soooo jealous of all y'all's Lilly finds!

Don't forget to e-mail me your Lilly photo...send it to me at Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com. Thank you for stopping by today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I simply must stop to say thank you to two special ladies...Jennifer at JenniferDTrent and Kristen at GroveGals. Don't you just love it when you've been away and come home to gift packages...just for you!

Well, I entered Jennifer's "Tootsies Giveaway" she hosted in celebration of her 100th post and I won! I'm soooo excited to start using my gifts...from Earth Therapeutics--Clean & Cool Foot Wipes, Tea Tree Oil & Foot Repair Balm, and the Soothing Gel Soles. I actually do my own pedicures y'all--I'm not into sticking my feet inside public-foot buckets--so these products are a luxury for my tootsies!

Thank you so much Jennifer. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and especially enjoy our chats on Twitter. Y'all visit her blog and also stop in over at Twitterville...she's at

I also want to thank Kristen at GroveGals for sending me this tres preppy swap package! Hopsy recently hosted a "Prep for Fall Swap," and yes, Miss Janice decided to enter another swap. My longtime blog readers may remember I had a "bad swap experience" awhile back, but SouthernandPreppy recently brought me right out of that funk when I swapped with her! So, now I'm back in the swap game! Here's Kristen's gifts to me...wrapped so preppy!

Here's my loot...Pink towels, monogrammed in green--too cute! To the right is a darling and useful pink thermal mug. Look at the cute Lilly notecards. Essie nail polish--in the Lovie Dovie preppy pink color...adore that! A cute pink dotted paper clip and green & white zippered bag. She topped it all off with some kiss-a-licious Pink Buttercream lip gloss, by Jaqua.

I adore all my preppy fall loot Kristen.

Y'all should also visit Kristen at GroveGals or over at

Thanks again to both of you for adding a little sunshine to my life on Blogger and Twitter.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Summer is almost coming to an end and I'm wearing my Lilly summer shifts up until the last minute. Today I 've been running around town doing errands and "Here's What I Wore."

I love this cute Orange and Pink Sea Life Krista dress, by Lilly.
The pattern is soooo cute!

I wore my Bonanno's and carried my white Bermuda Bag. Along with my pearl necklace and matching pearl stud earrings, I wore my gold charm bracelet and my Cartier rollring wedding band. My ponytail was adorned with a white grosgrain ribbon bow and my fragrance today was Lilly Wink.

I'm super busy right now...trying to organize a couple of etiquette classes for the fall, doing some decorating around the house, and getting together fall decorations and entertaining ideas.

I hope that y'all have a fabulous week! Thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This week's photo was sent in by one of my friends over at Twitterville, Miss Amanda--AMStarkey. Here's her little pumpkin, Mimi Dee, wearing her Lilly P birthday crown! Look at her! Is she not the sweetest girl, posing in her pink and green crown?!


If you haven't gotten your own Lilly crown, check out PreppyPrincess...she carries these darling little crowns and lots of the preppy Lilly paper products.

Thank you so much Miss Amanda for sending in this photo of your sweet little baby!

Y'all don't forget to e-mail me your Lilly photo...send it to me at Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com. Thank you for stopping by today.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Today's just another busy day for Miss Janice...

~BMW service appointment
~Dropping by an Optician's office to check out the new Lilly prescription lenses:)
~Gourmet grocery store for some goodies
~Ralph Lauren outlet store
~Lunch--maybe at Cracker Barrel; I'm craving some vegetables--Southern-style

It's hot y'all, so "Here's What I'm Wearing"...A simple white blouse by Liz Claiborne and my khaki capris by Ralph Lauren.

I'll accessorize this outfit with a bunch of Brighton stuff...I just love everything Brighton! I'll carry the cute little red Brighton pocketbook which coordinates so well with the red Brighton slides. My nail polish is "Love That Red" by Revlon and my lipstick is "Star Red," by Chanel. I'm gonna wear my hair up today, loosely secured with the out-of -style, but still too-cute Brighton clip. The bracelet is by Brighton and so are the cute little silver earrings. Of course, I'll wear my Cartier roll ring wedding band. I'll spritz a bit of Brighton's "Love" cologne, put on my Brighton sunglasses, and off I go--just another busy day!

Lord have mercy, I'm very matchy-matchy today! I can't help it:) I actually practiced some restraint here...I decided not to wear my red Brighton heart-face watch!

Thank you so much for stopping by I'm off!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yes ma'am, I really like this church..."Here's What I'm Wearing." The dress and shrug are from Coldwater Creek.

Usually, I wear cute little pink and green sandals with this dress. However, I just can't bring myself to wear sandals inside the sanctuary, so I'll be wearing my white Tory Burch Revas. I'll carry a petite Chanel clutch and my ponytail will be adorned with a white ribbon bow. I'll wear a pearl choker, pearl stud earrings, and of course my Cartier roll ring wedding band. After a spritz of Lilly Wink, I'm out the door!

I'll stop for lunch at Panera Bread where I'll be tweeting about dining etiquette over at

Thank you so much for stopping by today and enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, August 14, 2009


This week's photo is of the darling Southern Belle Elizabeth and the boy "T." In this photo she's wearing a cute summer pink and green halter dress--First Call pattern, by Lilly and "T" is wearing a Lilly men's polo shirt. The photo was taken at the Auburn University Hotel & Conference Center after they had attended a destination wedding.

Miss Elizabeth is just A.S.A.P. (As Southern As Possible)! An Alabama girl and student at Auburn, she has the blog ElizabethsEpigrams, where she talks about her love of all things preppy, Lilly fashions, cooking, and entertaining. You might also like to visit her over at The girl loves to tweet!


Isn't Miss Elizabeth the cutest Southern girl ever? Thank you so much Elizabeth for sharing this photo and I want to see more of you modeling your Lilly on your blogsite:)

Y'all don't forget to e-mail me your Lilly photo...send it to me at Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com. Thank you for stopping by today!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


You "Might Be a Southern Lady" have ever felt the need to send out an "Excuse Card" to someone. Yes, even Southern ladies commit a social faux pas from time to time. Well, with these darling "Excuse Cards," available from 2PreppyGirls, you'll be able to say "I'm sorry" with class and style!

They are printed on ivory cardstock, packaged in organza bags, and tied with a satin ribbon...
Here's some reasons you just might need these cards:

~You had one too many glasses of wine at the baby shower.
~You unintentionally ignored another guest at a party.
~You accidently broke something belonging to the party host/hostess.
~You spilled a drink on someone at the party.
~To express your embarrassment over any other social faux pas you may have committed at an event.

The cards are pretty self-explanatory...
There's a space for your name, the date of the faux pas, and a space for you to write what behavior you are now regretting!

Y'all simply must have some of these...they are just soooo Southern and cute!
Thank you so much for stopping in today.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This week's Lilly Photo of the Week was sent in by Kate at NauticalByNature. She's wearing her Lilly shorts and sunglasses while vacationing on a Mediteranean Cruise this past May. Her sister snapped this photo while Kate was descending a trail in Santorini, Greece. (The trail is over 600 steps and nearly 900 feet from top to bottom). It was too windy to take the cable car down, so she braved the donkey-filled trail in Lilly and flip flops!

Kate has an awesome blog, full of her travel adventures, her love of all things nautical, her love of preppy fashions, and fun times with friends! Thank you Kate for sharing your photo of you in your Lilly waaaay over there in Greece:)


Y'all don't forget to e-mail me your Lilly photo...Send it to me at Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com. Thank you for stopping by today.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just can't seem to find a lot of blogging time lately...maybe it's because I'm connecting on Twitter or Facebook or doing window shopping on the internet for my fall wardrobe. Well, I'm on the run today and "Here's What I'm Wearing"...

The skirt is the Croc Cooler Pattern by Lilly and I'll pair it with a white tee shirt and orange sweater throw--purchased from who-knows-where.

It's a super casual day, so I'll wear my orange Tory Burch flip flops and carry my Nantucket pocketbook. I'll wear my gold monogrammed pendant necklace with the matching earrings, along with my Cartier roll ring wedding band, and my Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. As I'm out the door, I'll splash on a bit of my Lilly Wink fragrance and put on my Chanel sunglasses!

Now, I'm off! I hope y'all are having a wonderful day:)