Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute Loot in the Mail

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I'm always talking about receiving 'loot' in the mail! Yes, I await the USPS carrier, the Fed Ex truck, and that darlin' Southern boy in the Big Brown Truck...everyday. They all bring me cute loot! I confess, that I am a shopaholic! I love to shop...from The Dollar Store, to Publix, to Neiman Marcus...I will find something that makes my day better! I shop online...everyday! But, please don't think that I'm getting packages with Chanel bags and such in the mail! That's just not true. While I do love buying new Tory Burch 'Revas' and all things Lilly, it's the little things that make my day y'all! Sooooo, awhile back, I noticed that my closeup vision was getting BAD! As in...my iPhone screen was a complete blur in the early morning hours {y'all know...that time, when you haven't crawled out of bed yet, but you are already tweeting!} Well, I was trying to see the screen with one eye closed, or both eyes open--it didn't matter what I did, I couldn't read the words! So, of course, I scheduled an appointment with my Optometrist. I have always worn glasses to drive or to watch a movie, but have never had issues reading...Hmmm, after examining my eyes, the Doctor told me that my distance vision had corrected itself {with age} and now my closeup vision was a little off! Lord have mercy, I needed READERS! Well, of course, I needed CUTE READERS:) Where was my first stop? Lilly Pulitzer! I found the pair I liked at Simply Soles. Love these...The 'Beachy Reader in Pink' I found the Lilly 'Dream Weaver Case' at Purse Lady Too...how cute is this? What a darlin' case for my new readers! Very Miss Janice! Speaking of my iPhone...Just received a new cover...LOVE-- 'Limeade Floater' pattern, from Lilly...
So this is what I call "Cute Loot in the Mail!" Makes my day brighter y'all!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A little bit Preppy...A little bit Redneck

What a fabulous weekend...Shop, Shop, Shop! Saturday I took a Daytrip to Mount Dora, Florida for the Spring Antiques Collectibles & Crafts Show... had LOADS of fun y'all. Mt. Dora is a quaint little town just northwest of Orlando. It's historic downtown is full of boutiques, gift shops, cafes, and antique shops. It's fun to visit Mt. Dora anytime...great day trip for Floridians or those visiting the Orlanda area! "HERE'S WHAT I WORE" I'm still in that tricky wardrobe transition time. Lord have mercy! I put such strict seasonal fashion rules on myself! {No sleeveless stuff, no open-toed shoes, no white, no patent leather!} I tried to wear something Spring-y and comfortable...something Preppy, of course! These coveralls in the 'Fried Catfish' pattern by Lilly are the newest addition to my Lilly coverall collection.

Love the 'Fried Catfish' pattern... I wore my {closed-toe} pink mules by Lilly and a cute monogrammed cap by 2PreppyGirls. My ponytail was adorned with my Lilly-fied scrunchie:) My iPhone cover was lime green and I wore my 'Desert Tort' watch by Lilly. I wore my pearl stud earrings by Ralph Lauren and my rollring wedding band by Cartier. My fragrance of choice for the day...'Wink' by Lilly. My shopping tote is from the $1 bin at Target...monogrammed, of course!

Ready to go with my shopping list of must-finds, I drove thru Dunkin Doughnuts for an early-morning energy boost!
A little bit redneck...yes, I guess I am y'all! How cute is this Redneck Wine Goblet. Linda Jarrett offers these on her Etsy site, Sassy Stemware. You can get them plain or with dots {use your fav team colors}, or she will paint on your monogram for you! LOVE these! I got so many fun comments about mine in Mount Dora! What a perfect gift for the Southern girl who likes to party!
Too early for "Merlot Hour"...I'm sippin' homemade lemondade I bought from some cute young Georgia boys!!! Enjoyed a great lunch at my fav restaurant, The Goblin Market...a must-do place to dine in Mt. Dora.

After two days of non-stop shopping, I arrived back home and just threw my loot on the bed and hit the sofa for a night of marathon Lifetime Movie Network Movies!

Can't wait for the Mt. Dora Fall 2011 show! On the way home, I was mentally planning my next trip...hmmm.

Thank y'all for stopping by today. Have a wonderful week!

Friday, March 25, 2011


This morning I hit the road for a brick and mortar shopping trip..."HERE'S WHAT I WORE." The khaki skirt is from Target, the white tee is from Lord knows where, and the navy cardigan is the 'Jackie cardigan' from JCrew.

The accessories...My navy blue 'Revas' by Tory Burch looked cute with the navy blue monogrammed Bermuda Bag. I wore my pearl necklace and pearl stud earrings, along with my 'Oyster Perpetual' watch by Rolex, and and my rollring wedding band by Cartier. My ponytail was adorned with a navy grosgrain ribbon and my fragrance for the day was 'Lauren' by Ralph Lauren.

I drove north on I-95 to Viera, Florida to have lunch and shop, shop, shop! Mimi's Cafe for lunch...haven't lunched there since my days in Palm Springs, California!

I chose the clam chowder soup to start...this is ONE of the reasons I eat carrots on most days and jog on others! It was creamy and decadent! Delish y'all:)

A little soup etiquette: The soup spoon is always placed on the right-hand side of the saucer...never left in the soup bowl.

I chose the crab cakes and mixed greens as my entree...very, very good y'all!

Since my days in Italy, {long story y'all} I have been totally addicted to espresso. It really is my hot caffeine drink of choice! I certainly needed the boost to keep me going during the afternoon shopaholic spree.

First stop...The Hobby Lobby! I stayed in this store for TWO HOURS y'all! I didn't want to miss a thing...ribbons, Easter decos, cardstock, plates, napkins, et cetera. Debit card meltdown. The Hobby Lobby is my favorite--I love them, but, Michael's Crafts doesn't hold a candle to this store!!! The Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays and I respect the owners for that...keeping the Sabbath holy.

Next stop, Cost Plus World Market. LOVE this store! Found a cute apron, some darlin' flatware, and some unique coasters. Y'all will see it all soon:)

Pit stop y'all!!! Chick-fil-A!!! Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I gave up Diet Caffeine-Free Coke for Lent. But, I'm still good-to-go with the other Southern favorite--sweet tea. And...nobody does sweet tea better than Chick-fil-A! Worth the calories...yes ma'am!

On the way back home, I stopped at another long-time favorite...Ralph Lauren Polo! I bought a cute pearl bracelet..that's all! :)

The loot in the trunk...

So now it's almost midnight and I really should be asleep...I'm getting up at 5:00 a.m. for a mini-roadtrip to one of my favorite small towns in Florida--Mt. Dora. It's time for the annual Mt. Dora Spring Crafts Show. I'm soooo excited, 'cuz I love that little town and all the quaint shops! Off to bed I go.
Thank you for visiting with me!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miss Janice's Office...Lilly-Style!

Today I'm joining Miss Daphne at Flip Flops And Pearls for her Home Tour Tuesday...Home Office Tour.

We are all showing off our offices! This is a post I did in Christmas of 2009...it features my home office, obviously decorated for Christmas! Take a peek...

Welcome to "Miss Janice's Office!" I have a little Lilly Christmas tree, which I totally love! It is adorned with Lilly photo ornaments and Lilly shift ornaments. Lilly garland is wrapped around this darling little pink thing and there's a special pink & green monogrammed tile ornament from MyFlipFlopz.

I love the Lilly shift ornaments on hangers...

The new Lilly photo ornaments are too cute y'all! If you buy these, be careful when trying to pry open the back...they are difficult to open and will tear.

The pink & green tile ornament is from MyFlipFlopz--totally love it y'all! Check out the Lilly garland...it's perfect for the Lilly tree!

Wrap it up...Lilly style!

The pink gift bag is adorned with pink & green polka dot ribbon and a sample of Lilly Wink is attached to the bow. The green gift bag is adorned with a pink grosgrain ribbon bow and personalized gift tags, available from Melissa here.

Lilly gift wrap and a gift card...the Lilly shift card!

Pink & green and preppy! Love this Lilly gift bag, in the Pink Elephant Taboo pattern.

Although this darling pink gingham wrap is not from Lilly, it's still too cute and I love the attached Lilly ornament...dresses it up a little!

Let's take a tour of "Miss Janice's Office"...Lord have mercy, I love my pink & green toile valance, embellished with pink & green fringe!

Here's a close up of the fabric by Waverly, the Kiwi Rustic Life Resort Scene Toile pattern...

Some cute Lilly wall art...a Lilly print canvas and some framed Lilly Shift notecards.

This is where I photo my "Here's What I'm Wearing" posts...

Part of my wrapping center...
Ribbons...all organized {not like the basket behind the office closet door...just crammed full of all kinds of ribbon--y'all should know by now, I'm a ribbon freak!}

Miss Janice's "Blog, Twitter, & Facebook Central!"

My Ballard Designs bulletin board serves as an inspiration and memory board for moi! Another Waterford lamp on my desk...I bought the pair right after I was married 25 years ago, found them at Neiman Marcus...great investment--still love them!

Inspiration...Southern style!

My "Lilly Photo of the Week" binder...there are some darling photos in this book y'all!
I keep every thank-you note I receive! I love to go back and read over them from time to time...it reminds me of special occasions and events!

Inspiration for entertaining...

Lilly Pulitzer office supplies...

Entertaining inspiration...from Lilly Pulitzer

On of the many "magazine baskets" that I have in the office. I simply must tell y'all that I hate electrical wires! So, I cover them with wire covers from Ballard Designs...this one is green gingham.

Lilly Pulitzer file folders...Where have you been all my life?

Lilly Pulitzer notecards...I want to personally thank the savvy business person who created the Lilly Pulitzer stationery line!

Last, but certainly not least...some of my fav fun books!..."What Would Jackie Do?" "Scarlett Rules," "SWAG (Southern Women Aging Gracefully)," "Martha (Stewart) Rules," "Having It Y'all," and "Social Climbers" {the coozie was a swap gift from Preppy101 and the put-an-umbrella-in-my-cocktail straw is by Lilly!}

I hope that you have enjoyed the tour of my office. Thank you so much for visiting with me today!