Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Another Three-Alarm Tory Burch Logo Day!

Lord have mercy, I've done it again!  I wore three items with the Tory Burch logo in the same outfit over the weekend.  I can't help myself y'all!

"HERE'S WHAT I WORE"  The blue gingham blouse is by J. Crew and the white jeans are by Ralph Lauren.

Tory Burch 3-Alarm Logo...again!  TB earrings, orange belt, and orange Revas.

I added my Rolex 'Oyster Perpetual', Ralph Lauren 'Bit' bracelet, 'Eternity' wedding band by Cartier, a navy blue grosgrain pony bow, and an orange iPhone cover.

More orange!  Y'all know I'm so matchy-matchy!  Wristlet by Michael Kors.

Thank you for stopping by today and have a great week!


Michelle said...

I loveTory Burch! I think your next blog sale needs to be a Tory sale, LOL!

linda said...

SOOOO pretty!