Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do You Cheerwine?

Cheerwine...a longtime favorite soda of Southerners. What is Cheerwine? Well, it's not a wine! It's made in North Carolina...a unique sparkling, cherry tasting beverage with a distinct burgundy color.
I'm not sure how many Southerners live in my small town of Port St. Lucie, Florida, but I was soooo excited to see Cheerwine on the shelves at my local Publix! I'm not sure how I even noticed the bottles there...'cuz they WERE in the Pepsi section. By now, y'all surely know I'm NOT a Pepsi girl. But anyway, they were there and I grabbed tons of them. This past Sunday, I even found Cheerwine at The Fresh Market. Yahoo!
My rush has started for the Christmas season and today, I got a late start out for some shopping and had a quick lunch before I left the house. Cheerwine was just the treat I needed to get me going. Savvy Southerners like myself know that Cheerwine should be sipped with a straw, as the color of the beverage will stain your lips!
Of course, Southerners jump at any opportunity for a pageant and, you guessed it, there is a "Miss Cheerwine"! Isn't she pretty?! Her name is Spencer and she's a native of High Point, North Carolina and a graduate of the University of Alabama. She's a lifelong Cheerwine lover. She has the looks, the smarts, and the Southern pedigree to serve as the the perfect ambassador for Cheerwine!
Lord have mercy, there are even "Cheerwine Doughnuts" made by my favorite doughnut people since childhood...Krispy Kreme. I want one!!!
The perfect sandwich with a Cheerwine soda...The Fresh Market pimiento cheese and potato chips. NOBODY beats The Fresh Market for pimiento cheese, except maybe my Daddy's pimiento cheese.
You can read more about Cheerwine on their site HERE. Or, you can be like Miss Janice and follow them on Twitter here and on Facebook here. Cheerwine definitely has a distinct flavor and if you decide to try it, please let me know how you like it!

Cheerwine...Born in the South...raised in a glass!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Annual Sale at the Pink Monogram

It'll soon be Cyber Monday and Miss Monica at The Pink Monogram is having a big ANNUAL SALE and offering free shipping all day tomorrow!!!

The perfect gift for the preppy one in your life...A Gift Certificate from The Pink Monogram!
These are darling personalized Christmas them!
A monogrammed bathrobe...great for those cold winter nights! Of course, the monogram makes them special.
These preppy and personalized cell phone covers set your phone apart from others!

Stop in at The Pink Monogram and check out all the deals available tomorrow!

Advent Tree

Goodness gracious, I'm kinda grateful this holiday weekend is coming to a close. I have eaten my way through the whole thing! Seriously, it's was wonderful...from the crack-of-dawn Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning, to the who-cares that the oven died during the turkey baking, to the midnight shopping on Black Friday! I promise y'all, as soon as I click "publish" on this post, I'm off to the gym for a workout and plan to spend a couple of hours there!

This morning I attended Church..."HERE'S WHAT I WORE"

Skirt: Talbot's
Jacket: Old...Dillard's, I think


Pocketbook: 'Kelly Bag' by Ferragamo
Headband: Black velvet by Bagalicious...It's after Thanksgiving, I can wear velvet now!
Lipstick: 'Star' and 'Miss Fizz' by Chanel
Cologne: 'Mademoiselle' by Chanel
Earrings: Givenchy
Wedding band: 'Eternity' by Cartier
Ponytail bow: Black grosgrain ribbon
Shoes: 'Vara' by Ferragamo
I wore this Burberry plaid silk pochette around my neck...

Today is the first day of the season of Advent...the time of preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas and the start of the liturgical new year. Advent is a time of spiritual reflection as well as anticipation...counting down the days until Christmas!

I was thinking of making my own Advent calendar this year, then I decided to decorate an Advent Tree! I used my trusty little white feather tree that I've had for years. Then I added these little festive numbered treat for each day of the Advent season. I placed a "Christmas Bucket list 2011" tag inside each list of things I want to do during the season....Attend a Christmas parade, attend a tree lighting, bake Christmas cookies, wear Christmas earrings, sip some Gingerbread latte, et cetera. I also added some peppermint candy treats!
I cut out the patterned cones and taped them together in the back, punched a couple of holes on the sides, and used red grosgrain ribbon to hang them on the three. LOVE the designs of the cones!
I found the cone printables HERE on Etsy.

I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Let the Christmas season begin!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Carrying Yourself With Grace and Poise

This morning I headed out to Church and lunch..."HERE'S WHAT I WORE"

Skirt: Sarah Campbell
Blouse: Stein Mart
Cardi: Neiman Marcus
Shoes: Bandolino
Flower Pin: Stein Mart
Tights: Stein Mart

The Accessories:
Pocketbook: Chanel 2.55
Cologne: 'Mademoiselle' by Chanel
Lipstick: 'Talisman' by Chanel
Nail Polish: 'Natural Pink' by Chanel
Shoes: Mary Janes by Bandolino
Necklace & Earrings: Pearls
Wedding Band: 'Eternity' by Cartier
Bracelet: Chanel

After lunch, I headed to the newly opened Fresh Market. I always enjoy shopping at The Fresh Market. The prices are a bit high, so I get my favorite "special treats" there...Pimiento Cheese, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, frozen party appetizers, seasonal coffees, pastries, and I just love their seafood!

After that I stopped in at the "tacky mall" to do a little recon work in preparation for Black Friday. After hitting up a few stores, I sat down on a bench in the center of the mall to tweet for a bit and take a rest. Being the people-watcher that I am, it always amazes me when I see ladies walking like a man or slumped into their chair, with their legs crossed like a man...or worse than that, sitting with their knees apart.

Your posture and the way you carry yourself is important and is as much a part of your image as your wardrobe. If you slump, it gives others the impression that you are lazy.

Standing gracefully:
~Stand with your feet slightly apart.
~Hold your head straight, with your chin parallel to the floor.
~Balance your body's weight evenly over both feet.
~Hold your shoulders up, back and relaxed.
~Keep your stomach pulled in and your bottom tucked under.
~Let your arms fall freely at your side.

Walking gracefully:
I learned to walk with a book on my head...Head up, shoulders back, bottom under, stomach in...and glide...just glide y'all!

Sitting Gracefully:
Sit straight down on a chair, remembering to sit up straight and lean slightly forward on the chair. Cross your legs at your ankles and move your legs to the side. {If you move your legs to the right side, then the left leg should be tucked under the right leg} Keep your knees together as if you were holding a pill between them!

Place your left hand, palm down, just above your knee and place your right hand on top of your left hand.

Of course, Jackie Kennedy knew how to sit!
These ladies know how to sit...knees together, ankles crossed, hands on knees...leaning slightly forward.
Grace Kelly...sitting just like a Princess!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree. Oh-So Thankful!

The rush is you feel it? Lord have mercy! It's so easy to get caught up in all the hype of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. I'm trying to...
Showing Gratitude. That is what Thanksgiving is all about. Thanking others. Counting our blessings. Helping Others.

Counting our blessings...We are all so blessed, right? I'm still not skipping Thanksgiving y'all and decided to put up a Gratitude Tree. I found some gratitude printables on Pinterest. You can print these and use them however, but I just cut them out, punched a hole at the top, and used twine to attach them to the tree. I asked my husband to fill out the tags and write down all the things he's grateful for. I thought he'd probably say "I don't have time to do that". Well, he was finished in a snap...One of his tags says "I'm grateful for the life I've led". Oh my! Here's my tree...Keeping it simple, I used burlap for a tree topper and the streamers.
These are the gratitude tags that I found on Pinterest...You can go HERE to make copies of them...they are perfect for the season.
Helping others...I'm participating in a food drive organized by my Church. For around $40, you can donate a grocery sack full of food that will feed a family of four. {A grocery gift card is attached for the turkey or other meat}
This is the list of the food products that we used and that you might like to buy and take to a family in need:
Giving back...You can also just make a monetary donation to your Church or the charity of your choice.
Being thankful...Send a note to someone thanking them for being there for you...My Thanksgiving cards are in the mail...we are so thankful for our family and friends!
Sharing...I made some "Friendship Gifts"...Taste of Gourmet Morning Muffins & Sweet Potato style.
I found these festive bags and "Happy Thanksgiving" tags at Hobby Lobby...perfect for my mini muffins!

Don't forget your host...the one who is slaving away in the kitchen to make your holiday special! My hostess gift for Thanksgiving night...ready to go. A bottle of wine wrapped in burlap fabric and tied with a brown grosgrain ribbon. The "Thanksgiving 2011" tag can be downloaded at Semi Homemade Magazine HERE.
Making it memorable...Thanksgiving 2011
Remember the shut-ins...When I think of Thanksgiving, I always think of turkey and dressing...but, don't forget the pie!
I'm gonna bake a Southern Pecan Pie and take it to an elderly couple that I know...showing a little Southern hospitality!
Using my leftovers box idea, I'll probably wrap the pie in a box filled with shred and tie it up with the raffia and a turkey tag! Well, I can't just take it to someone with tin foil on top!
I hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day...whether you are having a meal with family and friends, working at your job, or just sitting in front of the television watching the parade & games with a TV dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all!
Be truly thankful! Remember to practice good dining etiquette on the big day. Most meals will start with...Saying Grace.

"Asking the Blessing" or "Saying Grace" is a short prayer of thanks given before a meal, generally after guests are seated and before even the napkin is touched. To show respect for the host, when Grace is said, the head is bowed, regardless of one's beliefs.

A nice blessing~
For what we are about to receive
May the Lord make us truly thankful.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I've been out and around town all day...I decided to let my hair down and let me tell y'all, husband likes it, but I feel strange without the 'Miss Janice ponytail'! It's that time of year...I'm in and out of Hobby Lobby and Michael's everyday! But I'm praising The Lord that I don't have to drive 70 miles north to Viera for the Hobby Lobby's now right across the street from the tacky mall. Holla!!! I'm always shopping for cute loot and matchy matchy decorations!

Husband is home from his back-to-back GAMEDAYS and a poker tournament...back to reality Mistah!

We're off to an early supper at Sam Snead's tavern restaurant.


Jeans: J Crew skinny jeans {it's not easy squeezing my fat self into these today...more jogging on my to-do list}
Blouse: J Crew chartreuse 'Annalise'
Cardi: J Crew chartreuse
Shoes: J Crew tortoise ballet flats {rain flats, just in case}

Pocketbook: Chanel 2.55, black with gold hardware
Bracelet: Tortoise cuff by J Crew
Cologne: Burberry
iPhone cover: J Crew animal print
Lipstick: Chanel 'Talisman'
Shoes: J Crew tortoise ballet flats
Readers: Tortoise
Bracelet: Chanel charm bracelet
Necklace: Chanel logo
Wedding Band: 'Eternity' by Cartier
Earrings: Chanel logo
So hopefully tomorrow I get to stay home and play and create!!! Still not skipping Thanksgiving y'all...just have one eye on Christmas!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Young Girls Cursing Like Sailors...And on a Sunday!

This morning I attended Church. At the last moment, I had to switch outfits since I was gonna dress like I was up at the North Pole and it was about 75 degrees at Church time. So I scrambled to come up with something that didn't scream "Church clothes on a snow-stormed Sunday!" Rushed, rushed. Always rushing! Even though I was running late, I still sat in the parking lot at the Church to give my nails a fresh coat of polish. I crack myself up!


Skirt: Brown plaid vintage from who-knows where
Blouse: JCrew
Cardi: JCrew
Shoes: Ferragamo


Pocketbook: Croc by Ferragamo
Headband: Ferragamo
Lipstick: 'Talisman' by Chanel
Cologne: Ferragamo
Ponytail bow: Ivory grosgrain ribbon
Readers: Tortoise shell
Wedding Band: 'Eternity' by Cartier
Earrings & Bracelet: Pearls by Ralph Lauren
Shoes: 'Vara' croc pumps by Ferragamo

After Church, I had my Sunday Dinner {lunch} at Panera Bread. As usual, I kept an eye open to those around they behaved themselves at the table, how they sat, et cetera. I can't help it. I'm a people watcher and naturally, being a dining etiquette snob, I do watch the way others behave at the table. Yes, other people do notice your table manners and how you conduct yourself at the dining table...especially in public. As usual, I saw some pretty bad examples of dining etiquette today.

But I was more shocked by the language of four young girls I saw in a department store at the tacky mall after dinner. These girls could not have been older than 16. Now, I know times are changing and young girls are not the same today as they were when I was 16. Back then, I was always dressed to shop in my Sunday best with stockings and gloves and making sure I was on my best behavior, just in case one of Mama's friends was also out and about. Not these girls I saw today! No ma'am! As I stood nearby going through some cute loot on the rack, I heard the most filthy language coming out of their mouths. I thought to myself, "It's one thing to cuss in private, but to talk like that...out loud, so anyone can hear you?" This cussing every other word went on and on and on. Like it IS their vocabulary. One of the girls glanced over at me and said "Sorry." I kind of smiled at her and asked her "Does y'all's Mamas know y'all talk like that in public?" One of the tackier girls of the group said "I learned to talk like this from my Mama." I just gave her my 'Miss Janice look.' How pathetic is learn to cuss like a sailor from your Mama.

I'm sure that I have told y'all before that during my entire lifetime, I have never heard my Mama utter a cuss word. At her most stressful moments in life, she might say "I swannee," which means "I swear" in Southern talk and is Mama's idea of cussing, since a Southern lady with manners would never even say "I swear."

Cursing has become so natural to some that it seems to be the only way they can express themselves. This kind of public tackiness is eating away at our civility y'all. What do you think? Or dare I ask?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Today was a beautiful Autumn day in South Florida. I was up very early to work out, then off to a Breakfast meeting, some shopping, and then to a Luncheon.

Skirt: J Crew
Cardi: Ann Taylor Loft
Tights: Logo Chanel
Shoes: Chanel ballet flats

Pocketbook: Black Chanel 2.55
Cologne: Brighton 'Love'
iPhone Cover: Black with white monogram
Nail polish: Chanel 'Flamme Rose Natural Pink'
Lipstick: Chanel 'Star' and Chanel 'Miss Fizz'
Shoes: Ballet flats by Chanel
Glasses: Black readers
Watch: 'Oyster Perpetual' by Rolex
Rings: Two silver rings by Chanel
Wedding band: 'Eternity' by Cartier
Bracelet: 'Return to Tiffany' by Tiffany
Bracelet: Silver monogrammed bangle
The Chanel tights...I cherish these and only wear them once a year. {Nothing like a closeup of my calf!}
I'm having a very relaxing Saturday evening...watching a Lifetime movie, with some popcorn and a diet caffeine-free coke! Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Tribute to Princess Grace

Model, Actress, and Princess
BORN: November 12, 1929--Philadelpha, Pennsylvania
DIED: September 14, 1982--Monte Carlo, Monaco
Grace Kelly starred in some of my favorite movies of all time...The Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief, and High Society
At the age of 26, she gave up all the stardom in Hollywood...
In April of 1956, she married Ranier III, Prince of Monaco and became Her Serene Highness. Kelly and her family provided Prince Ranier with a dowry of 2 million USD in order for the marriage to take place! Her wedding gown was made by Helen Rose...embroidered with pearls and covered with lace.
Princess Grace settled down to a married life and became very active in the Arts and many charities.
Ever the style icon...Princess Grace was named on the International Best Dressed List from 1960 until her death.
The Royal Palace at Monaco, Princess Grace's was the most important destination on my first trip to Europe!
The Royal Family of Monaco
Princess Grace on the streets of Paris.
Love this photo of the Princess...wearing Givenchy.
During her first pregnancy, Princess Grace carried a Hermes Kelly Bag to hide her private, growing waistline. Of course, now these pocketbooks go for many thousands of dollars!
You have to love her this photo, she's wearing an Hermes scarf as a sling to support her broken arm!!!
The aging Princess...still a beauty, full of style and grace.

The funeral service was held for Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, age 52, at St. Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco.

"I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds, and who was a kind and loving person. I would like to leave the memory of a human being with a correct attitude and who did her best to help others."
~~Princess Grace
Her daughter of my few style icons left.