Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dreamsicle Slush...Perfect for this time of year!

Modeling another addition to my Prissy Apron Collection, I served Dreamsicle Slushes to my out-of town company this weekend from a simple white wooden serving tray. I added Orange Crush soda to vanilla ice's a perfect treat beverage on a hot summer afternoon!

Of course my beverage napkins are orange and I found the cute orange and white polka dot sippin' straws at World Market.

The blue and white and white polka dot apron is from the Home & Garden Gifts Store in Mt. Dora, Florida...had it monogrammed--in orange! This thing is cute enough to wear in public y'all!!!
It's been a little hectic around here this weekend...with my friend from out-of-town taking my computer apart and fixin' it...stuff scattered all over the office floor! Lord have mercy, can't take stuff thrown about like that! If you have sent me an e-mail, please be program was on the blink and I'm finally able to answer my mail.

Miss Coco had a good visit with the Vet on Saturday and finally "Got her hair did!", she's happy!

Thanks for stopping by tonight. I hope y'all have a great week!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cover Girl Miss Coco

Well, Miss Coco is running around the house like a total Priss Pot Diva! She was selected to be one of the dogs painted by Fifi Flowers to grace the note cards for the Beach Bum Biscuits program in Tybee Island, Georgia. Mlle Chanel is honored to be chosen and humbled by the outpouring of love and support from her family and friends. She is excited to become part of this program from which the sales of the note cards go to support training for guide and service dogs on Tybee Island.

Here's the painting of my sweet Fifi!

What a cute and clever idea to support such a great cause!
Coco will be at the vet on Saturday for a pre-planned medical appointment. She will also be getting a 'medical grooming'...since she has been under the weather a bit lately.

Again, Miss Coco and I both thank y'all for your support and also want to thank Fifi for hosting this event.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My goodness y'all, I got so busy this week and forgot to publish this post. We went for Sunday Night Supper at the home of our friends Lester and Lane. I offered to bring the dessert...'Nana Puddin' to go.

I layered Jello banana cream instant puddin', vanilla wafers, and sliced bananas inside some tall Ball Jars. I embellished the lids with yellow and white gingham card stock, black polka dot ribbon, and a little gift tag. Easy dessert to go...keepin' it Southern and cute!

I found these new-for-Autumn special-flavored coffees at Cracker Barrel on Sunday and placed four packs inside a cello bag with some shred and tied 'em up with a black polka dot ribbon. This made a great hostess gift for my friend Lane. Even though she is the best Cuban Coffee Barista in South Florida, I do hope she will be able to enjoy these coffees on quiet mornings after her youngest child is off to pre-K in a few weeks.

"HERE'S WHAT I WORE" Keeping it very casual, I decided to wear black linen slacks and a white linen blouse..."Golden Girl-ish outfit!"

My "just in case it rains" umbrella is a cheery black and white polka dot!

The accessories...Black patent pouchette and matching slide sandals, by Ferragamo. The silver choker necklace has a monogrammed pendant. The earrings and charm ring are both by Chanel and the 'Return to Tiffany' bracelet is by Tiffany. The watch is 'Oyster Perpetual' by Rolex and Lord have mercy, I forgot to wear my wedding band! My ponytail was adorned with a white grosgrain ribbon, my fragrance of choice for the evening,by Ferragamo. My pedicure is 'Love That Red' by Revlon and lipstick is 'Star Red' by Chanel.

My friend Lane is the best cook evah! She prepared this fabulous appetizer...Bobby Deen's Hot Tomato, Jack, and Crab Dip. The recipe is below...y'all must fix's delish!

Recipe for Hot Tomato Jack and Crab Dip:
1 8 oz. package softened cream cheese
1 cup (4 oz.) grated pepper Jack cheese
1/2 cup mayo
2 limes, juiced
1 tsp. hot sauce
1 lb. lump crabmeat, drained and picked clean of shells
1 cup seeded & diced tomatoes
1/4 cup chopped scallions
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil leaves
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. crushed black peppercorn
2 avocados
Crackers, crusty bread, or chips for serving (Lane used chips)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray 1 qt. baking dish with nonstick spray. In a large bowl, mix together the cream cheese, pepper Jack, mayo, lime juice and hot sauce until smooth. Fold in the crabmeat, tomatoes, green onions, basil, garlic, salt, and pepper. Smooth the texture into baking dish. Bake until golden and bubbly, about 30 minutes.

Dice avocados and sprinkle them over the crab dip after it has cooled slightly. (Lane served sliced avocados--fresh from her Mama's own tree--with a fresh salad).

The hostess, Miss Lane, also prepared Paella, with fresh lobster, mahi, shrimp, and crab, and chicken. FABULOUS!

Of course, I enjoyed some of Lanes's homemade flan and Cuban coffee, while others chose the 'Nana Puddin'. After living in Miami for so many years, I'm a huge fan of flan and Cuban coffee. Of course, I didn't sleep a wink that night...after two cups of this caffeine fest!

Isn't it wonderful when someone else does the cooking? This is what entertaining is all about--making others feel wonderful and welcome in your home. People just want somebody else to do the cooking y'all! My friend Lane has it all down pat...she sticks with what she knows best and makes it special!!!

I thought I'd throw in a picture of their little Yorkie, Sissy...she's Miss Coco's little cousin. Prissy dog. Very prissy!

Oh, I almost more thing. My friend Lane is into "Coupon-ing!" She is what you might call an "Organized Hoarder!" I'm not telling a story, she sent me home with a large grocery sack full of cleaning supplies and toiletries...hilarious and very much appreciated!

Thank you for visiting with me today!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miss Coco Needs Y'all's Help!

Mlle Coco has entered her first doggy contest evah! Here's the photo that she submitted for the contest...


Fifi Flowers is sponsoring the Beach Bum Biscuit Dog Contest 2011! If Miss Coco is chosen by a majority vote, her darling little self will grace the cover of notecards painted by Fifi. Fifi is a painter of whimsy and fun with a Parisian flair! If you haven't seen her work, check it out HERE. These notecards will be part of a frameable collection and all sales and proceeds of the cards go toward helping puppies to be trained and sponsored as service and guide dogs of Tybee Island, Georgia.

Y'all know Miss Coco has been "taking to her bed" a lot winning this contest this would surely cheer her up to know that her sweet self could grace the cover of these cards! Bless her little heart, she would be honored to be a Beach Bum Cover Girl Dog!!!

HERE ARE THE RULES: Go HERE to vote. You must vote for SIX dogs...of course, I would love for you to vote my precious baby Miss Coco--SHE'S DOG #1. Voting will end Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. California time.

Mlle Coco Chanel and I both thank you for your time and help!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's Shake Hands!

I receive a lot of e-mails from my readers about "Handshaking Etiquette." So here's a little "Handshaking Etiquette" for all y'all!

Handshaking is a valuable form of nonverbal communication. It is a vital part of creating a first impression and sending a parting message. The handshake is the only socially acceptable situation in which you can touch a stranger of the same or opposite sex without raising suspicion.

When introducing yourself to others you should: Stand up, Smile, Make Eye Contact, Introduce Yourself, and Shake Hands.

What is a handshake? A handshake is when two people grip and shake each other's hand. Handshaking is important when you meet and say hello to another person. It is also important to shake a person's hand when you say goodbye.

Right now, hold up your right hand. This is the hand that is used when you shake hands. Now spread your fingers apart. Do you see those webs between your fingers? Humans have webs between their fingers just like ducks have webs between their toes.

To get ready for a handshake, hold up your hand--fingers flat and straight out, with your thumb straight up. To make a good handshake, you must gently and slowly move your hand up and down, bending your arm at the elbow. Your grip should be firm, but not crushing. Make sure the web between your thumb and index finger is touching the other person's web!

There are a few basic handshakes you might experience when shaking hands with others:

~The finger squeezer--The person squeezes your hand too tight...not a proper handshake.
~The water pumper--The person pumps your hand up and down like he or she is drawing water from a well...not a proper handshake.
~The two-handed handshake--The person grabs your hand with both of their hands. This handshake is sometimes used by clergy when conveying acceptable handshake--by a clergy.
~The palm pinch handshake--The person offers two or three fingers. This is an old-school handshake, especially used by Southern ladies...very old-fashioned handshake and not acceptable in a business situation.
~The topper handshake--The dominant party in this handshake has his or her palm facing down in relation to the other person. This says "I'm in control."...not a proper handshake.

There are two basic rules on who extends the hand first:

In a social situation when a lady meets a man, the lady has the prerogative to extend her hand or not. The man should wait for the lady to extend her hand first. If she doesn't, then a handshake should not take place.

In business, it's based on military protocol, and gender is not a consideration. The person of higher authority is supposed to extend first. Not everyone in the business community knows that piece of etiquette. Give the person of higher authority a chance to extend first, and if he/she doesn't, then go ahead and extend your hand.

Due to cultural differences, physical capabilities, et cetera, do not insist on shaking someone's hand or make a big deal over it...just exchange greeting gestures poliltely.

Remember, remove your gloves to shake hands...only the Queen of England can get away with shaking hands while wearing gloves!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lee Radziwill

Caroline Lee Bouvier Canfield Radziwill...Born March 3, 1933, chic younger sister to the late First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Mother to Christina and her son, the late Anthony Radziwill, who passed away at the age of 40. American socialite. Style icon. Blessed with fabulous bone structure...oh those unmistakable cheekbones.

"Happy Times" is one of my favorite 'coffee table' books. It was written by Ms. Radziwill who made a choice to only remember what's beautiful. It's a very personal perspective on a highly publicized life. In this book Ms. Radziwill shares photographs of privileged moments with her children, her famous sister Jacqueline and the late President John Kennedy, and also the interior of her beautifully decorated homes. This is a fabulous book and a must-have for those of us who admire her style!
Ms. Radziwill on the cover of "People" the prime of her life.
Dancing with her good friend Truman Capote in 1966. They were best friends...although they were not speaking at the time of his death.
Ms. Radziwill's buffalo check and toile! Be still my heart!
From "Elle Decor"...Ms. Radziwill in her Paris apartment.
2009--Stepping out and looking fabulous...with Calvin Klein. I just love her personal style! And that 'signature coif' is just perfect for her!
Lee and Jackie...I would also totally be wearing those gloves to ride an elephant!

Still a style icon and looking fabulous at 78...Today Ms. Radziwill divides her time between New York and Paris.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vintage Gucci

I promised to show y'all some of my prized vintage Gucci loot...left over from my "Miss Gucci" days of the 80's! Those of you who have known me since way back then will certainly remember my obsession with all things Gucci! Well, gone are all my Gucci pocketbooks, bit loafers, tennis shoes, sweatshirts, sweaters, et cetera. Here are some photos of the Gucci accessories that have stood the test of time in my life...

A Gucci serving tray...with husband's "Signature Beverage" Jack & Coke, served in Waterford 'Alaina' highball glasses.
My husband keeps this tray in the "Romper Room" and uses it to serve beverages to his guests.
These are vintage Gucci cocktail stirrers...
The cocktail stirrers...opened up.
These are part of a set of taller Gucci highball glasses...
A Gucci blackjack shoe! I remember the day 30 years ago...standing in the Bal Harbor, Florida Gucci store, when I saw this. I believe I squealed out loud. Of course, husband just loves this piece!
Over 30 years old...with a leather cover and the Gucci logo.
And, of course...Gucci playing cards.
This is probably my prized Gucci possesion---a Gucci beach towel. My maid-of-honor and good friend Kim's Mama spotted this towel in the Chicago Gucci store. Knowing that I would want it, she paid hundreds of dollars for it, and then asked her daughter "I know Janice wants this towel, but do you think she'll mind the price?" Uh...of course not! I still have it Mrs. Voller!!!
A gucci bill/stationery holder.
I bought tons of these Gucci letter sheets and envelopes...This has always been my "signature stationery."
This Gucci address book has stood the test of time for sure. It contains the contact information of friends, family, and business associates spanning 30+ years. Some have passed away, some we have lost touch with, and others are still close to us. Thank goodness I made the decision many years ago to make entries with a pencil!
Gucci eyeglass case...a classic!
Gucci business card holder. I seriously must look for another one of these as this one is starting to show wear!
Pretty little Gucci ashtray.
A Gucci link very 80's!
So see y'all, I have other fashion obsessions and collections. What about you? What collection do you have that you cherish?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Old...But It's Gucci!!!

Today...from Miss Janice's "Umbrella Collection"...A Gucci umbrella! It's in 1980 old!!! Yes, this is one of my prized possessions. I wipe the raindrops off the cloth to protect it.
It has nice wooden end with a brass handle, and of course, the Gucci logo!
The other day, my husband took me out for lunch and to the movies..."HERE'S WHAT I WORE"

All it has to do is rain for 5 minutes and the humidity is 150% here in Florida. It felt like it was 1,000 degrees that day and I wanted to wear something loose {think stretchy pants for buttered popcorn} and cool! The white linen slacks and yellow linen big shirt was just perfect...comfy, but a bit put together.

To make it look like I didn't get ready to leave the house in less than 30 minutes, I wore my Gucci ballet flats, a silver choker with a monogrammed pendant and the matching earrings, my 'Oyster Perpetual' watch by Rolex, and my roll ring wedding band by Cartier. My ponytail was adorned with a white grosgrain ribbon, my lipstick was 'Star Red' by Chanel, and my fragrance of choice was 'Lauren' by Ralph Lauren.
I carried this cute little pouchette pocketbook also by Gucci.
Tomorrow on the blog...more vintage Gucci loot from the past!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Okay, Rhett was a Rogue Gentleman...
Where have all the Rhett Butler's and Ashley Wilkes gone y'all? Do men not know how to behave in public anymore? Do y'all think manners are alive in the South or are they Gone With the Wind?

Andy Griffith certainly portrayed the epitome of a Southern gentleman in his role as Sheriff Andy, of Mayberry. He totally honored and respected his girlfriend Helen and his Aunt Bea.
Southern politicians, sports figures, and other celebrities are in the spotlight daily...exhibiting tacky and disgusting behavior. Thankfully, there are still mamas in the South who teach their sons and dining to behave in public and how to treat others. These two famous Manning brothers certainly honor their parents with their exemplary behavior.

It's so important that boys are taught proper social etiquette and also dining etiquette at a young age. These are skills they can use now and for the rest of their lives.

Here's a few etiquette skills practiced by Southern gentlemen:

~A gentleman always addresses a lady with "Yes ma'am/no ma'am." exceptions to this rule!
~A gentleman respects his elders...always!
~A gentleman is modest and humble...a very enduring trait.
~A gentleman never refers to a lady as a woman...that would be "common."
~A gentleman behaves himself in public...'cuz he knows if he doesn't, people will think he wasn't raised right!...and people talk.
~Gentlemen respect their Mamas...if he doesn't, get rid of him real quick--'cuz he'll never respect you either!
~When going up an escalator, a gentleman stands behind the lady; when going down the escalator, he stands in front of the protect her should she fall.
~When entering an elevator in the company of a lady, a gentleman goes first to clear the way. When exiting, the person closest to the door goes first, regardless of gender, and holds the door open for others.
~A gentleman procedes a lady when walking down stairs...again, to protect her should she fall.
~A gentleman offers to carry packages for a husband has been my schlepper for many years!
~When in public, a gentleman defers to older persons, male or female...shows respect!
~A gentleman always serves a lady first, before serving himself...always!
~A gentleman does not spit in public...certainly NOT in the company of ladies.
~A gentleman always pulls out the chair for a lady...this is SO important!
~A gentleman is expected to open a door for a would be ever-so rude not to!
~A gentleman offers to carry a lady's lipstick in his pocket...very sweet thing to do.
~A gentleman offers his coat to a lady when she's cold...of course.
~When dealing with a lady who doesn't accept his courtesies gracefully, a gentleman considers her unpleasantness as a failing on her part, not his!...Amen!

Compliment. Compliment. Compliment. Make the ladies swoon gents!