Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Ferragamo Vara

The Salvatore Ferragamo 'Vara' turns 35 this year.  I admit that today I went a little overboard wearing 'Vara'...I carried my pocketbook, wore my pumps, and also the new 'Vara Bow Bracelet."

I own many pairs of Salvatore Ferragamo pumps but I admit that the 'Vara' is my favorite!

The logo on the grosgrain ribbon bow is right up my conservative alley.  These are two of my favorite Ferragamo purses...the little one has the iconic gold Ferragamo chain shoulder strap.

I've had these Ferragamo headbands for years...I need a navy blue one next!

This is my newest purchase...the 'Vara Bow Bracelet'...I need the red one next!

I have a couple of the Ferragamo fragrances which I love, but Signorina caught my eye while I was in Vegas!  The scent sold me, along with the cute bow!

I actually forgot that I have this fabulous Ferragamo scarf given to me by an old Italian flame...

I have other classic Ferragamo pieces, but the 'Vara' is by far my absolute favorite.  I always call the pumps my "Church Lady Shoes."

The iconic mid heel pump with the grosgrain bow and gold plaque bearing the Ferragamo logo was introduced in 1978.  The ever-so-cute 'Varina' ballet flat was introduced in 2007.  In celebration of 35 years of the 'Vara', Ferragamo is offering to customize your own 'Vara' or 'Varina'.

Well, I'm looking at possibly customizing a 'Varina' but I must have all leather.  I'm not sure if they will offer that as most of the options are in patent leather.  We will see!

Visit the Ferragamo site to see all the cute options they are offering during their 35 Years of 'Vara' Celebration!

Y'all, I'm heading up to Mama's house in Georgia and will be back to blogging late this Summer!  Ciao!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

National Flip Flop Day

It's the first day of Summer and it's...

"National Flip Flop Day"...a perfect day to wear your flip flops and show off your pedicure!

It's also "National Wear Your Lilly Pulitzer Day"

Today, I served lunch on the porch with a summer setting...

Pink Flamingos!

Trying to get back to a my "Clean Living" diet!

"Here's What I Wore"  Of course, I wore Lilly today...the 'Dark and Stormy' shift, with white Bonanno sandals and pearls.

Happy Summer to all y'all!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Palm Springs and Vegas Trip

Here's What I Wore on the plane to Palm Springs...White denim Ralph Lauren pants, gingham shirt and cardi from J Crewlet, 'Spike the Punch' tote from Lilly Pulitzer, and  pink Tory Burch 'Miller' sandals.

We stayed at the Agua Caliente Resort in Rancho Mirage, California.  Nice!  Very nice.

Room Service is a must for Miss Janice!

For a long day of shopping, I wore a comfy Lilly skort in the 'Fried Catfish' pattern, with a pink Lilly polo and green J Crewlet cardi.  My flip flops are pink and green gingham and monogrammed, as is my pink gingham coozie and my pink Bermuda Bag.

I rode by our old house...I really liked that house.  We had a beautiful pool and jacuzzi in the back.  The new owners have torn out all my pink and green flowers and gone "desert."

Road by my old church...St. Margaret's.  Loved this church.

Of course, I couldn't go to Palm Springs without shopping on El Paseo...the Rodeo Drive of the desert.  It was in the triple digits during our entire stay, so I tried to limit my time outdoors.

I just had to have a Sammy's Woodfired Pizza chopped salad with pepperoni. This salad is a must-have if you visit the area!

Comfy outfit...again.  I wore the 'Malibu Vintage' shorts by Lilly with a with monogrammed white tee, and aqua Lilly cardi, with aqua Lilly thongs.

I've been wanting to see "Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's" but it's not playing in my small Florida town, so off I went to the cool theatre in Palm Desert.  I really liked this movie...very interesting.  I think I should have aspired to be a saleslady at Bergdorf's!

Fish Tacos...a must in Southern California!

Wednesday I wore my Lilly 'Hotty Pink First Impression' dress with gold Ralph Lauren sandals and my gold Tory Burch purse.

We had a great evening with our friends Nicoletta, Mary, John, Jeff, and Nicole.  They all understand my obsessions!

Thursday, it was off to Vegas Baby!  We stayed at Caesar's...this is where we always stay and I wouldn't stay anywhere else.  I love the place.  I love the location, the customer service, the Forum Shops.  I even love the  fragrant scent they pipe into their air vents.

There are so many restaurants to choose from at Caesar's, but husband and I are both hooked on Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill!  The best!!!!!  We are addicted to those sliders.

Payard's Patisserie is my favorite spot for sweets, espresso, and watching the people go by at Caesar's.

As I mentioned before, I love the location of Caesar's on The Strip...easy walking distance to the Fashion Show Mall, Bellagio Shops, and all the other fabulous shopping areas.

Showgirls on the sidewalk...Only in Vegas on The Strip!  The girl on the right is wearing stockings with high heeled open-toe sandals.  Lord have mercy, fashion faux pas!  I guess when you have a fabulous figure like hers, you just don't care about those things.

I did some shopping at Louis Vuitton and LOVE their window display!

I prefer that my ashes be "Scattered At Neiman Marcus" thank you very much!

I love shopping and lunching at Neiman's!

Saturday, I wore the Lilly 'Chin Chin' dress with the Lilly derby hat.

My "Accessories of the Day" Louis Vuitton 'Eva', Lilly Pulitzer monogrammed Derby hat, pearls, white Bonanno sandals, monogrammed 'Chin Chin' coozie, 'Chin Chin' iPhone cover, and pearls, and Chanel sunglasses.  I cannot tell y'all how many people commented on my matchy matchy outfit.  I don't think these outfits are worn much in Vegas!

Next, I'm off to Georgia to visit with Mama.  Not a whole lot of glitz and glamour, certainly no fancy stores there, but just as exciting to be with my Mama!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Trip To The Miss USA Pageant

I was beyond excited to attend the Miss USA 2013 pageant while in Las Vegas last week!  I have already seen Celine Dion and Elton John and the other shows were not my style.  We stayed at Caesar's, which a just a short stroll from the pageant venue at Planet Hollywood.

My ticket to the best event in town!

I wore my St. John Knits suit and was totally not-dressed-flashy-enough!

My accessories for the evening...Ralph Lauren pageant pumps and Jack Rogers walkers, Tory Burch purse, St. John Knits necklace and earrings, Rolex dressy watch, and my Cartier wedding band.

I had fun the day before the pageant...stalking all the girls.  I cannot tell y'all how tall and skinny all the girls are.  I don't think they ever eat!

The night of the final event, I enjoyed champagne at the Halo Bar, just outside of the showroom.  I was surrounded by beautiful girls.  They were all wearing their best pageant clothes, super high heels, sashes and perfect hair.  Pageant royalty was everywhere!

I got to chat briefly with Miss Mississippi Teen USA.  She was perfect.  We both have lived in Southaven, Mississippi and we both love pageants.  Win Win!  BFF's.

Pretty girls wearing sashes...everywhere.  During the event, I sat next to a beautiful girl...I believe she was Miss Teen Arizona United States.  She was a little bitty pretty thing!

So here is the way I wanted it to go...

Miss Alabama, Mary Margaret McCord was my favorite going in.  She is just gorgeous!  Of course, she was first runner-up.

Miss South Carolina.  Va-Voom.  This girl is a knockout.  I wanted her to come in as first-runner up, but she was the 4th runner-up.

Of course, the winner of Miss USA 2013, Erin Brady is gorgeous, but I had her as being the 2nd runner-up.    

Marissa Powell, Miss Utah.  Oh dear...After her answer in the Q & A, I thought she would come in as 4th runner-up, but she came in as 3rd.  I could hear very loud gasps from the audience during her botched response.  Social media exploded with criticism and people making fun of her and her response has gone viral.  I cannot imagine how this girl feels after being heartbroken over losing the crown and then to hear people making fun of her.  It appears that she just "zoned out" during her response.  These things happen when someone is given an "off the cuff" question.

Miss Illinois, Stacie Juris was not even in my top 15.  She came in as 2nd runner-up!

It was an amazing night and definitely the highlight of my trip to Vegas!  I'll be back later with more from my Palm Springs and Vegas trip.