Thursday, May 31, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Going all the way back to 1969!  Here's a photo of a young Miss Janice before an event...wearing a poofy, prissy gown.  I spy a tiara at the front of my up-do.  Lord have mercy...very Southern!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How's Ya Mama and 'Em?

I've been in Georgia visiting with Mama.  I'll be taking her back down to Florida with me for the Summer.  Of course I brought along my "How's Ya Mama and 'Em?" tee, since it's so cute to wear with shorts. 

Brookhaven, Mississippi artist Rhonda Rayborn, designs these darling tee shirts featuring the saying "How's Ya Mama and 'Em?", which is really a Southern way of asking about your Mama and the rest of your family.
All of her charming tee shirts are based on sayings that are native to the South; i.e.,
 "Mess with this Georgia'll be messing with the whole trailer park!"

"Tennessee Girls are like all other Girls...Just Prettier!"

"Carolina Girls Love their Flip Flops!"

"Carolina Girls Want their Money Hangin' Where they Can See it!"

Last weekend I spent some time with my late BF Teresa Jane's family.  In this photo below {taken inside her celebrity-photo themed powder room} I'm wearing my "How's Ya Mama and 'Em" tee...

The and green cuteness.

The back...I love this tee and always receive compliments when I wear it!

My accessories:  Green pony cap, monogrammed in hot pink, a Queen Bea Designs basket purse with a hot pink grosgrain ribbon bow, 'Limeade' iPhone cover by Lilly, pink grosgrain pony bow, Chanel sunglasses with a 'Later Gator' Lilly sunglass strap, pink and green Jack Rogers sandals, 'Oyster Perpetual' Rolex watch, 'Eternity' Cartier wedding band, and pearl necklace & earrings. 

You can visit Rhonda's Facebook site HERE and take a peek at more of her cute designs!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Style File

Today I'm going way out West to feature a "Blogger with Style!"  She's girly girl Miss Andrea Lee.

In this photo she's posing in a Lilly shift, wearing Chanel sunglasses and Lilly sandals.

Miss Andrea loves to golf, so you'll be sure to see photos of her cute golfing outfits.
I had to throw in this photo collage so y'all could see a photo of her cat "Mr. K."  Of course, he looks tres cute inside the monogrammed Longchamp.  Y'all take note of her pink golf cute!  The "Sale Pending" sign is outside of the home that Miss Andrea just bought.  I can't wait to see how she decorates the inside!

Miss Andrea loves Junior Leagueing and this photo was taken at a California Winery on Derby Day during a group wine tasting with the girls.  {Miss Andrea is second from right, wearing a Lilly sundress, pink hat from Target, and Tory Burch clutch}.

Love the bubble necklace she's wearing in these two's a J Crew lookalike!!!
Miss Andrea's Easter frock...'Adelia' by Lilly and the 'Thora' sandals by Tory Burch.

You can also get little peeks of her "Outfits of the Day!"

Stop by and visit Andrea over at her blog Tickled Pink.  She's also on Twitter here.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Since I'm in Savannah today with my best friend Joy, I thought y'all might like to see how we both dresssed...back in the middle 80's...still on the cruise ships.  In this photo, I am with my husband Ken and Miss Joy.
I was wearing a floor length straight, black silk skirt and my favorite piece during that silver Whiting and Davis top.  Of course I had the purse and the earrings to match...all gifts from husband!  Whiting and Davis was my obsession during that time!

Miss Joy was wearing a gold lame dress with a lot of ruffles...kinda still in style today!
Husband was wearing a dinner jacket, bowtie, and cufflinks...of course!

Back in the middle 80's...dressing flashy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Going through my photo albums

I've been cleaning out some of my closets lately and going through some of my photo albums...

I decided to take this task out on the front porch and relax and reminisce...I really should have gone to one of those "Scrapbooking" classes and organized my photos with cute little captions and such.  I didn't and mine are just thrown into albums, in no certain order.  Lord have mercy!  But I did come up with some oldies for my "Throwback Thursday" posts.  I'm not sure how long that can go on before y'all start sending me e-mails begging me to stop!

I love this new little wine bag sent to me by one of my readers...Kathleen's so sweet and always thinks of me!  It has freezer gel and keeps your wine chilled...perfect for the front porch "Chardonnay Hour!"

"Here's What I'm Wearing"  The coveralls are 'Ava Phipps Pink Fried Catfish' by Lilly and the pink polo shirt is also by Lilly...Chin Chin y'all!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lunch with Lady J

Y'all might remember I've written about a friend I have in Vero Beach..."Lady J," as she wishes to be known!  (To refresh you memory, you can read more about her and her closet-full-of-Lilly  here.  Last Friday I drove up to Vero and Lady J treated me to a great lunch and we enjoyed a bit of shopping.

  We met up at The Lazy Daisy Lilly store first...

Then we walked over to Gloria Estefan's Costa d'Este Beach Resort and had lunch at The Wave Kitchen & Bar.    I'm now finishing up 5 weeks of "Clean Eating" and enjoyed the Osceola Organic Farms Spring Greens with Grilled was perfect.  Lady J had the Spinach and Artichoke pizza which looked very tempting and just my type of pizza, but I'm determined to stay with the clean stuff for a bit longer!

This was the view from our table...inside The Wave Kitchen & Bar.  If I lived in Vero, I'd be dining here a LOT!

Our next stop was to browse a cute shop "Loggia."

Loved this cute little thing on the mannequin...of course, Lady J has this dress!

They also had a wide selection of needlepoint loafers and mules.

Preppy keychains and belts...

Love these zip code keychains...wouldn't mind having that zip code!!!

Introducing Lady J!  Well, not all of her, since she wishes to remain anonymous:)
"Here's What She Wore"  The dress is 'Ugotta Regotta' by Lilly, as is the market tote and matching watch.  You can't see it in the photo, but she's wearing a fabulous Tory Burch necklace...LOVED it!  The pink cardi is by Lilly and she's wearing 3 Lilly bangles...aqua, white, and pink.  Her pink {to die for} leather tote is by Tory Burch and her pink sandal thongs are also by Tory Burch.  Lady J looked absolutely adorable!!!

"Here's What I Wore"  The skirt is 'State of Mind' by Lilly and the aqua cardi is also by Lilly.  The white tee is monogrammed in blue {circle font} and the white sandals are by Jack Rogers.

My Accessories:  Light blue grosgrain ponybow, pearl necklace and studs, 'Eternity' wedding band by Cartier, and an aqua iPhone cover.

My basket pocketbook, by Billie Ross of Palm Beach, had a chair of its own..

 Bless her heart, Lady J brought me a bag of goodies...she is ever so sweet y'all!!!
Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Style File

Today I'm featuring Lily Davenport as a "Blogger with Style!"  Lily is a junior in college and loves all the Southern traditions...especially the food and football!

I love bloggers who feature their "Outfits of the Day and Lily's blog is full of cute outfits!"  In this photo, Lily's looking very cute with a pink button down {unbuttoned}, pink pullover, a "statement necklace," jeans, and Jack Rogers.

Love the Cape Madras skirt paired with a Ralph Lauren tee and Jack Rogers!

Shirt dresses are are the rage right now and I love this one by Lacoste, with the Lilly Pulitzer belt.  The bracelets are by Coach {on the top} and Little E {on the bottom} and the sandals are Jack Rogers.

Another darling outfit...tee by Ralph Lauren, skirt by Francescas, wrist stack {from left to right} Lilly Dawson, Little E, and Marc Jacobs.  Shoes by Pierre Dumas.

Looking precious and preppy in the neon pink 'City Mini' skirt by J Crew, white oxford button down, and Jack Rogers sandals.

Playing catch up with her "Outfits of the Day"...loving all the nautical looks!

Accessories for the above...looks like Fornash anchor earrings, Tory Burch espadrilles, and a cute nautical-motif cardi and scarf!

Throw in a Louis Vuitton bag and she's set to go!

Stop by and visit Lily at her cute blog Lily-Davenport.  She also chatting tweeting away on Twitter HERE.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Throwback Thursday

"Here's What I Wore" 31 years ago, coming back onboard the tss Carnivale after lunch and shopping ashore!  LOVED this dress which I wore with white espadrilles and carried a white Bermuda Bag.

The Accessories:  I still wear all of them!  I wore a gold chain with add-a-beads, and a monogrammed disk necklace, with the matching monogrammed earrings, and ring.  I also wore my Chameleon Rolex watch with an ivory band.  I bought this precious little Rolex back in 1980.  It came with several interchangeable bands to coordinate with all my outfits...obsessed with matchy matchy, even back then!

The Chameleon Rolex

The ring, necklace, and earrings are monogrammed with my single-girl monogram...still appropriate to use now that I'm married!
Thank you for stopping by today!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hillbilly Debutante Cafe

Do you know the Hillbilly Debutante?  She is Kathie Truitt, the author of the blog by the same name!  Kathie grew up on El Dorado Springs, Missouri and married her high school sweetheart.  They travelled the world and lived in Mississippi and England and then returned back to El Dorado Springs.
Kathie spent over 20 years as a radio personality and in 1996 she was crowned Mrs. Missouri.  In 2001, her husband moved her and her children to Washington, DC, and I can identify with this...she moved kicking and screaming!

Upon arrival in the East coast city, Kathie became a victim of a crazy neighbor lady that stalked her for 5 years.  The family was forced to move to another county for their safety.  This was the basis for Kathie's first novel "False Victim."

I recently finished reading Kathie's second book, "The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe."  It's a much lighter, more fun novel!  The setting is in El Dorado Springs, Missouri.  Since Kathie can't up and move from Washington, DC back El Dorado Springs, she thought she'd just write about it.

In the book, Molly McCarty moves back to her hometown after deciding she's had enough of the big-city life as a politician's wife in Washington.  Some of the characters are based on real people in the town, which is struggling financially.  Molly tries to help the newly-formed downtown revitalization committee.  However, the whole town is in an uproar over Roy Bob Benson, who is trying to buy the old Hacker's Jewelry building and turn it into a "girly" bar.

"The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe" is available on Amazon

You can shop at Kathie's Hillbilly Debutante Boutique for these and other cute "Hillbilly Deb" pretties...

A cute throw pillow

Show your pride with a cute little tee

Love this tee and the whole outfit...maybe with some boots, also available on the site!

Get the book, you'll love it for your summer reading!  You visit Kathie's blog HERE and she's also on Facebook.