Friday, November 30, 2012

Adding Cute Loot to an Ordinary Outfit

Y'all know I love cute loot!  I've always thought that accessories can make an otherwise boring outfit way cuter!  Tonight I'm wearing my J Crew jeans, a lime green turtleneck from Belk's, a cheetah print scarf also from Belk's, and brown Gucci loafers.  Not bad, but not totally Miss Janice either...I needed another cute accessory.

Well hello!  Y'all say hey to my newest blog sponsor...The Palm Gifts!  The Palm Gifts offers custom preppy cute loot, with the latest trends in monogrammed gifts.  Of course you can "like" their Facebook page and keep up with all their sales and promotions.  They are also on Twitter and Instagram, spreading more photos of their cute stuff!

Rebecca is the owner and she so graciously sent me a fabulous monogrammed gift...Do y'all not just love it?!  It's a monogrammed wine bag..."Merlot Hour" on the road made easy and chic.  I love the brown with the  lime green interlocking script font {my favorite font}, it matches my turtleneck and looks so cute!!!

My Accessory du Jour!

No brown bagging for moi...I'm ready to arrive at a party in style tonight!

There is a sleeve down the middle that allows you to carry 2 bottles of wine without them rubbing together.

There is a snap on the back side if you wish to fold it up...of course, I would only do this to protect the precious monogram when packing it inside a suitcase.

Please say hey to Rebecca at The Palm Gifts and stop over to check out all her cute loot!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cute Black Friday Loot

After my Black Friday shopping experience, I tweeted and blogged this photo of my shopping buggy...while waiting in the checkout line to pay at Target.  I got sooooo many emails and tweets about the dot PJ's!

Well, it's barely 6:00 in the evening and I've been wearing my new cute PJ's most of the afternoon!  I LOVE them...

Silly side shot...

The gold dot pattern is just too cute and cheerful!

That's right, I stood in the ridiculous line to get inside the store and another hour and a half waiting to pay for bed pillows, games, and PJs!!!  

If you are looking for these, go here.  They are $24.99 at Target online and in the store and they are too cute for lounging with friends or for the lady on your shopping list!

No matter what uppity people say, I still love Black Friday's the whole experience that is just so exciting!  Some people need to remember that is also a great time for parents to buy toys for their children at a discounted price--and I'm sure a lot of parents need the deals!  Until next Black Friday...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pink Preppy Chandelier for my Prissy Closet

I have been looking for new lighting for the inside of my pink preppy closet...I wanted a pink chandelier but the ones I saw online were either too juvenile, too shabby chic, or too formal.  Please say Bonjour to the newest addition to my favorite room.

I found this inexpensive brass chandelier at Home Depot and decided to spray it the color of pink that I needed.
Boom!  Mambo Pink is the perfect shade of pink to coordinate will all the pink loot inside my closet.

I adore the way it turned out!  Do y'all think it needs some bling, or would that be tacky?

I'm thinking about getting some monogrammed chandelier shades from The Pink can customize your fabric...lots of options y'all!  Of course, I'd probably end up with my go-to pink gingham!

If you haven't seen the post about my closet redo, go here.

Lord have mercy, Pepi and Pedro are bored tonight...chandelier swinging.

Thanks for stopping by y'all!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pepi My Sweet Little Elf Is Back!!!

  Last year I introduced little Pepi to y'all...he's the poor cousin to that rich and famous Elf.  Pepi moved up from Mexico and helps me out during the holidays.  He is a very well-mannered elf.  The last time y'all saw Pepi, he was settled in for his long winter's nap.

Pepi is now awake and ready to party!!!

Pepi travels everywhere with he is, riding shotgun in the BMW!

He goes to lunch with me and is usually well-behaved in public.

Like Miss Janice, he likes an evening toddy..."Naughty Egg Nog" is one of his faves!

I'm pleased to introduce to y'all Pepi's younger brother Pedro.  He's visiting us from Tijuana.  Pedro likes taking long walks on the beach, cliff-diving in Acapulco, authentic Mexican cuisine, and sippin' Dos Equis!  Although he's a bit wild and not as well-mannered as Pepi, he's welcome in our home just the same.

Pedro says "Hola y'all!"

Yesterday they were both busy scouring the newspaper ads for the best Black Friday sales.

Pepi and Pedro enjoyed "Go-Go Juice" Hour before heading out to get a place in line.

  We decided to hit up Target at 9:00 p.m.  Pepi's been before, so he knew what to expect, but Pedro had no clue!  Pepi told Pedro..."Just be glad we're not going to Walmart."

Pepi and Pedro playing on the Target red ball!

Pepi and Pedro playing on the Target barricade..."We're saving a spot in line for Miss Janice!"

Pepi is very happy with the cute loot we found!

Join Pepi, Pedro, and myself as we get the Christmas season started!!!   

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

The platters are all ready to go.

The dessert arsenal is stocked! 

This is my own personal dessert stash:)

My outfit is laid out for the Turkey Trot 5k bright and early in the morning.

The Thanksgiving tree is all aglow.

Remember to practice good dining etiquette on the big day.  Most meals will start with...Saying Grace.

"Asking the Blessing" or "Saying Grace" is a short prayer of thanksgiving before a meal, generally after guests are seated and before even the napkin in touched.  To show respect for the host, when Grace is said, the head is bowed, regardless of one's beliefs.

A nice blessing~
For what we are about to receive
May the Lord make us truly thankful.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Miss Janice's Cyber Monday Sales Picks

Black Friday is coming up and I'm excited.  It's a tradition for me to stand in line to shop at crazy hours with the mobs!  But the easiest way in the world to shop for Christmas gifts is Cyber Monday.  Next Monday, November 26th, y'all can find me at my computer, wearing my stretchy pants, big tee, and comfy socks and shopping till I!

I've put together some of the specials being offered by some of my partners and sponsors.  Take a peek...

2 Preppy Girls has great personalized gifts for the preppy girl.  I love this oversized monogrammed necklace ..Margaret is offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders placed on Cyber Monday!

Visit Jessica's Etsy shop and take 10% OFF ALL ITEMS and also take advantage of her "BUY 5, GET 1 FREE" on Christmas goodies, cards, tags, and treats.

I love these little Snowman Soup gifts...great to use for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, a little something for the postal carrier, or friendship gifts!  Use PROMO CODE "MISSJANICE".

The Scented Retreat is offering 30% OFF ALL ITEMS  in her Etsy store!  My friend Kathy offers homemade scented glycerin soaps, body lotions, body butters, and candle melts. These will make great gifts for anyone on your Christmas list...Use PROMO CODE "THANKS30'.

Carolina Clover is full of jewelry and gifts for the preppy Southern girl...Dawn is offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS placed on Cyber Monday.  Take advantage of the discount to order one the cute Clarebella cell phone cases, customized for your iPhone!

Please note that Cyber Monday is the last day to order cutout monogram necklaces from Carolina Clover.  If you don't get your order in on Monday, Dawn is offering a monogrammed gift box program.  The recipient will receive a gift box with options of necklaces to choose after the Christmas season.  Cute presentation!!!

Lifeguard Press...the one-stop online shopping spot for all the cute Lilly Pulitzer accessories, is offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS on Cyber Monday!  {I'm obsessed with the 'Gimme Some Leg' print!}

In addition, all the cute Susan Wallace Barnes items will be 25% off...mention PROMO CODE SWB25.

Y'all get out there and get some great deals.  Shop till you drop and support small businesses!!!