Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This week's "Lilly Photo of the Week" was sent in by the famous QueenBeeSwain! That's the Queen Bee on the left with her sister, The Divine Miss M on the right--in Egg Harbor, Door County at their family's fav' restaurant "Trio." They all live waaaaay up North somewhere! Don't y'all think Miss Queen Bee and her sister both look very preppy, classy, and beautiful?!


I do believe the Queen Bee is surely "five feet tall, one hundred pounds...and cute as a button!" Her blog is so very well written and she writes the most awesome commentaries in her "New York Times Wedding of the Week" posts. She's also a lover of the British Royal Family and you can get all the lastest news on William & Kate from the Queen Bee. Thank you so much Miss Queen Bee for sharing the photo of you and your sister looking ever-so stylish in your Lilly.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Remember to Say "Thank You"

I'm just home from the gym and resting a bit...sipping a cup of Formosa Nut Oolong tea, purchased from Teavana. This tea is a Chinese & Taiwanese tea and a has a sweet, fruity, and nutty flavor infused from apples, pistachios, almonds, and candied violet flowers. What a wonerful tea to enjoy as I begin to enjoy the autumn season! They say there's a cold front on the way to South Florida--but it is 90 degrees today, maybe it'll be here tomorrow!

I am rereading for 14,005th time, The Art of Thank You, by Connie Leas. I am a "thank-you person" and this book has many meaningful ways to say thank you. It explains why we write thank-you notes, when to send a thank-you note, what stationery to use for thank-you notes, and how to compose a thank-you note. You will also learn how to teach young children to write thank-you notes.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
William Arthur Ward

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This week's "Lilly Photo of the Week" was sent in by Margaret, of 2PreppyGirls. These two precious little girls are her daughters--Jamie (on the left) and Lindsey (on the right). This photo of the two of them, modeling their darling Lilly shifts, was taken this summer on the beach at Topsail Island, North Carolina.


Thank you Margaret for sharing with us this precious photo of your little girls!

In addition to Margaret's blog, she has an awesome preppy website for her business 2PreppyGirls. It's full of all the preppy accessories and gifts you might need for yourself or someone else during the upcoming holiday season. You simply must get a few of her monogrammed decals...they add that special custom touch to anything!

You know Margaret is totally preppy...take a look at her car y'all!

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Friday, September 25, 2009


You have scheduled a date, time, and venue for your event. Your theme is coming together and you're sticking to your budget! Great...the invitations are in the mail! By now, your menu should be set and you should know the style of dining and style of service you will use.

Whether you're serving Breakfast in Bed, hosting a small Birthday Celebration, or a Formal Dinner...remember that presentation is everything!

Breakfast in Bed...Light, healthy, and cheery!

Small Birthday Celebration...Polka dot china, by Rosanna, festive and fun with the polka dot cakes and the coordinating little party hats! Formal dinner with all the accoutrements...charger plate, formal china, crystal, silver flatware, place card, napkin--folded properly, nut dish, formal linen cloth, roses in a silver compote, and candlelight.
If you are hosting a casual event, china may be used or you may use plastic/paper dinnerware. Obviously, you should use formal dinnerware, flatware, and glassware for a formal event. For informal occasions, placemats and runners may be used instead of a tablecloth. For formal and elegant occasions, crisp, starched, white damask linen is my favorite choice, with ivory being my second choice. Napkin rings are another way to bring a decorative touch to the table and may be used at breakfast, lunch, tea, or an informal dinner. Place cards help to bring the theme together on your tablescape, while making guests feel special. You might also want to have a menu card on the table to coordinate with your place cards.

A proper tablesetting for Afternoon Tea...

A proper tablesetting for a Luncheon or Informal Dinner...
A proper tablesetting for a Formal Dinner...
Place cards inform your guests where they should sit and may be coordinated with other accoutrements at the table. This fleur de lis place card holder with the Eiffel Tower embellished place card coordinates with a "French Theme" tea setting...
This folded place card...
Reveals the menu, when opened...

Napkin rings add embellishment to napkins and may also be coordinated with other accoutrements at the table. This Eiffel Tower napkin ring adorns a brown linen napkin, and coordinates well with the blue and brown toile tablecloth...

Add the "Bistro de Paris" coffee pot and dinnerware, and voila! Now you have a special setting for a Frenchi-fied breakfast!

are the focal point of a tablescape and I try to use items that really showcase my theme.

Sometimes, the food is the centerpiece, especially at teatime...

And sometimes the beverage-in-a-preppy-bucket is the centerpiece...

This is a cute centerpiece for a "Diva" themed event. The tile menu card coordinates with the theme--it's embellished with a little high heel shoe. Remember, it is perfectly proper to move a tall centerpiece to the sideboard just before the meal begins!
For the Diva-themed event, the cake coordinates well with the tablescape theme--the "crowned cake" is on a plate, standing on little high heels!

For a Lilly Pulitzer beverage table, I displayed a Lilly shift, sandals, and hat as the centerpiece!
This menu card is printed on cardstock and has a bird's nest stamp embellishment--to coordinate with a "Garden Luncheon" theme tablescape.

Flowers and candles add to the festive atmosphere of any event. Avoid heavily fragrant arrangements or candle scents at the dining table. All sorts of vessels may be used to contain your flowers or candles; i.e., teapots, vases, glass cylinders, buckets, compotes, et cetera. Just be sure that guests will be able to see each other during the meal. Music, whether it is lively or background tunes, is a very important element in creating a relaxed atmosphere. Try to match the music with the theme of your event. To complete the ambiance of your event, use any other party decorations that will accent your theme; i.e, balloons, streamers, beads, et cetera.
This simple floral arrangement coordinated well with a "Preppy & Personalized" tablescape.

Head vases are the vessels for these beautiful roses--to accent the Afternoon Tea setting in the photo below...

All the accoutrements for Afternoon Tea are here...for a "Southern Lady Tea." The magnolia motif china, the head vases, silver, crystal, linens, the tea tray, et cetera.

Beautiful hydrangeas in a simple basket make a beautiful centerpiece...

Decorations are also important on a tablescape...This was a fun piece I created for a Mardi Gras celebration.

Y'all know Miss Janice always serves a Signature Beverage at all her parties. These Bloody Marys were great for my Mardi Gras "Fat Tuesday" party!

Okay, I just love it when I attend a party and the hostess provides nametags! My friend Teresa Jane hand crafted these darling nametags for her guests at a baby shower she hosted for her niece. Of course, she made invitations and thank-you notes to coordinate with the nametags!

Party favors are a nice way of thanking your guests for attending your event. I always try to give party favors that coordinate with the theme of my event. But y'all already know that, also!

Baby shower party favors...courtesy of Teresa Jane!

"Fat Tuesday" party favors...

Close-up of the "Fat Tuesday" party favors...

Flower seed party favors--for my "Garden Luncheon" guests...

"Themed" thank-you cards are also a great idea, if gifts were received...more thanks to Teresa Jane!

~Preparing the venue/home.
So now you are ready to party! Make sure that your home says "Welcome!" to your guests. Your front door area should be clean and well lit. The bathroom will get lots of use, so make sure it is clean and stocked with bath tissue, hand soap, drying towels, a fragrant candle, and a wastebasket. Make sure your home is warm/cool enough for your guests and set aside an area for coats, etc.

Turn on the tunes...don't forget to greet each guest at the door, introduce them to other guests, and offer them a beverage. Enjoy the party!

I can definitely say I'm ready to get this holiday season started and Make it Southern...Make it Memorable! I've even got the mood lighting y'all...
Thank you for stopping by today.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The spiced pumpkin lattes are back at's fall y'all! Cardigan sweater sets, football, pumpkin bread, craft fairs, 5k races, pumpkin pie with cool whip, soups in the crock pot, all the autumn scented candles from Yankee Candle, and hot apple cider...These are a few of my favorite things in the autumn season!

Kick Off the Holiday Season!

Whether your holiday entertaining plans include a Halloween trunk-or-treat display (these are all the rage in the South), a festive cookie swap, or a formal dinner on Christmas day, with a little savvy planning and incorporating your personal style, you will be able to host a memorable holiday event.

Here are some ways to begin planning your event:

~Decide on a date, time, and venue.

~Create a theme.
Some occasions are easy to figure out a theme you want to use; i.e., tailgating--the theme would be based on the sport, using the team colors and serving foods that complement the environment of the venue. Try to choose a specific element/color inspiration and incorporate that--starting with the invitations, continuing through the event, and ending with the party favors and thank-you notes, if gifts were received.

~Make a budget and try to stick to it!

~Create your guest list.
When creating your guest list, remember that the first guests on your list should be people who have invited you to their home. Even if you did not attend, etiquette dictates that you still need to reciprocate that act of hospitality.

~Choose your invitations.
Invitations set the tone for your event and provide the guests information about the theme and formality of the event. Whatever style of invitation you use--phone call, mail, evites, et cetera, be sure to provide all the necessary information that your guests will need to know:

Name of hostess
Name of honoree
Type of event (Luncheon, Formal Dinner, Surprise Party, et cetera)
Day and date
Venue Address


Invitations should be received no later than two weeks prior to an informal event and no later than six weeks to a formal event. Invitations should be phrased in the third person. It is not proper etiquette to mention gifts or a gift registry on an invitation. If the guest wants to know the information, they will ask the hostess when they R.s.v.p!)

~Choose the style of dining.
Will you have a breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, informal dinner, or a formal dinner?

~Choose the style of service.
Buffet Style--guests pick up part or all of their meal from displays on a dining table, sideboard, or countertop.

American-Plated--the food is portioned on plates in the kitchen and served directly to guests at the dining table. Food is served from the guest's left side and removed from the right side. Beverages are served and cleared from the right side.

Family Style--guests serve themselves from large bowls and platters placed on the dining table. This style of service originated in the South.

French Style--the food is partially prepped in the kitchen and brought to the dining table on a cart (French gueridon). The food is then fully cooked in front of the guest. This type of service is considered to be very fashionable.

Russian Style--all of the food is cooked and portioned in the kitchen and then presented at the dining table on silver trays. Each guest is served individually from the trays. This is a very impressive style of service.

Butler-English Style--the food is portioned on trays in the kitchen. The trays are held by the Butler and guests at the dining table serve themselves by using tray utensils.

~Plan the menu.
When you are planning your menu, consider the season and occasion. An inviting menu is a balance of bland, strong, sharp, and sweet tastes, with foods of different textures, temperatures, and colors. Be careful not to duplicate tastes; i.e., if cheese is served in a hors d'oeuvre, do not include it in another dish. Serve crunchy with smooth foods and don't forget to be colorful in your selections. Stay in your culinary comfort zone. If pigs-in-a-blanket are your specialty, serve them--I certainly do and they are always a hit with my guests!

Remember there are no set amount of courses you must have, formal or informal; there are suggested courses you may have. Your table setting will allude to what you will be serving. An informal menu may include as few/many courses as you choose. Here is an example of a formal dinner menu:

Fruit Cocktail
Sherried-Base Bisque (Served with a glass of sherry)
Turbans of Scallops & Petite Potatoes (Served with a glass of white wine)
Crown Roast and String Beans (Served with a glass of red wine)
Herb Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing (Serve no wine with a salad)
Pecan Pie ala Mode (Serve with Champagne)

So, this is a bit of information to get you started planning your holiday event. Stop in tomorrow and I will be blogging about "Setting the Stage" for your event and "Preparing Your Home/Venue."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm sippin' a little Cranberry Autumn tea, available at HarneyTeas, while enjoying a tres healthy snack--a Pumpkin Spice Flax bar from Kashi. Just relaxing with a stack of awesome magazines...Southern Lady, Teatime, Paula Deen, Simply Southern, Celebrating Fall, Celebrating Halloween ....and planning some holiday events.

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year to reconnect with family and friends and to begin planning all of your holiday events and decorations. Small events are my specialty. I love to entertain and create themed events--from potluck to formal dinners. Entertaining does not mean that you have to host a lavish formal dinner party. I'm sure that you have thought about entertaining friends, only to stress out that your home isn't decorated right, not clean enough, or you are not a Martha Stewart-type person. Well, you probably have more entertaining experience than you think--from birthday parties to casual cookouts--it's all about the social skills.

Please stop in on Thursday when I will be blogging about ways to begin planning YOUR event!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, when I moved back to Florida, I just knew sooner or later a flamingo would come into the picture...maybe on the front of our Christmas cards, as the centerpiece for one of my tablescapes, on the coffee table on the front porch, et cetera. I sure never thought I would join a book club named "The Flamingo Ladies Book Club!" Well, tonight I attended my first "Flamingo Ladies Book Club...and Social Hour!"

I was actually very excited that the first meeting would be at the home of my neighbor Stacey Gilfillan. Stacey and her husband live in the same model of home we do and the home we actually wanted to buy, but we couldn't do the transaction quick enough. So, I was looking forward to seeing the inside of Stacey's house. Y'all know how I like to look at other people's stuff...

"Here's What I Wore"...
The white blouse is the "Essential White Shirt," from Coldwater Creek, the jeans are my "Saturday Jeans," by Ralph Lauren.

My ponytail was adorned with a cheetah print scrunchie (yes ma'am...still wearing scrunchies). I wore my silver monogrammed drop pendant choker, silver Chanel drop pendant earrings, my "Return to Tiffanys" silver bracelet, and of course, my Cartier roll ring wedding band*. My shoes--cheetah print mules by Van Eli and I carried my tan Chanel 2.55 pocketbook. My lipstick was "Copperglaze Brown," by Revlon and my nail polish was "Tutti Fruitti Tonga," by Opi--very basic, since I've been doing a little gardening this weekend. My fragrance of choice this evening was one of my very favorites--Burberry!

*Note to Kate at AugustVows: I've included a seperate shot of my Cartier roll ring wedding band, just for you! Husband and I have the "his and hers" set--very classic, very Cartier. The jewelry comes with the Cartier Certificate and seal--very timeless...les must de Cartier!

Now y'all know Miss Janice would never dream of arriving at someone's home I carried along one of my "Friendship Gifts" for September to Stacey--a toile-decorated jar of "Miss Janice's Cinnamon and Apple Tea."

I was a member of a great book club when I lived in California and have since been waiting patiently for the right club opportunity to come along and now, this is definitely my kind of book club. Stacey was an excellent hostess and I had the most wonderful time!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This week's Lilly Photo of the Week was sent in by Tonya Smith. Tonya is a senior at Clemson University --she has "put aside her polos & pearls; friends, family, & football tickets; sundresses & southern lifestyle...all to venture down to Costa Rica to study Spanish for the fall semester."

In this photo, Tonya (on the right) is wearing the "Casa Marina" pattern Lilly shift and her best friend Elizabeth (on the left) is wearing the "Wild Thing" pattern Lilly halter dress. Elizabeth's boyfriend Scott is wearing a Lilly polo shirt. The photo was taking while the three friends were dining at Shem Creek, in Charleston, South Carolina this summer.


Tonya is religiously keeping a blog since she has been down in Costa Rica, where she not only documents the day-to-day happenings of her trip, but also some thoughts and observations about culture and life there. The link is Thank you Miss Tonya for this ever-so-preppy photo of y'all in your Lilly! Y'all look muy bueno!

Now, y'all don't forget to send me your Lilly photo...e-mail it to me at Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com. Thank you so much for stopping by today.


Congratulations to Jennifer, at HerSouthernCharm, the winner of the awesome Southern Lady Celebration giveaway! Jennifer, please e-mail me your contact information and I will forward it to the kind ladies at Hoffman Media.

Thanks to all y'all who entered!

Friday, September 18, 2009


During the past week we have seen tacky public outbursts and displays of public incivility and rudeness from: Southern Carolina Cogressman Joe Wilson who shouted out "You lie!" to President Obama during his healthcare address to Congress. Tennis star Serena Williams cussed out a line judge at the U.S. Open. Rapper Kanye West totally embarrassed himself by grabbing the mic from award winner Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards Show--because he disagreed with the judges choice. What is wrong with these people y'all? They should be role models for aspiring politicians, athletes, and entertainers. Instead, they are examples of people who have talent and power, but no class or manners. Take a look at this video and tell me "What happened to civility?"

Thanks to Jessi Stafford at for sending me the video! I would love to hear y'all's thoughts about this. What's wrong with these people?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Y'all may be wondering...Why hasn't Miss Janice posted her "Here's What I'm Wearing" posts lately? Well, it's that strange time of year for me...the time from Labor Day to the first day of Autumn. This is the time of year that I have absolutely nothing to wear!

I wouldn't be caught dead in white shoes now. And, even though it's 90+ degrees outside, this Southern lady just can't bring herself to wear sandals, even in South Florida. Can't wear linen now--so that's out also. Too hot and too early for wool. No corduroy--that would just be totally ridiculous. Good Lord, what to wear? Thank goodness my mama, Miss Pauline, talked me into investing in some Austin Reed separates a few years ago. Mama calls 'em "all weather clothes"...clothes you can wear anytime of the year!

Today I attended the Stuart Women's Club luncheon and "Here's What I Wore"...

The navy double-breasted blazer is by Austin Reed, the hot pink silk blouse is by Austin Reed, and the ivory (not white, y'all!) slim skirt is also by Austin Reed. I accessorized with a St. John gold choker necklace, gold Givenchy earrings, and my Cartier roll ring wedding band. I wore my ladies-who-lunch shoes, Navy Varas--by Ferragamo and carried my navy Ferragamo pocketbook. My nail polish was "Pink Mink," by Chanel and my lipstick was "Goddess Glace," by Chanel. Lilly Wink was my fragrance of choice today.

Y'all, Austin Reed separates are a great investment and may be found at upscale Dillard's and the Barrie Pace catalogue online.

Now don't forget to enter my Southern Lady Magazine giveaway. The winner of this giveaway will be announced this Saturday...good luck!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I am thrilled. Yes ma'am I am! I was recently contacted by Wendy Blaszyk, PR Director for Hoffman Media, publisher of Southern Lady, Cooking with Paula Deen, Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade, Victoria, Taste of the South, and Teatime Magazines. Ms. Blaszyk stated that Phyliss Hoffman chose moi to host a giveaway to promote the upcoming Southern Lady Celebration! Being a fan of all the Hoffman Media publications...and I just love 'em all, I am simply honored to host this giveaway!

The Southern Lady Celebration is a girlfriend "getaway" weekend that brings the pages of Southern Lady magazine to life and celebrates all things Southern. The dates are October 9-11th and will be held at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa, Savannah, Georgia. The registration fee is $429.00 and includes four meals, all speaking programs, presentations, how-to demonstrations, tips from the editors of Southern Lady, on-site boutique shopping, a special 10th birthday dinner gala, and three days of relaxation and inspiration. To register for this exciting event, go here.

Y'all, I have been fortunate to be able to attend one of these celebrations and I can say that it is truly a great weekend for fans of the magazine and ladies who love to celebrate our favorite part of the country--the South!

The prize is a gift bag full of Southern Lady goodies...including the following books...all signed and personalized to the lucky winner.

Sister Schubert’s Cast Your Breads Upon the Waters-Recipes for Cooking, Living and Success--
A 160 page glossy hardcover book of coveted recipes on baking breads for everyday and special occasions! Read how Sister, with humble beginnings and as a single mother of two, began in her kitchen to build the thriving business which she was able to sell less than ten years later. Also included are inspiring stories about starting her family foundation to help those in need.

Discovering Home with Laurie Smith: Find Your Personal Style--Laurie uses her own home, personal design journal, and classical training to teach design techniques. Inspirational, full-color photos capture Laurie’s before-and-after design process. The book gives homeowners confidence to work with any home’s architectural "bones." Included are strategies to arrange furniture, choose colors, and play with patterns to create rooms that reflect personal interests and tastes.

Phyllis Hoffman’s Gracious Spaces--Creating the Perfect Sanctuary in Every Room
In the book, Phyllis takes readers on a tour of gorgeous Southern homes—her own as well as those of a few close friends—to feature areas that have become sanctuaries, treasured spots for retreating from the world, and finding solace. In her warm, encouraging voice, Phyllis explains how to employ a personal touch to craft and embellish a space that's both inspirational and functional.

Phyliss Hoffman's Honey, It's All in the Shoes--Phyliss takes you on a journey examining these defining moments, sharing what she learned when she was required to wear different shoes--from a mother to entrepeneur and businesswoman to publishing powerhouse to doting grandmother--and provides advice for women putting their best foot forward, no matter their role, circumstance, or stage of life. Hoffman's fun, nostalgic, and intriguing exploration of the phases of her own life and the virtues that she's lived by gives you hope, confidence, and pride in the life you are already living and the life you are planning ahead. Everything you need is all in the shoes!

Here are the speakers for the Celebration....
Laurie Hickson-Smith was one of the first designers to hit the airwaves on The Learning Channel's (TLC) hit show Trading Spaces. Now, in the show's ninth season, fans see Laurie's stylish designs each week as they remake a space in just 48 hours. Laurie's self-described "modern classic" design style blends tradition and modern with her signature uses of color for vitality. Staying true to her Southern roots, Laurie resides in Jackson, Mississippi, with her husband, Brad, 6-year-old son Gibson Witherspoon, and 2-year-old daughter India Dawson.

Horticulturist and author Erica Glasener has hosted A Gardener's Diary on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) for 14 years. As a Southern Lady contributor, Erica offers helpful advice for gardens large and small in her column "Garden Inspiration." In her own garden, Erica grows vegetables, fruits, heirloom roses, bulbs, perennials, shrubs, and trees. Her creative ideas prove that, with a little thought and planning, any garden space can be both beautiful and functional.

Sister Schubert has become a Southern household name synonymous with her Parkerhouse Roll. Sister began making her delicious rolls in 1989, and now Sister Schubert's Homemade Rolls includes three bakeries, which together produce more than 5 million rolls daily. She credits her family, employees, and faith for the phenomenal growth. But Sister's story shows that her tireless enthusiasm for excellence is at the heart of her success.

Phyllis Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Lady will reflect on the 10 years of the publication and highlight some of her favorite features and photos. She will also share an exclusive look into her two latest books, Gracious Spaces and Honey, It's All in the Shoes.

Diana Hansen was featured in the premiere issue of Southern Lady and is sure to inspire with her eye for beauty. As an artist and owner of White Flowers, Diana has created an ethereal world in her all-white shop located in Birmingham, Alabama. Her story will show that inspiration can come from the most unexpected and simplest of places.

Back again from the 2007 Celebration, Dr. Lael Melville is a gifted speaker who will encourage and motivate. She will offer her insights, humor, and practical applications on how to approach life's challenges. Lael is a Psychologist, wife, and mother of three teenage sons, and she lives and serves in Plano, Texas.

A North Carolina native, Bobbie Staten is a nationally recognized Southern motivational humorist, who's healthy and irreverent sense of humor focuses on people and the lives they lead. Her message reflects a universal theme as old as time, yet fresh and relevant to today's hectic lifestyle. When you have your health, family, and priorities balanced, life just seems to fall into place. For the few times when it doesn't--laugh!

It's simple...You just need to post about the "Southern Lady Celebration" above on your blog and also describe to your readers your definition of Celebrating the South....Is it the friendliness and hospitality of Southerners that makes you love the South?...Is it the delicious Southern food? What makes you love the South?

I will draw the name of one lucky blogger on Saturday, September 19th. Good luck to y'all!