Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Bathroom Vanity Area

Y'all have seen the vanity area of my bathroom many times in the photos of "What I Wore." I've received several e-mails asking me which perfume I love the best. It's so hard to decide...

Here's my Bathroom Vanity Area...
Of course my silver plated mirror and brush set is personalized with my monogram.
Chanel nail varnish and makeup...
Chanel lipsticks. Chanel after bath powder. 'No. 5', by Chanel. This fragrance is of course timeless and will never go out of style. It's the "Champagne of Fragrances" for the grown-up girl. Buy it y'all...even it's just because you like the classic bottle!
I've been using Chanel fragrances since the 80's. I started wearing 'Coco Mademoiselle' about 10 years ago during the winter church. Yes, this luxurious perfume is usually my "Church fragrance!" I need a refill.
My friends might say that 'Burberry' by Burberry is my "Signature fragrance." This is a classic fruit and floral fragrance and I wear it with the body lotion during all the or night! Love it!
'Lauren' by Ralph Lauren has been another favorite scent of mine for many, many years! I wear this old-school fruity & citrus fragrance mainly during the winter months.
'Subtil' by Ferragamo is just as classic and timeless as the grosgrain ribbon bows on my 'Vara' pumps, also by Ferragamo. I wear this Oriental floral scent along with my Ferragamo shoes, pocketbooks, scarves, and headbands! Matching my fragrance with my clothes...yes it's
so matchy matchy!
'Wink' by Lilly Pulitzer. It's THE summer fragrance for moi! You can bet I'll always be wearing this wonderful floral scent and the body lotion with my Lilly shifts.
Of course, when I'm wearing anything by Brighton, I wear the 'Love' fragrance and body lotion! Doesn't everyone match up their colognes with their outfits?!
'Must De Cartier', by Cartier. Day or night. Anytime is a good time to wear this refreshing Oriental fragrance. I started wearing 'Must De Cartier' during the early 80's. Classic. Timeless. With the Cartier name...I simply MUST!
This is my newest fragrance acquisition...'24 Faubourg' by Hermes. Refined. Classic. Of course, the bottle is fabulous! I love it and receive so many compliments when I wear it!
I keep a bottle of 'Stay' by Gap in the car to spritz after the gym and such occasions. My next fragrance acquisitions will probably be Coach 'Signature', a
Christian Dior fragrance {it's one I used to wear and was a fave of Princess Diana--maybe 'Miss Dior'}, and one of the Creed fragrances.

What's your favorite fragrance? Do you have a "Signature fragrance?"

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Night--Best Dressed and Not-So Well Dressed

I'll start off with my favorite dress of the night. Who know I'd pick Angelina Jolie? I love that the focus is on Angelina, not her beautiful black dress by Atelier Versace.
Best dress of the night!!!
I absolutely loved Guiliana Rancic in this gorgeous gown byTony Ward.
Okay, when I first saw her on the red carpet, I did NOT like this gold Marchesa gown Stacey Keibler was wearing. As the night went on, it grew on me...not my style, but she rocked it!
LOVED Tina Fey's look! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! The classic gown by Carolina Herrera is perfect for her and I adored her hair bun. One of my favorites of the night!
Love me some Minny and loved this gown Octavia Spencer wore, designed by Tadashi Shoji. Very elegant.
Jessica Chastain looked absolutely stunning in this gown by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Perfect for the Oscars!
She's a Glamorous movie Star to the T. Penelope Cruz was radiant in the beautiful gown by Armani.
LOVED this dress worn by Rose Byrne, designed by Vivienne Westwood. I especially loved her hairstyle and "Fine Chanel jewels." Perfection!
Natalie Portman looked absolutely beautiful wearing this Dior gown. So cute!!!!!

Rooney Mara, wearing Givenchy Couture. Did. Not. Like. this dress at all. Sorry.

J Lo, wearing Zuhair Murad. Jennifer always looks stunning; unfortunately, I will remember the "wardrobe malfunction" and not the dress.

Bernice Bejo wearing
Elie Saab. This dress is too old for her.
LOVE Meryl Streep, but this gold
Lanvin gown is wrong on so many levels.
Who is this lady? Bless her heart, I just don't like the dress.
Gwyneth Paltrow, wearing
Tom Ford Couture. Y'all will disagree, but I do not like this dress on her. Hated the cape and her hairstyle should have been more of an elegant look.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hollywood in the Powder Room

When my bff Teresa Jane moved into her present home, she was stumped as to how she wanted to decorate her powder room. Knowing that she wanted it 'stand out', she put together groupings of black and white photos of her favorite movie stars. Teresa Jane is a huge fan of old classic movies and this was the perfect way to express that to the guests who enter her powder room...

I spy Marilyn Monroe...and a little OSCAR!
Of course, this my favorite grouping of my GWTW stars!
I spy another fave of mine...Audrey Hepburn!
There's pretty Grace Kelly on the top right-hand side...
Lauren Bacall in her prime on the bottom left...her leading man on the right.
Bette Davis on the left...she is my all-time favorite actress!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Style File

Starting today, I will be featuring my "Friday Style File" of Stylish Bloggers...those bloggers who style I admire. I think it's so fun to be able to sign onto my computer and see "Real-Life Outfits" worn by these ladies...especially those who love the classic style.

Up first of a beautiful French lady...she's the owner of MaiTai Collection and the author of the blog MaiTaisPictureBook, which I am obsessed with...adore her blog! She provides so much inspiration on dressing in the classic style and also tutorials on how to wear scarves. She also posts about living 'joie de vivre in the South of France.

She has a fabulous collection of Hermes scarves and Hermes clic clac bracelets, which she uses so very well to accessorize her outfits.
Love this grouping of her accessories...the scarf, pearls, clic clac bracelet, and a scarf fur ring.
She also has a collection of gorgeous Birkin bags!!!
MaiTai offers scarf rings and shawl rings for sale on her blog...of course, there are video tutorials on her blog to teach you how to use the rings and different knotting techniques.
In the photo below, she is wearing black jeans and a black turtleneck. The scarf--Hermes 'La Danse du Cheval Marvari CSGM', the bracelet--Hermes 'Collier de Chien'.
She usually shows different ways to accessorize one outfit. In the photo below she featured a different pocketbook to accessorize the above outfit...the rubis 'Picotin', by Hermes...
In the next photo, she's wearing black jeans and a black turtleneck. The scarf--'Le Femme aux Semelles de Vent' 90 Carre, by Hermes. She's wearing a noir Horn bracelet from the MaiTai collection, and carrying a black Birkin.
Love this look. Again, she's wearing black jeans and a black turtleneck. The scarf--Hermes 'Ex Libris em Komono' 90 Carre, the purse--sanguine 'Picotin' by Hermes, and a Noir Horn bracelet from the MaiTai collection.
These are some of the Scarf Fur Collars from the MaiTai collection.
In this outfit, she is wearing the bourgogne scarf fur collar with burgundy jeans and a sweater, along with a beautiful yellow coat. She is carrying the ebene Birkin.
LOVE the bourgogne clic clac bracelet by Hermes!


I hope you have enjoyed these photos of this stylish French lady! You can visit her blog at MaiTaiPictureBook and also "like" her Facebook page.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Jean Paul has certainly been into Mardi Gras this year and he's ready to "Let the good times roll!"

No party this year *sigh*...But, I've certainly been trying to bring the spirit of Mardi Gras to my table! Over the weekend, I prepared Bayou Sausage Muffins and served
Cafe Du Monde lattes.
I added Jimmy Dean "hot" sausage and it was just the right kick to this Bayou bread mix!
For dinner, I added some
Jezebel'd Deviled Eggs to my menu...
Three teaspoons of Jezebel Sauce and some Sassy Seasoning Salt added to the egg mixture spiced up this Southern favorite!
Jezebel'd Eggs. Arthur Court deviled egg tray. Oh-so Southern!

Chardonnay Hour...Now y'all know my wine goblet and accessories MUST match the theme of the day...Chardonnay and King Cake!
Happy Fat Tuesday to you. Hope you are enjoying some wondering Cajun food today and maybe some beignets...or at least a slice of King Cake!