Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween at the Roost

Here's a few photos from Halloween. Yesterday morning we had some sweets...we were recuperating from the Florida State - Louisville game on Thursday night.

I put up a black Halloween tree this year.  Our porch is not as big as the one we had in Florida, but whatever!  (less to clean, right?)

I dressed up the skeleton to scare those visiting the guestroom.

Last night I served hot apple cider with cookies, and of course Merlot and Chardonnay to the adults...they need treats too!

We weren't really sure what the trick-or-treat turnout would be...but I had my sign ready.  Well, we had a huge crowd and it was freezing y'all!  (Note to self, have a fire pit in the front yard next year)  Also, I'll need to step up my game, because this neighborhood is a magnet for trick-or-treaters.  

Hope y'all had fun celebrating the spooky night!