Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Style File

The blogger I'm featuring today for "Friday Style File" has loads of style. Do you recognize her from this photo that is all over Pinterest and Tumblr? This is a photo that her friend mistakenly snapped of her elbow...oh but we girls love it! The cardi is Tory Burch, the blouse is J Crew, and the pocketbook is Louis Vuitton. Love this girl's style!!!

She's Melissa Caligiuri, the author of the blog Create the Life you Love! Melissa lives in Winter Park, Fla, she's married and the mother to three handsome sons. Melissa has a very classic style and loves Lilly Pulitzer, J Crew, and Tory Burch...
Of course, Melissa's home in Florida is beautiful on the outside and inside!
Doesn't she have the most beautiful family?! She's pictured here with her three sons and her husband.
Melissa's two pups Bax and Murph are celebs on the web as they are wearing their precious monogrammed Lilly bandannas.
Here's a little shot of her precious little Kitty "Lilly"
Even though Melissa raised three sons, she still remained true to her love of pink and pretty little girls. The little girl below is "Khloe" she's the little girl Melissa sponsors at the New Day Foster Home. Showers that sweet child with adorable gifts!
Melissa also has an Etsy site HERE. She offers adorable calling cards, stickers, wine tags, scripture cards, cupcake toppers, and other paper products. If you haven't seen her products, you must take a peek! Melissa's creative gifting style is fabulous and her packages are always wrapped in a classic, festive style, with coordinating ribbon and gift tags.
Gifts under her Christmas tree...
Love this style of wrap...
Melissa's paper party products are available on her Etsy site as well...
Create the Life you Love...and she does it well!
wine goblet i.d. tag adornments...
Love these pink & green cupcake tags...look at the precious pink elephant!!!
Melissa leads a very active life, traveling to sporting events and tailgates. Wherever she goes, she's always fashionably dressed!
Love this sweater set, which I believe is
Melissa on the right...wearing
Lilly at the recent birthday celebration for Lilly Pulitzer in Palm Beach.
Here she is...dressed in
Lilly at the Lilly Pink Palace.
Dressed in her pink for more Lilly!
This is a photo of Melissa and her youngest son Griff. LOVE that Griff wears
Lilly ties.
Thank you Melissa for allowing us to take a peek inside your stylish world. You certainly wear your clothes well and I'm always excited to see "
What you are wearing!"

Y'all stop by Melissa's blog
HERE and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dressing for my Age

I get all kinds of e-mails from my readers...some like my "Here's What I Wore" posts and some don't. I know that I can't please all y'all, but recently, I received an anonymous comment from a reader who said she thought my "obsession to wear clothes fit for only 20 year-olds" was out of control. She also mentioned that I should "focus on bloggers my own age for my 'Friday Style File'." Lord have mercy!

First, I think that my wardrobe is rather prim & proper.

Second, I feature bloggers whose style I admire. When I look at their outfits, I don't want try to copy them; I am inspired by them and get ideas from them. Then, I create my own outfit and make it my own! I am featuring stylish bloggers in no certain order. {Some of my very favorite style bloggers are still in my queue} Coming up this Friday, I will be featuring a blogger who has fantastic style and she is also close to my age!

My style has always been a bit prim & proper, classic, and preppy. In the photo below {circa early 80's}, I am dressed in a very preppy style and that has remained my fashion style of choice since then.

In the photo below {taken 30 years later during the summer of 2011}, I'm still rocking that same style...preppy skirts, Bermuda bags, and the same ponytail!
By now, y'all should know that I adhere to my own strict dress code when attending bare arms, no low-cut outfits, no see-through outfits, and stockings are a must, along with closed-toe shoes. My 'Vara' Ferragamo pumps are the perfect choice for my church shoes. {Dressy pumps for the grown-up girls} Too young? I think not!

This Lilly 'Sabine' shirtdress is preppy and also prim, paired with hot pink tights and Revas. I don't think this outfit looks too young for me! In fact, the day I wore this, I received numerous compliments and one lady who was around my age commented that she loved seeing me wearing the tights with the dress and said that she was gonna start wearing them also!
This Lilly 'Havana A Good Time' shift is perfect for summer church services, when paired with a pink cardi, stockings, and closed-toe Revas! Full of color and yet just prim and proper enough for church!

Back in the day, you could find me sunning on the beach in St. Thomas wearing bikinis. Well, nowadays, I'm rocking this cute Lilly 'Grasshopper' one-piece...usually with a cute Lilly cover up! Cute and colorful suit for the grown-up girls!
The Lilly Amberly 'Twinkle' dress...Oh my...When I walked into the Lilly store, this darling strapless dress caught my eye. However, at my age, I think this style is too young for me! *le sigh*
While I realize that the fashion industry caters to young women, I think that the older ladies can still have fun with fashion. The Lilly Cherry 'Twinkle''s the same pattern as the strapless number above and a much better choice for the "little old lady" in me.
Years ago, I would have totally rocked this Lilly Isabel 'White Mariposa' halter dress...
But, the grown-up Miss Janice now chooses to wear this classic Lilly 'White Mariposa' Margot shift dress...with a green cardi over my shoulders and grass green Revas.
I can't ever remember wearing a skirt that was 13 1/4" long--even when I was young...but I do love the Lilly 'State of Mind' pattern...I tried on both of the shifts and the Bermuda shorts, but none of them were a good fit for me.
So I picked up the Lilly Roslyn skirt in the 'State of Mind' pattern...18 /14" long. This is a great length for me, since I'm only 5' 4" tall.
Oh my goodness...I totally loved this Lilly Bowen 'Chorus Girl' dress in the strapless style. This is the pattern I chose for my Easter dress, but y'all know I'd never walk into church wearing a strapless dress...even with a cardi. *le sigh*
So, I chose the Lilly Eryn 'Chorus Girl' dress below and thought my Easter frock dilemna was solved! Not!!! When I got it home, this dress looked so dowdy on me. I absolutely loved it, but it wasn't made for short girls...or this short girl! Took it back and now the hunt for the Easter frock is still on!!! I may actually have to look inside "Miss Janice's closet" for my dress...Lord have mercy!
I first saw this Lilly 'Bowen' strapless dress in turquoise with the 'Laroc Panel Embroidery' at Dillard's. I wanted it so bad, but again, the style is just too young for me...
So, I bought the Lilly 'Roslyn' skirt and I LOVE it!!! Can't wait to wear this cutie after Easter.

I do try to choose fashion that is appropriate for my age. I don't wear low-cut tops or mini-skirts, I've never worn stilletos in my life nor have I worn tops that show my midriff.

My ponytail. Hmmmm. A lot of y'all probably think that I'm too old to be wearing my hair in a ponytail with grosgrain ribbon bows and headbands. The only thing I can say is that my ponytail keeps getting shorter and lower...maybe almost in a low chignon. I will NEVER stop wearing the ponytail and will probably still be adorning it with cute grosgrain bows when I get to the Rest Home. It's all just me...and my style!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Style File

Oops...I spent too much time at the "tacky mall" today and didn't get home in time to post my Friday Style File.

Even though I'm technically late, I do believe y'all will enjoy the photos of the most precious girl...Her blog is Extra Petite. She is VERY petite...just under 5 feet and weighs 93 lbs. She wears an XXSP and a size 5 shoe! Her blog is all about her experiences and challenges faced while building a wardrobe of pieces that actually flatter her figure.

I will let y'all just look at her precious self!!!

This is probably one of my favorite outfits she has featured. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
I absolutely adore her style! For more photos of her fabulous look, check out the Extra Petite blog!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Cute Pink Pocketbook...Just in Time for Spring!

Happy Spring y'all! Today I celebrated by having a "Prissy Day!" Lunch and shopping at the posh mall...The Town Center at Boca Raton. Fun Fun!!! Of course, I brought out a Lilly shift to wear...the 'Diamond Head Patch' with a Lilly lime green cardi. Here I am in Bloomingdale's looking ever-so matronly!

I brought out my new pink pocketbook...It's the Michael Kors 'Jet Set' tote in Electric Pink! I'm in love with this style of tote from MK and want one in orange, black, and white! The pink is the perfect match with my orchid pink Revas.
What's inside my new tote? A
Louis Vuitton day planner, Cartier pen, car keys with 3 Lilly keychains, Chanel sunglasses, Hermes '24 Faubourg' purse spray, Bonnie Bell face powder, Bath & Body Works 'Twisted Peppermint' hand sanitizer, Burt's Bees 'Pomegranate Oil' lip balm, Chanel 'Laser Pink' lipstick, Gucci card case, Lilly 'Limeade Floater' iPhone cover, and Halls eucalyptus sugar-free cough 'em!
My Accessories: Chanel sunglasses, Lilly 'Pink Laser' lipstick, Hermes '24 Faubourg' cologne, 'Orchid Pink' Revas by Tory Burch, pink grosgrain ponytail ribbon, Lilly 'Limeade Floater' iPhone cover, pearl necklace, bracelet, and studs, and Cartier 'Eternity' wedding band.
I bought some new loot and spent the majority of the day trying to find my Easter frock! This is no easy task. I have so many things to consider for a church dress...for Easter. No red. No black. No see-through fabric. It must have sleeves. Nothing low-cut. No mini dress. I talked with Mama this morning and we both agreed that it's so hard to find church dresses anymore!

But I'm excited about Spring...bringing out all my pink and green clothes!