Saturday, May 1, 2021

Do Stockings Age You?

We all know the Queen of England would never step out in public bare legged!  Goodness gracious no...she always wears nude stockings.

Ladies my age were brought up to wear nude stockings, especially to church, dressy functions, or in the workplace.  I agree that in the heat of the summer, it's wonderful to wear a Lilly Pulitzer shift with a pair of Tory Burch Revas or Jack Rogers sandals...bare legged.  Bare legs seem to be the new trend for young ladies; I see them at church, at weddings, and in the workplace.  When did ladies stop wearing stockings?  Do stockings age those of us who still wear them?

I think not!  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge always appears in public wearing nude stockings.  Of course, Buckingham Palace enforces a strict dress code for women...they must wear stockings and closed-toed shoes.

Nude stockings are like a foundation for your legs and they also add a nice sheer finish to lilly-white legs.  Suntan stockings are a definite no-no.  Your stockings should match your skin tone.  And please ladies, don't wear stockings with open-toed shoes!

I remember the day my Mama allowed me to wear stockings.  I was so excited and have been wearing them every since!  I even saved my garter belt and stockings from the Christian Dior store in Paris that I wore on my wedding day.

Opaque tights are really fashionable now and I love wearing them.  I think black tights make heavy legs look slimmer and hide any flaws on the legs.  It looks nice to coordinate the color of your tights with the color of your sweater/blouse/jacket, et cetera.

Do you think ladies look better when they wear stockings or do you think stockings age you?