Monday, June 4, 2012

National Iced Tea Month...Celebrating on the Road!

In 1904 a gentleman by the name of Richard Blechynden was trying to sell his hot tea at the World's Fair in St. Louis and because there was a heat wave, no one wanted any, so he added some ice and iced tea became popular.

Like most Southerners, I began drinking iced tea at a young age.  Today, I'm driving Mama back down to Florida to stay the summer with me and we'll be sippin' some Peach Tea all the way!
If you are bored with traditional sweet tea, adding a peach flavor is a nice way to add some Southern spice to your tea.  The natural sweeteners of peaches is also a healthy substitute for sugar!  Peach tea is simple to make...steep the teabags, pour the beverage into a pitcher, add water, and stir.

Pour the tea into a glass over ice and add the peach slices...easy Peach Tea!

Yes, Mama will hopefully be spending the summer with me.  I'm not sure how much interesting stuff I'll be able to write about...we will just have to see how this plays out.  I truly am honored and feel blessed that I can spend more time with Mama at this time.


Lori said...

I have never had peach iced tea made the way you do it. But it looks and sounds divine! I think it's so nice that your Mama is spending the summer with you. Cherish the moments and have fun!! Have a safe, nice trip back home to Florida.


Rose said...

Love this post and immediately made some this morning, since I had everything on hand. Thanks & enjoy your Mama

Kara said...

Well, you are so Blessed to have your Mama still with you! I made so much iced tea as a young girl and now hot tea with the Hubster, that I'm sure I bleed tea!

LoVe Ya, Miss Kara