Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Liberty Blue Dinnerware

I just love the history behind this pattern. The Benjamin Franklin Federal Savings bank, established in 1925, commissioned the Enoch Wedgwood company, in Staffordshire England, to make special dinnerware to commemorate their 50 year anniversary. The result was Liberty Blue, made exclusively for the bank in 1975 and 1976. New account holders who made a deposit of $50 were offered a four-piece place setting. After the bank ended their promotion, grocery stores allowed customers to buy pieces with their grocery purchases.

Liberty Blue is a great addition to my china wardrobe as it pairs well with my red, white, and blue china pieces. The blue and white is timeless and classic and the scenes.

Liberty Dinnerware pieces:
~Teacup, Paul Revere
~Saucer, Old North Church
~Covered Sugar Bowl, Betsy Ross, Sewing the Flag
~Creamer, Paul Revere's Ride
~Teapot, Minutemen 
~Coffee Mug, Monticello
~Dinner Plate, 10", Independence Hall
~Luncheon Plate, 9", Washington at Valley Forge
~Dessert Plate 7", Washington Leaving Christ Church
~Platter, 12", Governor's House at Williamsburg
~Platter, 14", Washington Crossing the Delaware
~Platter, 18" and 20", Declaration of Independence
~Round Vegetable Bowl, Frances Tavern, Scene of Washington's Farewell to the Continental Army
~Oval Vegetable Bowl, Minutemen 
~Salt and Pepper Shakers, Paul Revere's Ride
~Butter Dish, Lafayette Landing at West Point
~Bread and Butter Plate 6", Monticello Thomas Jefferson's Home
~Fruit Bowl, Betsy Ross, Sewing the Flag
~Cereal Bowl, Mt. Vernon, George Washington's Home
~Soup Tureen, Minutemen
~Soup Tureen Lid, Boston Tea Party
~Soup Ladle, Solid White
~Soup Bowl, Old North Church
~Covered Vegetable, Boston Tea Party
~Covered Vegetable Lid, Lafayette Landing 
~Gravy Boat, Lafayette Landing 
~Gravy Boat Stand, Governor's House at Williamsburg
~Coasters/Ashtrays, Independence Hall, Valley Forge, Old North Church
~Pitcher, Old North Church
~Placecards, American Eagle

I'm always on the lookout for new pieces to add to my collection!  The Liberty Blue Dinnerware book includes photos and illustrations of the extensive variety of all the pieces of the collection. 

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Royal Ascot

King Charles III and Queen Camilla arrive at Royal Ascot, June 20, 2023

The history of Royal Ascot dates back over 300 years to the time of Queen Anne (1665-1714). Ascot Racecourse was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne. The annual race meeting, which occurs each June at the Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, England, remains a mix of pomp, tradition, fashion, and sport. It has been described as a mix of a royal wedding and the Kentucky Derby, except boozier.

Royal Ascot is a major event in the British social calendar and press coverage of the attendees and their attire often exceeds coverage of the actual racing. While fashion and attendees is a large part of Royal Ascot it is also the most valuable race meet in Britain.

Every year Royal Ascot was attended by the late Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the British Royal Family. Since 1825 the first highlight of every day is the arrival of the Royal procession at 2pm. Four horse-drawn carriages carry the royals along the seven furlong straight mile first past the Windsor Enclosure then the Queen Anne Enclosure and Royal Enclosure before traveling under the grandstand to the Parade Ring. This year, upon the King's arrival, there will be the raising of the King's Royal Standard and the days racing can commence.

Ascot Racecourse

The pre-gaming in the parking lot is even fancier than tailgating at an Old Miss football game. Bollinger champagne, Pimm's cocktails, thousands of cups of tea, and copious pints of Guinness beer fuels the crowd, Lobster rolls and finger sandwiches replace typical tailgating foods. It is definitely an elegant affair that I would love to attend!

Lobster is de rigueur

Champagne is the beverage of choice

Ladies and Gentlemen are dressed in their finest to attend this event

Friday, June 16, 2023

Trooping the Colour

On Saturday, June 17, 2023, the British royal family will come together for the first birthday parade of King Charles' reign--Trooping the Colour.  What is Trooping the Colour? Trooping the Colour is the annual birthday parade for the British sovereign as well as a celebration of the armed forces. King Charles' actual birthday is November 14th, when he will have a more private celebration. 

The ceremonial presentation of the military's regimental flags, called 'colours,' was first started by King George II in 1748. His November birthday was deemed too cold for a celebratory parade, which prompted him to tie his public celebrations with the annual Trooping the Colour military parade. It was under King Edward VII's reign that the summer 'official' celebrations included the inspection of the troops by the monarch.

In order to ensure that every soldier would be able to recognize their colours, the flag would be marched or 'trooped' regularly round the ranks. A regiment's colours came to have huge significance for serving soldiers, and the gain or loss of colours were seen as decisive moments in battle.

Over 1,500 soldiers, 300 horses, and 400 musicians will take part in Trooping the Colour. The King will arrive and receive a royal salute before he inspects the troops, which will be dressed in ceremonial uniforms and bearskin hats.

His Majesty The King will take the Salute as Colonel in Chief of the seven regiments of the Household Division. This will mark the first time that the reigning Monarch will be on horseback at Trooping the Colour since 1986, when Queen Elizabeth II last rode.

Members of the British royal family will travel by horse-drawn carriages or on horseback. The King will lead the procession to Buckingham Palace and then take another salute from the dais. Charles will then lead members of the royal family out on the palace balcony. The Royal Air Force will perform a colorful flypast and there will also be a 41-gun salute fired from nearby Green Park.

King Charles is the colonel-in-chief of the seven regiments of the household division. Prince William is the colonel of the Welsh Guards. William's wife Catherine is the honorary colonel of the Irish Guards. Queen Camilla is the colonel of the Grenadier Guards. Princess Anne is the colonel of the Blues and Royals. The Duke of Kent is the colonel of the Scots Guards. 

Juno the "Major"

Juno will carry the rank of "Major" and lead the parade down The Mall.  Her Majesty The Queen presented the formal classical name "Juno," Goddess of marriage and childbirth, to the Household Cavalry's first ever female Drum Horse who will pass off on the Trooping of the Colour parade. Juno is ten years old and has a dappled, dark bay coat and four large white socks. The Welsh Shire Horse mare, known previously by her stable name, Willa Rose, has been training for her role leading the Mounted Band of the Household Cavalry in Royal Procession for two years. Saturday will be her official graduation parade as the official Drum Horse of the Life Guards. She will be dressed in her full state ceremonial finery carrying the priceless Silver Kettle Drums of the Life Guards Regiment.

Prince William carrying out the colonel's review at TOTC rehearsals earlier this week

The royals we should expect to see:

Prince William and Princess Catherine with their three children--Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Princess Anne and her husband Sir Timothy Laurence, Prince Edward and Sophie, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh with their children, Lady Louise and James, Earl of Wessex, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Zara Tindall, and Peter Phillips.  I'm looking forward to pageantry, fashion and glimpses of the royal children.

It is rumored that the Duke of Sussex and his wife were not invited, so that's that.  Also, Prince Andrew will not take part in the ceremony.

The BBC will start their coverage of the event at 10:30 a.m., London time...which means that anglophiles like myself will be getting up before dawn!  The Anglophiles in the U.S. will be able to watch the parade on the BBC or a live stream on You Tube.