Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

It's almost that time...New Year's Eve!  Tonight we'll be going to a party with close friends we have known for many, many years.  This will be a very casual party...and by casual I mean the LSU-Clemson game as the focal point of the party.  

Will you be attending a posh party tonight?
{Divine Party Concepts}

Take a bottle of glittered-up bubbly!
{Style Me Pretty}

The de rigueur New Year's Eve champagne...

I've only made a few resolutions this year...some fun trips I want to take, events I want to attend, and personal goals.

Actually, I hope to be able to stay awake until the ball drops!

Best wishes for good health and happiness in 2013 to all y'all!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Jaycee the Shorkie

It's been almost 4 months since Mll Coco Chanel passed away and I still miss her like crazy!  Husband says that after taking care of 2 dogs for many, many years, we need a break.  Boo hiss on that.  Seriously, he would never leave Pokey--the Jack Russell or Miss Coco in a kennel, so we never traveled together.  Now we are free to scoot.  But I'm just itching to get another puppy, so until husband agrees to get another Yorkie, I live vicariously through Miss Jaycee.  She is a precious Shorkie and belongs to Miss Rachel at A Preppy State of Mind.  Rachel is the cutest thing ever and she's from my hometown in Georgia.  Rachel has the wardrobe of a preppy fashionista and her pup Jaycee is no different...

Here's What Miss Jaycee wore back in the and green and bows.  Look at how precious she looks.

Grograins hairbows are de rigueur for Mama Rachel and Miss Jaycee.

Snazzy in purple...

Off to somewhere posh, for sure!

Celebrating her 1st birthday wearing a pink dress, pink party hat, and getting a pink balloon!

Lord have mercy...looking adorable in red and black.  I don't know how Rachel gets her to pose like this?!

Rachel and her darling boyfriend with Miss Jaycee last week during Christmas.


Look at all the cute loot Jaycee got for Christmas!  She got more loot than moi!

Check out Rachel's blog at A Preppy State of Mind and if you follow her on Twitter and Instagram, you'll see even more fabulous photos of Miss Jaycee!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Going Yellow and Turquoise on the Exterior

We'll be sprucing up the outside of our cottage in 2013.  Here is a painting that Fifi Flowers did of our home a couple of years ago.

This is the true bland's a yucky pale green.

We still own this house up in Mississippi, but it doesn't look like we'll be going back there for now.  When we lived in this house, I decorated it with a lot of dark woods and now that we are gonna stay in Florida for a bit longer, I really want to lighten things up.

Although I love our black door and shutters, I now want to go with more of a coastal look.

No more black porch furniture...

Just getting tired of this look.

These are the colors I'm going with.  The house will be painted yellow, with white shutters and white doors.  The front and pack porches will be decked out with lots of turquoise, white, and hot pink {yes, that's a cute hot pink} furniture, with some lime green thrown in.

A turquoise porch swing is on the top of my to-buy list!
{Kammy's Korner Photo}

I'll add some cute coastal-themed pillows...

Not getting rid of this'll probably go somewhere in my kitchen.

We are still "The Roost" and of course, they'll also be painted turquoise!

I'm gonna add a scalloped fence gate for the entry onto the porch...

With a house sign, Jane Coslick-style.

Gotta get back to today's task...taking down Christmas decorations and getting rid of a couple of themes.  I want my garage to stay neat and organized and stuff must go.  Thanks for visiting with me today.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all y'all!  This is our Christmas tree on the front porch.  Hope y'all are enjoying this day with family and friends!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Shopping, Lunching, and Shopping Some More

My friend Joy has gone back home to Tybee Island.  Boo hiss!  Well, it's probably for the best, since we practically kill ourselves when we're together.  Shop Shop Shop.  Seriously, Miss Joy outshops moi!!!

I told Joy that she might like to go shopping with me down in Delray Beach.  I LOVE The Snappy Turtle and though Joy might like it as well.  Joy's life is full of color.  If you haven't seen the photos from my recent visit to her beach house on Tybee Island, take a peek.  Not only does she use bright colors in her home decor, she dresses in bright colors ALL THE TIME!  Snappy Turtle is just the shop for Miss Joy!  So, we headed off to Delray...Upon entering the store, I just had to get a photo next to their pink Christmas tree!

"Here's What I Wore"  White long sleeve blouse, J Crew skinny jeans, Lilly green crewneck sweater, pink 'LePlilage' Longchamp, Chanel sunglasses, Hermes cologne, Chanel 'Laser Pink' lipstick, pearls, monogrammed earrings, 'Oyster Perpetual' Rolex, Cartier wedding band, a green grosgrain ponybow, and monogrammed clogs!

The Snappy Turtle is located in Delray Beach, Florida.  I'm obsessed with everything in this store...visit their website here or like them on Facebook to see all the cute loot they have!  Joy and I left with lots of goodies and I'll be showing them in future OOTD!

Joy was dressed in lime green and hot pink...Joy is a J Crew girl and the skinny pants and ballet flats are J Crew, but I believe the top is from a Merchandise Mart in Atlanta.  Girl shops all the time.

Love Love Love these pink and green ornaments!

I think I must go back for this's so me.

And these PJ's...I kept eyeing them and didn't bring them home:(

Why isn't the cute turtle in the dressing room for sale?!  I'm just now thinking that tissue box cover is adorable too!

I finally got to meet Diane Kaufman who is a friend of Joy's back home in Tybee.  Diane owns Mermaid Cottages and was driving back home to Georgia from a recent vacation in Cuba.  We shopped at some thrift stores in West Palm and Diane found these fabulous chairs--donated from The Breakers Hotel!  She got them in her SUV with room for more cute loot!

I brought home this cutie pie for my guest room...Crazy about monkeys y'all!

Lunch at the Havana Cafe...which I learned is a must-dine establishment in West Palm.

My first time to try a Cuban Sandwich!

NOT my first taste of real flan...fabulous!!!!!

For those who have known me since my Carnival Cruise Lines days, you know I have a serious addiction to Cuban coffee.  Nothing compares.  No, not even Starbucks!!!

Thank you for stopping by today.  Hope you are having a merry merry Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sips, Nibbles, & Caroling

I'm still behind y'all!  My friend Miss Joy has been in town since last Thursday and we've been busy, lunching, shopping more, and partying!  Sunday night we hosted a "Sips, Nibbles & Caroling" party...

Of course, Pepi was on hand to enjoy some fun.

The tree on the kitchen sideboard is decorated with a gingerbread theme...

I set up more Little Debbie Treats for the youngins...

My "Signature Beverage" was "Naughty Peppermint Egg Nog Punch."  It's made with ginger ale, egg nog, rum, and peppermint ice cream.

Candy canes to stir and crushed peppermint for garnish...

I set up cheese and crackers, Honeybaked ham biscuits, artichoke dip, and chicken wings on the kitchen island.  Dressed in a gingerbread apron from my "Prissy Apron Collection" and a festive headband, I served canapes to my guests.

My friend Miss Joy was dressed real cute in J Crew from head to toe!

Dessert was served from the bar...

Each guest was given sheets with the words to the songs we sang...This was a great party!  I wish that time had permitted me to take more photos.  We had 6 little girls with fabulous voices...they added their own song and dance routine of  "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" at every stop!

I wore this gingerbread Christmas vest when we headed out to carol.

Of course, my roadie matched my vest!

The next morning I woke up and realized I forgot to take a photo of my party favors.  This basket {photo won't load right} was full of to-go goblets for everyone to take beverage on the road.

There were little bells attached to the stem with a red ribbon.

Thank you for stopping by today...I'm off again to shop shop shop with my friend Joy.