Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monograms on Monograms on Monograms

I do and I did!

So how much is too much monogramming?  I say "Too much is never enough!"

My traditional married monogram {jGs} is on my duvet cover and shams.  I use my traditional monogram on pretty much everything instead of using the modern version of my married monogram {jGk}, which includes my husband's first name initial on the right.  My husband doesn't care, because he's not into all the monogramming craziness anyway.

Fancy script font...

This is a font I don't normally use and I don't know the name, 'cuz I ordered this tote over the phone from The Snappy Turtle, but I think it worked well on the tote...

Monogrammed blouse pockets are popular now, and this one is monogrammed in a script font.

I love using monogramming decals on my glassware and the diamond font is one that I love!

Interlocking script is my favorite...I think it looks real prissy!

The circle font is another fave of mine...one that I used on bath towels and candles...

My monogram on the wall...interlocking script.

Interlocking script...pearls...pink and green cooler.  Perfection!

Love the circle font on my new notecards...

Fancy script on my koozies...

Interlocking script on my ponycap...

Fancy script on my soap...Lord have mercy that silver needs to be polished!

I just picked up these bandannas today...monogrammed in a diamond font.  I'm gonna wear these as headbands to keep my hair out of my face while I'm on the treadmill!

Of course, my shower mat must be monogrammed--navy blue in a circle font.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Since I've Been Gone

Y'all, I have been having some issues with my internet service, so blogging is a slow difficult process right now.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been spending time with my family for the past couple of weeks.

Celebrated Mama's birthday in Sarasota with family...

Stopped off in Clearwater and picked up my Mama-in-Law and we had afternoon tea at the Camellia Rose Tea Room in Plant City, Florida

This is a beautiful tearoom located in the historic district of Plant City--near Tampa.  I failed to make a reservation, so we had to wait almost an hour to be seated.  While we waited...we browsed the boutique shop full of tea accoutrements, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and other prissy loot.

The proper Afternoon Tea was worth the wait...We had "Camellia's Afternoon Tea"...Assorted tea sandwiches, scones, and assorted desserts, along with a an endless pot of apricot tea.

"Here's What I Wore"  The tunic top is by Top It Off and the white denim pants are by Ralph Lauren.  I wore some turquoise jewelry, gold Jack Rogers, and carried a metallic gold Tory Burch wristlet.

I wore this outfit for a casual lunch with my Mama-in-Law...a white shirt with a pink monogram on the pocket from The Snappy Turtle, black denim pants from Ralph Lauren, Lilly 'Spike the Punch' tote, and 'Miller' Tory Burch thongs.

Off to church wearing a pink and white geo print shift by Escapada, a white J Crewlet cardi, white Tory Burch Revas, and pearls.
Last week, we headed down to the casino.  Husband was playing in a poker tournament, so Mama-in-Law and I played the slots!  I love video poker!
"Here's What I Wore"  The black and white tunic is by Royal Standard and the black Bermuda shorts are Ralph Lauren.  I wore Chanel jewelry, carried a black Izod wristlet, and wore white Bonanno sandals.

On the way to take Mama-in-Law back to Clearwater, we stopped in for tea at the Moffat's Tearoom in Dunedin.  This tearoom is in the historic downtown area of Dunedin, full of shops, cafes, and the beach!  Win Win!

This quaint little tearoom was very cute and the tea foods and tea were awesome!  I will definitely return to Moffat's on my next trip to Dunedin!

"Here's What I Wore"  I wore an aqua and pink monogrammed chevron tunic with my white denim paints, carried a cute Mudpie 'flamingo' clutch, and wore my pink Revas.

For a casual dinner, I wore this orchid pink Lilly 'Cassie' dress, with the Lilly Jubilee scarf, gold Jack Rogers, and a gold monogrammed tote from The Snappy Turtle.

Friday was a sad day for me.  It was the one-year anniversary of the death of my BFF Teresa Jane.  I decided to send her some balloons with messages up to her in heaven!  As I released the balloons, I remembered all the good times and vowed to watch until the balloons disappeared.  It seemed like forever until they became little tiny specks and then I couldn't see them anymore.  Y'all, they were not tied together, but stayed together until the end.  Tears were flowing.

RIP Teresa Jane

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm Busy With The Mamas

Checking in.

I spent all last week with my Mama over in Sarasota...celebrating her birthday with her and her sister and tons of cousins, nieces, and nephews.  This week, I am entertaining my Mama-in-Law who is over from Clearwater.  I really haven't had much time to myself to write anything of interest...just taking time to be with my family.

I'll be back later next week!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Pulitzer Prizes...A Tribute to Lilly Pulitzer

Lillian Pulitzer Rousseau, 1931 ~ 2013
What to say about Lilly Pulitzer that hasn't already been said?  Preps on social media have been tweeting their condolences, posting Lilly quotes on Facebook, and Instagramming themselves in Lilly outfits.  Bloggers have posted their tributes of the preppy style icon--The Preppy Princess and The Classic Preppy both did a wonderful job.

What a colorful life Ms. Rousseau led...and what a legacy of beauty and color she left behind!  Of course, I love wearing Lilly and cherish my collection...every single piece!  I love the clothes, the accessories, and as you know, have even decorated a guest bath with a Lilly theme.  All of the Lilly items available to us today are must-haves for Lilly lovers, but for me, it's all about the shift!

This is one of my very favorite photos of Lilly and I used it as inspiration for the tablescape of a Lilly-themed luncheon I hosted several years ago.
Lilly Pulitzer in her store on Worth Avenue

The Soleil Classic Shift was the centerpiece of my dessert table.

Y'all know that this style, the Classic Shift is my very favorite style of Lilly.  The fit just works for me.  Of course, I'm also obsessed with the little bows at the hem.  In the post by The Preppy Princess, Lilly Pulitzer once said of the Lilly shift "The Lilly holds everything in.  When that whimsical shift is on, you can't tell what is happening underneath."  And that my friends, is the truth!  That is why I love them so.  They are cute and colorful, while hiding my not-so-perfect figure.

Becoming a Lilly Pulitzer Collector
Collecting Lilly is fun and easy.  As I mentioned above, there are many sites online to purchase Lilly Pulitzer.  Of course, Lilly Pulitzer has a site and there are numerous online Lilly stores.  But, for those of us who don't buy every single dress we want each season, we stalk eBay, Etsy, and the re-sale sites on Facebook.  So searching for that perfect Lilly item is fun!  I like to hunt for certain prints and styles...The Classic Shift is my favorite, but I also love the Krista!  Here are some terms used by sellers/buyers that you need to know when you shop:

ISO = In search of
DISO = Desperately in search of
PP = Seller accepts paypal
GUC = Good used condition
VGUC = Very good used condition
EUC = Excellent used condition
NWT = New with tags
NWOT = New without tags

"Holy Grails" is a term that you might see mentioned on Lilly re-sale sites on Facebook and on eBay.  What are sellers/buyers speaking of?  Well, that would be a coveted, hard-to-find Lilly.  I have never been comfortable with using the term "Holy Grails" for clothes or even worse, the term "I worship at the Lilly altar."

My friend Gracie Beth, blogger at Preppy Southern Princess and an avid Lilly collector, recently coined the term "Pulitzer Prizes" instead of using "Holy Grails."  I love it and I'm obsessed!

Pulitzer Prizes it shall be forever more!!!

Here are some Lilly Lovers wearing their "Pulitzer Prizes" and I've also included photos of coveted "Pulitzer Prizes."

Gracie Beth, second from left, wearing the Elias White Zin Pulitzer Prize dress at her college graduation.

This is a Pulitzer Prize which Miss Gracie Beth is ISO...Fiesta Tiger Lilly dress.

Gracie Beth is also ISO this fabulous Harmon Jubilee shift.  I'm also ISO of this beauty!

Melissa Caligiuri, blogger at Create The Life You Love and a fashion icon herself in this Lilly Loving world, is wearing a Pulitzer Prize, the Posey Daisy Lane Lace dress and the green Kat Kitten Heels.

Hopsy, at Kappa Prep, {who surely has closets full of Lilly}, shown here on a trip to India...wearing the Worth Not So Crabby shift that many of us are in DISO!

Susan Romano Trader at Re-Lilly loves this Florida Loopy Pulitzer Prize shift.

Rachel of Rachel's Lilly Pad on Facebook, loves this Pulitzer Prize...the Cali Jubilee Shift in Coronado Crab 

Lori Lee B, a cute Lilly Lover, looks great in the Eryn Yellow/White Wrapping Stripe dress...a modern day Pulitzer Prize

Rachel, of A Preppy State of Mind, is wearing the Lowe Pretty Pink Tootie dress, the Goodie Goodie bracelet and necklace, and the green Kat Kitten Heels--all Pulitzer Prizes.

And, just to make y'all smile, Miss Rachel's sweet shorkie Jaycee, loves Lilly and wears it well!  Jaycee definitely lives a colorful life!

 Angela, blogger at The Southern Fried Bride, wore the Pulitzer Prize Seamus Dripping in Jewels for her first wedding anniversary photo.

Lots of Lilly Lovers, including myself, are ISO of this precious Pulitzer Prize...the Jubilee Charity Shift.

Anything in the Checking In pattern is hard-to-find.

The Dark and Stormy is another Pulitzer Prize...and one that's also on my ISO list.

That's right!  It's never enough and I'm constantly on the hunt for "Pulitzer Prizes" and updating my Lilly Pulitzer inventory.  This is the binder I use for all my Lilly stuff...

I have kept photo copies of every "Lilly Outfit of the Week" post I did a couple of years ago.  They all still make me smile...especially this one!

The binder holds all my research info on how to collect Lilly, how to spot fakes, Lilly patterns, et cetera.

Of course, I have my list of ISO's and trust me, I search daily!!!

I cherish my Lilly collection and every single item is a favorite.  I do own a few Pulitzer Prizes and would never part with them...

This would have to be my hands-down fave.  In fact, I am attending the memorial service for Lilly Pulitzer on Thursday in Palm Beach and this is the front runner OOTD.  I have never attended a funeral/memorial service wearing anything other than black.  But, it's Lilly Pulitzer and I believe she would want a colorfully-dressed group of people attending her service!
*Edit on Tuesday evening...Change of plans--not going to the service.

The Andry Charmed shift...a Pulitzer Prize

The Oh Jackie shift is another of my faves...a Pulitzer Prize!

The Margarita Shrimp Cocktail Krista, with bows at the hem--love, love, love this one!

I love the Cabana Banana Classic Shift.  It is a fabulous print and has the little bows at the hem.

So, what are your Pulitzer Prizes?  What print are you ISO?

"That's what life is all about.  Let's have a party.  Let's have it tonight!"
~Lilly Pulitzer