Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear

With Labor Day fast approaching, today is "Closet Moving Day" at my house. I'm moving the white shoes, Jack Rogers, patent leather shoes, and all my open-toed shoes to the back side of the closet and out comes my suede and dark colored shoes. Of course, all my white clothes will be put away till next Easter, as well as madras, linen, and seersucker.

When I look at my Fall/Winter wardrobe, it's kinda boring. It's all black, black, and more black...with a few bright colored cardigans thrown in. So, I've been thinking about what I want to buy for the new season and well...my usual haunts are not exciting me at all.

Then, I found this site--What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear. Lord have mercy, I LOVE these clothes. Emma Pillsbury {played by Jayma Mays} stars on the hit TV show Glee. She's a germaphobic guidance counselor at the ficticious McKinley High. Like me, Emma loves prim and proper and ladylike clothing. She has a very unique style by pairing together bow blouses, straight skirts, cardigans, brooch pins, fabulous necklaces, Peter Pan collared blouses, and cardi clips. Her style is a little bit JCrew with some vintage classic thrown in.

What I really like about her style is that it can be affordable...not a $250 dress that you will see on every single blog!

I am now obsessed with the cardi clips...Emma's signature accessory. I already have tons of cardis and the clips are perfect to jazz up the look!

Emma also wears the most fantastic necklaces and Etsy is a great source for affordable vintage pieces.
LOVE this one!
Another accessory that she loves and rocks...the brooch pin. Again, Etsy is the spot to find these.
I love that she loves the bow blouse. These are totally me and you can bet I'm on the hunt for some cute ones.
Here she is wearing a bow blouse and a bow skirt...these bow skirts are hard to find, but oh-so cute!
To complete Emma's look, I must bite the bullet and buy some 2+ inch Mary Janes. Lord have mercy, I am not a high-heel person, but these are a must to achieve Emma's style.
Is she not the cutest thing ever? Stylish, perfectly polished, and proper!

So, I'm off to continue my online search {starting with eBay, Etsy, and Mod Cloth} for all the pieces I need to tie a couple of outfits together! Thank you for visiting with me today.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Pink Monogram

I'm happy to announce a new sponsor for the "Miss Janice Blog." It's Monica Smith, owner of The Pink Monogram. I'm excited to be affiliated with The Pink Monogram, as I love everything that Monica offers...from the monogrammed hats down to the monogrammed shoes.

The Pink Monogram also features bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts and you name it, The Pink Monogram can monogram almost anything!

Preppy tableware...

Monogram decals for your car and just about anywhere else!

Fabulous wall monograms...

Darling children's clothing! I want a monogrammed jumper like one of these for myself!

Collegiate tervis tumblers...
Monogrammed cutting boards...
And, of course, the Pink Monogram Clogs!
Y'all stop by The Pink Monogram and I'm sure you'll find some cute Southern loot that you can monogram! Be sure to tell 'em Miss Janice sent ya!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update on Mama and Giveaway Winner.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my Mama. Although she wouldn't want me "broadcasting" the details of her recent illness, I'm sure she won't mind if I just say that she had a crazy reaction to a new medication that was prescribed to her for dizziness, an inner ear issue which she has dealt with for many years. Bless her heart, she was non-stop delusional for about 72 hours--no sleep at all...just talking out of her mind about true stuff and to people who were not in the room. {She was also talking about spiders and roaches crawling up the wall & cute little kitty cats on her bed beside her--so scary y'all!} Of course, we were terribly afraid that she was going to be diagnosed with dementia or some other serious brain issue. They gave her all the necessary medical tests and she cleared them all. The Doctors and Nurses said it was just a reaction to a medicine that was way too strong for her! We feel so blessed that she is on the road to being back to her usual self now.

Mama lives with my brother J.D. who takes special care of her, but as those of you who care for your elderly parents know, he needs to have some time for himself. We decided it was best to hire a lady to come in and watch over Mama. So, I feel really good about her now. She came home from the hospital this morning and is feeling very good.

I know that Mama's happy to be back in her home and be able to watch Fox News, some Lifetime Movies, and just sit on the porch and admire her gardens.

Soooooo, I'm happy to announce the winner of my 2PreppyGirls giveaway. It's Pastor Ali from Southern and Lovely. Lord have mercy, when I drew this entry, I was shocked that a "Pastor" was even following my blog! Pastor Ali is co-Pastor with her husband Drew at the Lebannon United Methodist Church in Mebane, North Carolina. I love that in her blog profile she says "I'll be writing about fashion for young clergywomen." Congratulations to you Pastor Ali! Please contact me at: Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com and provide me with your contact information so that I can provide it to Margaret at 2PreppyGirls.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Prayer Request for my Mama!

I'm taking an unscheduled blog break. My sweet Mama is in the hospital in Georgia. We do not have a diagnosis yet but I will certainly let y'all know when we know more. I hope that everyone will understand that I feel it would be inappropriate for me to blog at this time.

I will tell y'all this...Mama is not in her right mind at this time, bless her heart. However, she did tell me yesterday "Janice Kay, get that nurse's name and address 'cuz I want to send her a thank-you note when I get home." Even in this state, Mama has been so sweet to the hospital staff and her family & friends and also talking on and on about fashion!

Thank you to all of you who have tweeted and e-mailed me your thoughts and prayers for Mama!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back-to-School Giveaway from 2 Preppy Girls

Let's celebrate the youngins going back-to-school! Today I'm partnering with 2PreppyGirls to host a back-to-school giveaway! Y'all probably know that I'm an affiliate of 2PreppyGirls and love the personalized and monogrammed products Miss Margaret offers.

The Preppy Pro Shop is now open at 2PreppyGirls and new items have been added for the preppy sport enthusiast.

Check out this Lacrosse Stick Cover...how cute is this stick and cover?!

How about this Scout Sport Stick and Gear Backpack...ever-so preppy!
For all you ladies who golf...these club covers are cute in their pink and green-ess!!!

Whether you are going back-to-school or have a child going off to school, these items are a must-have for all prepsters! Surely y'all know you simply must write with a stylish pen and how prissy would it be to have your own monogrammed postage stamps???

First up for grabs is this personalized pen in a polka dot design. {You may personalize the pen with one initial or your name}
Or you may choose this trendy zebra design. {Again, you may personalize this with one initial or your name}

Although I already have some customized postage stamps--one set with my business logo & my website name and another set with me and Miss Coco wearing our Lilly, I liketa died when I saw these monogrammed stamps at 2PreppyGirls! Lord have mercy, I LOVE these. {Of course, these would be your "uppity stamps"...the kind you slap on that precious stationery you hoard to send correspondence to, well...not to be used for the power bill!!}

These stamps are USPS issued $.44 First Class 1 oz. stamps. They come in a sheet of 20 and you can choose the font design and color.

This is the circle font design...very preppy!
This is the formal font...um, formal!
And, the script font...classic!
So, the lucky winner will be able to choose one (1) pen and one (1) sheet of stamps. Here are the rules for the giveaway:

~For one (1) entry, visit 2PreppyGirls and let me know in your comment your most favorite item on the site.

~For two (2) entries, "like" 2PreppyGirls on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/2PreppyGirls.

~For three (3) entries, "follow" 2PreppyGirls on Twitter at: http://www.Twitter.com/2PreppyGirls

~For four (4) entries, let me know if you are follower of my blog.

That is a total of four (4) possible entries!!!

This giveaway will close at midnight on August 22, 2011 and I will announce the winner on the 23rd! Good luck to y'all!

Back To School Etiquette

It's back-to-school time! Autumn is around the corner and it's time for children to hit the books and get involved in extracurricular activities.

One of my sweet readers "Mrs. Kindergarten" sent me some photos of her classroom...ready for the students to arrive for their first day of class. Mrs. K has been teaching for 21 years and has the most precious classroom...she calls it "a busy, happy, and fabulous place." Take a peek inside "The Swamp" y'all...

Mrs. K sends me photos of her cute Lilly loot and you can see that her classroom reflects the love she has for pink & green and all things preppy!

So the teachers are ready, but are the students? Back-to-school time is a great time to start fresh with your child's behavior training. Good manners should start at home. Unfortunately if parents don't know how to behave, then children rarely have a chance to learn etiquette skills. Nowadays, most parents send their children off to school with the attitude of "You fix 'em--I don't have the time."

Parents should take responsibility and teach their children how to behave before they send them off to school.

On my sidebar to the right, you will find "Miss Janice's Recommended Etiquette Training Reading List." The following three books are listed there and are excellent sources to help you teach yourselves and your children social and dining etiquette.

~"Emily Post Etiquette," by Peggy Post
~"New Manners for New Times," by Letitia Baldrige
~"More Than Manners," by Letitia Baldrige

Remember that today's children are tomorrow's leaders. Here's some tips that might help you get started teaching your child how to behave:

~Teach your child to share with others.
~Teach your child to wait their turn.
~Teach your child not to interrupt when others are speaking.
~Teach your child the importance of being honest.
~Teach your child the importance of good sportsmanship--not everyone will be a winner and children need to learn that when they do not win, it's not the end of their world! Children should be taught how to lose gracefully.
~Teach your child the proper forms of address for their teachers. Children should show respect to their teachers and use titles when speaking to adults; i.e. Miss, Mr., Mrs., and Ms. In the South, some teachers are addressed as "Miss Janice", instead of Mrs. Gibson...it's a Southern thing y'all and a sign of respect! I would like to add that parents should also address the teachers with a title and refrain from addressing them only using their first name.
~Teach your child how to accept others with disabilities.
~If you show respect to others, your child will learn a valuable lesson from you. If you practice kindness by using words like "please, thank you, you're welcome, and excuse me," your child will learn another valuable lesson from you.
~Don't forget to praise your child when they show good manners!

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Royal Ribbons...Ribbons for Every Occasion

Have y'all seen the Royal Ribbons? My friend Avril who writes the Suburban Princess blog started her own business, Royal Ribbons. She personalizes ribbon!!! With football season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just around the corner these custom and personalized ribbons will be perfect to accent your tabletops, gifts, beverage straws, et cetera. They are great for corporate events, holidays, baby & wedding showers, weddings, or any other reason you want to stand out and make your mark!

The ribbons start at $2.50 per yard. You may choose the width starting at 3/8" and going up to 4". The minimum purchase is 1 yard. You can also choose the color of your ribbon and print, the font, and add a symbol.

Avril printed my monogram on pink ribbon. LOVE!
I can think of many uses for this cute monogrammed ribbon. {Dare I use it for my ponytail ribbon?} Well, the other night, I served Cranberry-Lime sparkling soda from The Fresh Market.
Of course, I had to make it special...I tied the monogrammed ribbon onto the base of the Lilly goblets, put on a pretty pink toile apron from my "Prissy Apron Collection" and voila...serving in style!
Sippin' flavored soda water in a Lilly goblet, with a monogrammed ribbon bow, and a cute prissy apron...
{Please excuse the darkness of the above photos. I was in a hurry and let husband use the iPhone to take the photos}. Here's a better photo of the apron I got from Hopsy at Kappa Prep. Isn't it the cutest thing?
Back to the Royal Ribbons!!!

These "Happy Fall Y'all" ribbons will be great to tie up treats, gifts, et cetera during the season.

Love these monogrammed straw ribbons...How cute would these be to make your social gathering memorable?!
LOVE these monogrammed ribbon flags...remember, it's the special touches you add that make your event special!
Preppy whales on pink ribbon...sooo cute!
This pink ribbon with the green crocs is oh-so preppy!
You can have your own name printed in any font.
Sorority girls...these would be fabulous for gifts!
Religious symbols are also available.
All you fleur de lis lovers out there...here you go. Fleur it up y'all!
You can print your business name...love these ribbons printed for a basket company. How cute will they be on gift baskets?
Thank you for stopping by today. If you would like to get in touch with Avril at Royal Ribbons, email her at: RoyalRibbon {at} Yahoo {dot} com.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fifi Flowers Paintings

Have you visited Fifi Flowers site? Fifi is a painter of whimsy and fun with a Parisian flair. I love her style and am so pleased with my lastest Fifi original...

She painted my Florida cottage "The Roost" with my beach cruiser parked out front. Love it!

It's now framed and front and center on my desk...right at home with all the pink & green cuteness around it.

Here are the precious foldover note cards she made...I love that I can now send a note with a painting of the "The Roost" on the front!

Fifi is now offering her 2012 calendars, all of which are $16 each...take a peek.

A collection of old barn paintings...

A collection of cottages on Tybee Island, Georgia. These are so cute y'all!

A collection of Parisian tables...tres chic!

Precious dog collection...


Eiffel Tower Scenes...Ooh La La!
You can visit Fifi's blog here and find the darling 2012 calendars on her Etsy site here!

Thank you for visiting with me today:)