Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Ready for the New Year!

Whew! I'm exhausted y'all! Looking for a quiet spot on the beach to relax and think with some peace and quiet:) This is what I need...
Pepi is down for his long winter's nap...bless his little heart! He's been so busy:)
My thank-you notes have been sent for all the Christmas gifts I received...You can read here and also here about my thank-you note etiquette tips.
As I've said every New Year's, I'm NOT a fan of New Year's Eve parties. I am always exhausted by this point and just want to stay home and watch the revelry from Times Square...wearing my PJ's and sipping some champagne.
However, I've been known to give these cute little "New Year's Eve" gifts to friends...
This is my go-to "New Year's" gift...the Southern must-eat on New Year's Day black eyed peas, wrapped in cello, tied with my signature gingham ribbon, with a party horn attached!
This year I'll be tweeting my "2012 Good Intentions List" on New Year's Eve over at Twitter...check it out. No goals, no resolutions...just "Good Intentions!"

Happy New Year to all y'all and I'll be back soon!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Day of Advent

Merry Christmas Eve! The rush is over y'all and now is the time to truly celebrate the reason for the season. It's been a busy week and I'm down to the final days of my Christmas Season 2011 Bucket List...

Day#22--Pepi's older brother Pedro picked out this for me to wear...a little red cardi and a pair of tartan plaid socks!

I found this cute little pink tree at The Hobby Lobby. Initially I was gonna decorate it with Lilly-fied ornaments to coordinate with the other two pink and green trees in my dining room. I thought that was a bit boring, so I decided to add the Lilly gift enclosure cards and make it my "Wish List" tree. {So my husband could just take the tags with him to the store!} After more thought, I felt like that was kinda selfish...I have so many friends and family members who need prayer during this Christmas season that I decided to make it my "Prayer Tree" and each card has the name of a person who needs my prayers!!!
The pink & green cards attached with pink gingham ribbon coordinate well with the theme in my dining room.
Vigil candles were lit at Church for each person...
Day #23--Pepi chose another "Tacky Christmas Sweater" for me to wear!
Pepi hit the road with me as we shopped for Christmas he is at my favorite lunch spot...Panera Bread!
Later that night, Pepi got into some of my "Naughty Egg Nog"
Day #24--It was time to wrap. I must tell y'all that my house is a mess right now and my wrapping center is out. of. control. I can't stand it when the ribbons are not categorized by color, design, and season!
Wrap. Sip. Wrap. Sip. Being Mrs. Claus is tough job!!!
Day #25--Up early preparing a Lilly-fied Breakfast. Here I am {Sleepy Miss Janice} wearing a Lilly 'Santa' apron to coordinate with my theme...I'm so Sandra Lee-ish y'all!
The dining room setting for my Lilly-fied Breakfast...
This was my outfit for the and black.
Day #26--Christmas Luncheon. I wore a red tartan plaid skirt, white Peter Pan collar blouse, and a black cashmere cardi.
My accessories:
{It was a four-bow day...bows on my headband, pocketbook, ponytail, and shoes!}
Shoes: Ballet flats by Chanel
Headband: Ferragamo
Ponytail bow: Black grosgrain
Tights: Black, J Crew
Lipstick: 'Star Red' by Chanel
Cologne: Ferragamo
Pocketbook: Ferragamo
Rings: Wedding band 'Eternity' by Cartier, and gold monogrammed signet ring
Earrings: Gold monogrammed disks
Pin: Gold monogrammed disk with maiden name monogram {Pinned on front center of blouse to collar points, just the way I wore it as a young girl}
Happy Hour with little Pepi! Tis the season:)
Day #27--Luncheon and gift giving...I wore my red Austin Reed double breasted blazer with a navy cable pullover by Ralph Lauren and a navy & red scarf by Balenciaga. I wore this with winter white slacks and gold Revas, by Tory Burch.
Found this cute bag at The Cracker Barrel...perfect for carrying the wrapped packages!
Later that night, Pepi just kicked back and roasted some marshmallows over an open fire!
Day #28--Christmas Eve!

Dinner and Church...I wore a red turtleneck sweater with a black & white houndstooth jacket, a red Ferragamo headband, black Ferragamo pumps, and a black skirt.
Our bible is open to Luke 2: 1-20...The Birth of Jesus!
This is a photo of the church that I took earlier in the week.
The beautiful stained-glass windows are adorned with Christmas greenery.
Advent Wreath:

The white candle {Christ Candle} is lit on Christmas Eve, along with the other four candles, to symbolize Jesus is the light of the world and that if we follow Him, we will never walk in darkness, but have the true light of life!
And we are ready for Santa Claus, as well!!!
Merry Christmas y'all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lilly-fied Christmas Breakfast

I wanted to have a breakfast to celebrate the Christmas season and couldn't think of a theme to create. Then I came upon the Lilly 'Santa' pattern and it all fell into place! I knew I could count on my Savannah friend Lynn Whelan to put together something precious for me to wear...The newest addition to my "Prissy Apron Collection" designed by Lynn Whelan herself using the Lilly 'Santa' fabric and other patterns and pom fringe to coordinate.

Here's a closeup photo of the pattern...I just love it!
I wore my pink Revas by Tory Burch and some cute Santa jewelry.

I found more inspiration for my breakfast from the book "A Guide to Colorful Holidays" by Lilly Pulitzer and Jay Mulvaney.

It's all pink and green in my dining room at The Roost!
The table is set for my Lilly-fied Breakfast...
The centerpiece on the dining table...a pink tree
Decorated with pink gingham bows and pink and green ornaments...
The placesetting...
Silver monogrammed napkin rings adorn the cute Lilly-fied napkins...designed by Lynn Whelan.
Lilly Pulitzer goblets...
The beverage is Raspberry Sunrise Mimosas...recipe from the Lilly Pulitzer "Holidays" book
Lynn Whelan also made these precious coasters for moi!
A monogrammed pitcher of the mimosas!
Little pink banners on the side--"Merry Christmas"
Flip side--"Chin Chin!"
Y'all get your party favors! Pink scalloped boxes, adorned with my monogrammed stickers {by Melissa Caligiuri} and stuffed with green shred and Lilly Pulitzer 'Wink' cologne samples...wrapped in cello and tied with pink gingham ribbon!
Another pink tree on the sideboard!
The top of the tree is adorned with pink gingham ribbon and my monogram!
The ornaments and Lilly Pulitzer!

Pretty pink packages...
The Food:
I served Chicken Hash on Waffles and followed Lilly's advice..."Have easy options"--Eggo Waffles!
The recipe for the Chicken Hash is on page 133 of the "Holidays" book by Lilly Pulitzer.
I also served a Pomegranate and Pineapple Salad...recipe on page 173 of the "Holidays" book!
Thank you for visiting with me today...I'll be back on Saturday to wish y'all a Merry Christmas!!!!