Friday, July 8, 2011

Rain or Shine!

Some days it's used as an umbrella to keep you dry when it's raining...other days it may be used as a parasol for protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation. Take a look at the newest addition to my "Umbrella Collection"! This one is the 'Checking In' pattern by Lilly. One of my sweet readers, Miss Kathleen, sent this darling umbrella to me recently. It arrived just in time to cheer me up after a not-so happy day...the anniversary of my Daddy's death. Bless her heart, I don't think she knew how much her act of kindness would brighten my day when she sent it to me!

We are in the rainy season here in rains everyday y'all! It starts out sunny...then comes the rain. So when I headed out yesterday for lunch and shopping I made sure to carry along this darling accessory! Not only do umbrellas keep you dry when it's raining, but they are also a fashion statement. So, keeping it cute, I simply MUST coordinate my umbrella with my outfits!

"HERE'S WHAT I WORE" I've had these turquoise capris for a LONG time...think I bought them somewhere in Palm Springs. They have a cute ric-rac trim along the hemline, which I love! The white blouse is from Coldwater Creek, and the white mules are by Lilly. I carried my Queen Bea Studio basket tote with a turquoise ribbon bow. My ponytail was adorned with a white grosgrain ribbon bow and I wore a Lilly-fied fabric corsage.

Thank you again Miss Kathleen for being so sweet and remembering me!

Rain or Shine...keep it cute y'all!!! Stay tuned for more from my ever-growing umbrella collection!


Kara said...

My oh My! Another obsession. Well, i must say my new obsession is Tote Bags...quilted, linen, tarp, water-resistance, canvase, monogramed, (of course) pastel (of course)with big handles or small....LoVe, LoVe them....use umbrellas ALL my life one way or another. ~♥~
Miss Kara

hEl said...

What a kind gesture! My heart goes out to you on such a sad anniversary, and you are in my thoughts! I'm a first time commenter but I have been reading your blog for quite some time, and never cease to make me smile. You are a wonderful, sweet person, and a true lady in every sense of the word! And I absolutely love that umbrella...that photo is a candidate for your old Lilly Photo of the Week! (I wish you would bring that back!)

Amy said...

I love your umbrella - it's adorable!

highheeledlife said...

What a thoughtful friend. You look absolutely great! love your hand bag... xo HHL

Leigh Powell Hines said...

So nice! It's raining a lot here in NC, too.

Socially Savvy said...

Dear Miss Janice - wish I had your preppy new umbrella here in Colorado - it is raining (beautiful rain) every afternoon - right on time.
I must say - you have the wonderful readers that adore you.
Love and hugs to you during this sensitive time.

Simply Sara said...

I love that umbrella!! I have a tray in that pattern!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

A difficult time indeed, as that anniversary is next week for me. One year I have been missin' that sweet man. He passed on OUR wedding anniversary. Hubby said, "Daddy knew that I would take care of you from now on." I will believe that forever!

You Miss Janice do seem to have a certain connection and influence on your readers. Just yesterday as I got ready to do some errands and shopping my hubby said, "Now don't you look as cute as Miss Janice!" He even knows how much I adore your style and blog.

Love the basket purse, cute as a button!

Mrs. Kindergarten

midnight macaroons said...

LOL...Only Miss Janice would have a Lilly P sun umbrella. You're too cute.

Teresa Jane said...

Miss Janice,
I didn't realize it was the anniversary of your daddy's death. I'll never forget two things about him. One is what little Stoney said to him at the wedding and two, what he said to the two of us back at the Masters in the 80's. He was so funny.

Bobbi Jo Nichols said...

Love it. So pretty and you look great holding it. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Unknown said...

Aren't you just the most precious thing? I always love reading your blog because you share examples of how to always be kind even in the simplest ways, and what a difference it makes in peoples lives. I'm so glad you received a little kindness back, just when you needed it! Hope you have a fantastic day.