Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vintage Gucci

I promised to show y'all some of my prized vintage Gucci loot...left over from my "Miss Gucci" days of the 80's! Those of you who have known me since way back then will certainly remember my obsession with all things Gucci! Well, gone are all my Gucci pocketbooks, bit loafers, tennis shoes, sweatshirts, sweaters, et cetera. Here are some photos of the Gucci accessories that have stood the test of time in my life...

A Gucci serving tray...with husband's "Signature Beverage" Jack & Coke, served in Waterford 'Alaina' highball glasses.
My husband keeps this tray in the "Romper Room" and uses it to serve beverages to his guests.
These are vintage Gucci cocktail stirrers...
The cocktail stirrers...opened up.
These are part of a set of taller Gucci highball glasses...
A Gucci blackjack shoe! I remember the day 30 years ago...standing in the Bal Harbor, Florida Gucci store, when I saw this. I believe I squealed out loud. Of course, husband just loves this piece!
Over 30 years old...with a leather cover and the Gucci logo.
And, of course...Gucci playing cards.
This is probably my prized Gucci possesion---a Gucci beach towel. My maid-of-honor and good friend Kim's Mama spotted this towel in the Chicago Gucci store. Knowing that I would want it, she paid hundreds of dollars for it, and then asked her daughter "I know Janice wants this towel, but do you think she'll mind the price?" Uh...of course not! I still have it Mrs. Voller!!!
A gucci bill/stationery holder.
I bought tons of these Gucci letter sheets and envelopes...This has always been my "signature stationery."
This Gucci address book has stood the test of time for sure. It contains the contact information of friends, family, and business associates spanning 30+ years. Some have passed away, some we have lost touch with, and others are still close to us. Thank goodness I made the decision many years ago to make entries with a pencil!
Gucci eyeglass case...a classic!
Gucci business card holder. I seriously must look for another one of these as this one is starting to show wear!
Pretty little Gucci ashtray.
A Gucci link very 80's!
So see y'all, I have other fashion obsessions and collections. What about you? What collection do you have that you cherish?


Kyndall's Kitchen said...

Ah! Miss Janice! This is a fabulous post!!

Tammy B said...

I have a Gucci purse and a Gucci wallet from back in the 80's. I think I may get the purse out and start carrying it again. I also own a LV Speedy that I got in the late 80's. I clean it every few months, but never carry it. I'm afraid that someone may think it is fake or that I bought it last week on Ebay.

annie said...

I enjoyed this.
The tray is wonderful. Do you enjoy blackjack?
My Daddy taught me to play when I was 11! We'd sat in the kitchen at the summer house and he taught me to play.
You brought back some nice memories.

linda said...

Love your Gucci collection! I'm a Chanel collector- bags/outfits/ballerinas/belts....

My first bsho frise was named Coco!

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

What a fantastic collection of Gucci treasures!! I am in LOVE with the serving tray and blackjack shoe! :) xoxo

Ruth Ann said...

Guess I'm a bit different. I have a desire, but little need for fancy clothes - just when we're cruising. I do have a passion for really nice jewelry. My thing is camels. This started many years on a trip to Casablanca. There are over 1000 scattered around the house - lots on my clothing, too. I just pretend they live in the desert sands, because there is no time to dust them all! :o)

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Ahhhh, brings back many lovely memories! Love the tray! My hubs would like that one!!

Kara said...

Seriously, 'Alaina' Waterford crystal??? Me Too!!!! Love it...
Found the most Darlin' 'Lilly' cup for it..."Ultimate Gifts" Southaven, MS....go car wash!
LoVe Ya Bunches!
Miss Kara

Maddie B said...

A lovely post! It surely brightened my day. As you may know, the bomb and shootings in Norway have killed over 80 people. It all happened in one evening. Some of my friends are still missing on the island, and we are unable to get in touch with them.

I have nothing else to do than staying put by the computer, waiting for news, and am so glad that I can visit your blog to get my mind of the terrible incident.

God bless you, Janice!

Teresa Jane said...

ah, Miss Janice knows her BFF has some of this vintage gucci. Long gone though (who knows where) are my gucci tennis shoes we bought that day at Bal Harbour. Remember that? Ahhhh those were the good ole gucci days.