Friday, September 16, 2022

King Charles III and Queen Camilla in Wales



Completing their tour of the UK, King Charles and Queen Camilla visited Wales today. 

Llandaff Cathedral

They attended a prayer service for the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II, at the Llandaff Cathedral, constructed in the 12th century. This is on my list of places to visit!

They also visited Senedd—the Welsh Parliament, to receive condolences from the members. During their tour, they were serenaded with the gentle, angelic musical sounds by The King’s Royal Harpist, Alis Huws. (The harp is an important National musical instrument in Wales and the classical, music-loving King promotes raising the profile of the instrument). 

Alis Huws, Royal Harpist

Cardiff Castle

The King and his Queen Consort also attended a reception at Cardiff Castle to visit with members of Royal patronages and faith communities.

Watching the BBC continuously and sipping a LOT of tea, I’m experiencing a range of emotions this week…in awe of the pageantry for the events leading up to the State funeral, tearful at all the tributes and remembrances to the late Queen, and reserved excitement over the new King and Queen consort. 


Donna said...

Most of the world is fascinated by the new king and queen. It's a pleasant change from everyday news even though we have lost a gracious lady.

Unknown said...

Bless the King and Queen consort as they make official visits while grieving the loss of the late Queen Elizabeth.
p.s. I still can't believe she's gone.