Monday, June 23, 2014

Dinner Party Etiquette

What Not To Say At A Dinner Party

Unless you are gathered at the table with very close family and friends, there are taboo subjects that should be avoided while dining:

Bragging on and on about your perfect children...No. No. No.

Asking the hostess "Did you make this cake/pie?"...This is a pet peeve of mine.

Asking the host/hostess how much they paid for something...This is just tacky.

Asking for seconds...Lord have mercy, no!

Telling off-color jokes...Definitely taboo!

Talking about your health issues...Don't!

Arguments over religion or politics...This is a real no-no!

Make pleasant conversation and try to keep it positive.


Gramspearls said...

This advice pretty much applies to everything! Even blogging. That's why your's is so popular, always pretty and positive.

You know I love your blog more than my luggage....


Miss Janice said...

I agree and thank you hoe your kind words!

Donna said...

These rules would apply to many situations, not just dining. I was with a family group dining at a very nice restaurant and one fellow took about six biscuits from the basket, proceeded to split and butter all of them and line them up around his plate. Ugh, I was appalled. Today's world definitely could use more manners and civility. Thanks, Miss Janice, for all your lovely posts!