Friday, June 13, 2014

Peach Juleps

It's happy hour and I decided to prepare refreshing Peach Julep cocktails using some of the ripe peaches I got in Georgia.  Okay, honestly, I used the peaches as a garnish for Martha Stewart's recipe.

Martha Stewart's Peach Juleps:
1/3 cup fresh mint leaves, plus sprigs for garnish
2 teaspoons sugar
1 1/2 cups store-bought peach juice
1 can (12 ounces) club soda
1/2 cup bourbon
Crushed ice, for serving
Georgia peaches

In a medium bowl or pitcher, combine mint and sugar.  With a wooden spoon, mash leaves until bruised. Stir in peach juice, club soda, and bourbon.  Serve over crushed ice, garnish with mint, and add a mint julep straw/spoon.  Of course, I added a Georgia peach wedge.  Serves 6

If you have never used a mint julep straw/spoon, there is etiquette to be followed:
It is considered proper to drink mint juleps with a sterling mint julep straw/spoon.  Simply use the spoon to stir the julep and sip your beverage through the tiny hole at the end.  This is one of the very few times a lady should use a straw to drink a beverage.  It is also acceptable to use a straw when you are drinking a coke out of a can or when you've "taken ill and are in the bed."

A sterling mint julep straw/spoon...stir with one end and sip from the other...Could you possibly get more Southern?


Gramspearls said...

Miss Janice,
These sound wonderful. I just read about the Peach Truck and now we can order REAL Georgia peaches way up here. My friend just gave me some fresh mint from her garden, so I'm all set.

Warmly, Kathleen

Unknown said...

I'm ready for our NC peaches! Just a few more weeks.

linda said...

Such a Pinterest worthy picture of cocktails! Gorgeous, Miss Janice!
-Linda, NY