Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sitting Gracefully

I've been watching the preliminaries of the Miss Georgia and Miss Florida pageants this week.  This photo of the Miss Outstanding Teens of Florida came up on my Facebook feed this afternoon and I wanted to share it with y'all.  These ladies are all so perfectly poised and sitting so properly.

Your posture and the way you carry yourself is important and is as much a part of your image as your wardrobe. If you slump, it gives others the impression that you are lazy.

Standing gracefully:
~Stand with your feet slightly apart.
~Hold your head straight, with your chin parallel to the floor.
~Balance your body's weight evenly over both feet.
~Hold your shoulders up, back and relaxed.
~Keep your stomach pulled in and your bottom tucked under.
~Let your arms fall freely at your side.
Walking gracefully
I learned to walk with a book on my head...Head up, shoulders back, bottom under, stomach in...and glide y'all...
Sitting Gracefully
Sit straight down on a chair, remembering to sit up straight and lean slightly forward on the chair. Cross your legs at your ankles and move your legs to the side. {If you move your legs to the right side, then the left leg should be tucked under the right leg} Keep your knees together as if you were holding a pill between them!

Place your left hand, palm down, just above your knee and place your right hand on top of your left hand.


Beaufort Belle said...

When my daughter was in cotillion, they used the term "sitting pretty" for the girls. The young ladies in the picture look wonderful. So full of grace and poise.

Miss Janice said...

"Sitting Pretty" is perfect!