Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Salveson and Sangalli 2012 Christmas House

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?  My Christmas cards have been sent, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find the perfect gifts for those on my list, and still trying to bake and clean the house!  Lord have mercy.  It's easy to get caught up in the rush during the Christmas season and forget what it's all about.

Last night I had the pleasure of touring a home which was totally, and I mean totally decked out for Christmas.  This is a photo of the front yard.

This is the home where J.M. Sangalli and J.W. Salveson live.  For the 10th year, they are hosting a Christmas House, full of 51 decorated Christmas trees, numerous Christmas displays, and 35,000 Christmas lights!  There is no admission fee, but each guest is asked to bring a toy.  This Toy Drive is held to benefit WZZR's Love Doctor's Children Charities...they have been distributing toys to children of the Treasure Coast at Christmastime for 18 years.

I arrived with a Christmas toy and a treat for the hosts...a Red Velvet Chocolate cake loaf!

My assistant Pepi decided that if I was gonna tour a home with 50+ Christmas trees, I should dress for the occasion...Pepi's pick for my OOTN--a Christmas sweater, candy cane motif socks, and jingle bells on my ears!

Immediately when you walk inside the home, you are greeted by Christmas decorations and festive lights everywhere!  Lord have mercy, I'd hate to have their Florida Power bill!  J.W. was the tour guide and told the story behind every themed tree!  I just loved meeting him...I loved the way he kept talking to the children about the reason for the season!!!

Not one single detail was left undone...the dining table was set with beautiful Lenox china in the 'Holiday' pattern.  LOVED the tablescape!

There was a huge display of the Christmas Coca-Cola village.

A beautiful tree by the village...

Fabulous collection of vintage Christmas cards...

Another beautiful tree in the dining...I believe there 5 large trees in the dining room alone.

This "Campbell's Soup Tree" was one of my faves...

I iPhone photos are not that clear...This is a display of Christmas dinnerware and Snowbabies...

Lord have mercy, the Christmas tree-motif comforter and shams have lights sewn inside...Have you ever?!

This is an angel tree in the bedroom...

Another fabulous tree in the bedroom...again, I think I counted 5-6 large trees in the bedroom.  I was just giddy by this point of the tour!

Shame on me--my camera let me down on this shot!  This was my very favorite tree in the whole house.  I believe it was the "main tree."  Gigantic.  Huge.  Darling.  It is their "Disney Tree."  This tree is adorned {loaded} with Disney ornaments they have collected since 1971!  It's just beyond fabulous!

The Disney tree has a mechanical "Mickeys Ski Slope"...the little skiers go up and come back down.  Stop.  I cannot stand the cuteness!  ATTN:  Jeff Puklavetz...if you are reading this, trust me, you would have died!!!!

By this time...I'm starting to think about my own Christmas trees.  When I lived in Palm Springs, I had 20+ trees.  Loved decorating them, but after Christmas, I would just about have a physical breakdown taking them down.  I cannot imagine how these guys do this.  They told me they start decorating on LABOR DAY!  I love that.  {And my husband thinks I'm crazy}.

Anywho...this is another fabulous tree...completely decked out in RADKO ornaments.  I die!  Christopher Radko sent them the 2013 ornament, which is not even out yet.  And, how do you like this...Christopher Radko himself will be visiting the house this Friday night!  Lawd me.

Darling blue upside down tree!  These guys have got some Christmas spirit y'all.

This is a fabulous showcase's a white Christmas tree decorated with large black and white plume feathers.  Gorgeous!  Love the idea!

Not an inch left undone...Christmas trees on top of the frig!

This is a grouping of a large black tree with hot pink lights and hot pink trees on both sides...

Lit Svedka bottles flank the bottom of the cute!!!

The back covered patio facing the pool was not part of the tour, but I took these photos anyway!  I imagine J.W. and J.M. kick their feet up and sip some martinis after the tour is finished each night.

I had such a fun time and must say that I was really in the Christmas spirit when I left...I stopped by to take one last look at the yard decos.  This is the reason for the season my friends!

J.W. and J.M. are a blessing to the community for all they do to make this Christmas House happen.  For all my friends in the Treasure Coast area...You must go and visit the home!  The 2012 Christmas house, located at 273 SW Starflower Avenue, is open for tours tonight, Dec the 5th from 6-10 p.m., Thursday, Dec the 6th from 6-10 p.m., and Friday, Dec the 7th from 6-10 p.m.  The house will be closed during rain.


Merry Wife said...

"Have you ever?"

I can confidently say no. Never.

That is some impressive decorating.

Laura Dziewit said...

Absolutely Beautiful! You had me at the Radko tree!

Rose said...

I love it, thanks for sharing. I'm in Orlando this week have seen some amazing Christmas displays. The nativity is still my favorite. And yes, it still feels like Christmas if you have palm trees!!