Sunday, September 26, 2010


I hope y'all are enjoying the weather this weekend...getting out and doing all the fun things of Fall! Please be gracious and join me in congratulating Mimi at My Green Acre. Mimi is the winner of my "Mini Giveaway to Celebrate Autumn." She has a beautiful blog and you simply must stop in and check it out right here! Take a look at her blog header...being a Southern girl raised in Georgia, I LOVE IT! Mimi, please contact me at: Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com, so that I can get the little apron out to you.

Last night I cooked dinner for 7 people...Lord have mercy, I'm tired today! It was a very casual dinner for close friends with 3 children. Here's the table set for the adults...

Age-appropriate table setting for the children...
Quick and easy hors d'oeuvres for the children...

Appetizer for the adults--Taste of Gourmet Special Salsa Dip*

This Special Salsa Dip is made with Taste of Gourmet's Suddendly Salsa Mix and the recipe is a favorite of Taste of Gourmet Customer, Tricia Perkins, of Alabama.

*Special Salsa Dip:
8 oz. less fat cream cheese
1 cup prepared Taste of Gourmet Suddenly Salsa
6 oz. shredded mild cheddar cheese

Spread the cream cheese on the bottom of a baking pan or glass dish. Top with salsa and sprinkle with cheese. Dip can be cooked at 300 degrees for 10 minutes or microwaved for about 1 1/2 minutes. Serve with tortilla chips.
You can purchase the Suddenly Salsa Mix from me by visiting my Taste of Gourmet site here. The box contains 2 mixes and is $7.95...just in time for tailgating and Autumn social events, and great to take as hostess gifts.
Tie a bow around the container...instant hostess gift or party favors!
This morning I crawled out of bed and made it to Church! YAY! I stopped in to browse a Craft Fair in downtown Stuart, which wasn't a big hit with me. Then it was off to lunch at Panera Bread.

"HERE'S WHAT I WORE." The shift is the 'Stephanie Engineered Raindrop Blue' pattern by Lilly. The navy cardigan is from J. Crew. This is another great 'transitional dress' that looks real cute sleeveless, with a cardigan throw sweater, or with a navy or ivory turtleneck sweater and tights.
I wore these navy leather 'Revas' by Tory Burch and carried my navy leather pocketbook by Ferragamo. I wore a pearl choker neckace, large pearl earrings, my rollring wedding band by Cartier, along with my green 'Chameleon' watch by Rolex. My ponytail was adorned with a navy grosgrain ribbon bow and my fragrance of choice was 'Ferragamo' by Ferragamo.

Now, I must go and try to nap...I'm off to the gym later. Please be sure to check back tomorrow--I'm hosting another giveaway!

Thank you for stopping by today.


Kittie Howard said...

You look lovely, Miss Janice, as always. And your table is purrrfect! We had a crafts fair in our village. Not as many people this year, er, duh, better crafts would help.

Anonymous said...

Miss Janice, no joke, I am wearing the same dress and and same Revas right now! We are fashion soulmates!

highheeledlife said...

Congrtas to the Winner ..

You look lovely and what a fantastic presentation for adults and adults under construction... HHL

The Tuscan Home said...

You look GORGEOUS, as always! =)

I stopped by to give you an award, so please visit my site! Your blog is amazing and I love your style. I have learned a lot from you. =)


P.S. I know you are super busy, so please don't feel pressured to participate. =)

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

How wonderful for Mimi!

Your dinner party looks adorable.
I am lovin' those "harvest mix" muffin liners for the kiddos!
We always sort and graph harvest mix in my kindergarten class. It is a true sign of Autumn.

Mrs. Kindergarten

Mimi said...

My goodness, thank you, Miss Janice; this is my first-ever "blogging-give-away" prize (well, almost the only thing I've ever won, period)!! Little Miss Emily & her mama are going to be so excited ~ I'm planning the best little "baking" party with my family-secret-recipe cookies for Emily to make for her precious daddy. Hope everyone reading this will join us as we pray for his safety, as well as for all those serving our country. I emailed you and thanks again so much.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What wonderful autumn tables you've set. Those little goodie bags with the bats were so cute it would make me want to sit at the kids table! Everything looks perfectly "Miss Janice".

Unknown said...

I'm planning on monogramming one of the pumpkins I bought last year.

Gert said...

Miss lovely...I wish I were your friend..ha Everything looked just so amazing including you and your outfit!!

xoxo Gert

kay said...

Beautiful table for the adults and just adorable one for the children! That dip looks yummy!

James said...

You set such interesting tables,thank you for sharing and inspiring.

nomo wino daph said...

Ahhhhh I just want to be your adopted blog child! I want to come have dinner with you......
I hope your Monday is Blessed pretty lady!!

living with grace said...

Miss Janice,

I am a regular follower of your blog and just told my sister that she absolutely must visit Etiquette with Miss Janice. We are midwesterners with strong Southern sympathies. Thank you for promoting a more gracious way of life

Nanette said...

Hi Miss Janice,
The table setting is just lovely and I am sure the children were just delighted with their table. I really like the colors on your outfit, very pretty.

Melissa Miller said...

It looks very beautiful and festive Miss Janice. Happy Autumn to you!

Blessings, ~Melissa :)