Sunday, September 12, 2010


I just finished reading the new book True Prep, the sequel to The Official Preppy Handbook. I'm not going to review the book here, since I'm sure hundreds of other bloggers will be doing that for y'all.

I did enjoy reading the list of forty-one Fashion Rules on pages 81 & 82...all of which I follow, except --"bags & shoes need not match"...oh my, I always try to match my pocketbook & shoes!

Preppy Dressers:
~Love to wear sportswear; however, we know that sweat suits are for sweating.
~Never let our underwear show...that would be tacky!
~Take care of our clothes...they need to last for years and years!
~Don't sport nose rings or have belly-button piercings...duh.
~Would never dream of having a tongue stud...please!
~Never caught on to the ankle bracelet mania...ankle bracelets--a sure sign of unpreppiness!
~Don't wear cell phones suspended from our CK Bradley belts.
~We dress our age, et cetera!

But what is the most important clothing article that preppies must have???

Fashion Rule #5:
~Every single one of us--no matter the age or the gender or sexual preference--owns a blue blazer!

I consider the blue blazer to be an investment...a jacket I can wear for many years. It looks great whether it's paired with a classic skirt, khakis, or jeans. I have invested in two navy blue blazers and both of mine are double-breasted.

I purchased this blazer many years ago at Trimmingham's in Bermuda. It has gold buttons engraved with my monogram and is made of a double-knit fabric. I love this blazer!

The engraved buttons...
Here I am--wearing the blue blazer in this photo taken about 3 years ago in Memphis, Tennessee...meeting Paul Burrell, Royal Butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, at an afternoon tea program. Mr. Burrell is ridiculously handsome y'all!

This weekend I wore my other double-breasted navy blue blazer...a great transitional piece to my wardrobe. This worsted wool blazer is by Austin Reed, as is the pink silk blouse and the ivory skirt. (Ivory/cream fabrics are perfectly acceptable to wear after Labor Day!) I have numerous pieces of Austin Reed and they are also great investments to wear all year long. My pocketbook and shoes do match and they are by Ferragamo!

If you like to dress in the preppy style or just want to live a preppy lifestyle, you might enjoy this new book True Prep, by Lisa Birnbach. I totally love the Stubbs & Woottons on the front cover!
Thank you for visiting with me today.


Sherrie said...

I just found out that I won that book in a giveaway and cannot wait to read it! :)

Tammy B said...

I'm in the process of reading it. I have several navy blazers, but would like to have a new one. I should have got an Austin Reed blazer when I was in Williamsburg. FYI, if you like Austin Reed, Scotland House, Ltd. in Williamsburg has their Austin Reed on sale. They told me that it is not being made any more. They had a small variety of sizes. When what they have is gone, that is it. I bought a navy skirt and a black skirt. I wish that they had a red skirt, but they didn't.

Kappa in the Commonwealth said...

Of course anything in navy warms my heart but I do indeed own two navy blazers (and two pairs of matching navy pumps).

Miss.Janice, I absolutely adore your new fall-scape banner!

Cecilia said...

Hi Janice!
I truly enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

VA Gal said...

I haven't read True Prep yet, but I think I'm going to like it. I only have a couple of Austin Reed pieces, but they are wonderfully well made. They have such classic designs and I am very sad they're not being made anymore.

bevy said...

So glad to know all of Sumter and Jackson's friends follow the rules of a navy blue blazer!

the pink prep said...

oh i just LOVE it, Miss Janice!
I abide by ALL the rules! I cannot wait to go to the book signing in boston!!and your austin reed suit separates....i just finished writing about austin reed~clothier to the royal family in england! what classic and exquisite tailoring! (i'm a fashion writer)

LPC said...

That's a great navy blazer. Mine is Armani, with a little peplum and I love it....

Whosyergurl said...

Oh, Miss Janice, you are too, too PRESH!
I lived by the original preppy handbook back in the day. I have some very adorable pics of myself as a young preppy mommy! to find myself a navy blazer.
I did just recenly purchase a new khaki blazer from JJill.
Hugs, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

I'm in the midst of reading True Prep! And there is NO true-er prep than Miss Janice. You're an inspiration to all of us with your polished outfits and classic style :) xoxo

North of 25A said...

I look forward to reading "True Prep" since read the original back in the day. I was so proud of my middle child yesterday; she was ready to go for lunch with a terrific Brooks Bros. blazer that she snapped up from the boys dept. on sale.

Jessica Ryan said...

I love Trimminghams! XOXO

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

You look so pretty in your prep attire, Miss Janice. I wore my navy blazer with cream today as well. But I didn't have your pretty pop of color with your blouse. I need to read the "True Prep" -- should be fun after living through the "orginal years".

Anonymous said...

I need to get book from Amazon. I was hoping that a gift set of "True Prep" and "The Official Preppy Handbook" would be offered as I do not own the original. I agree with these rules as well. My Aunt Virginia Lynn, whom until fashion school, was the most put together fashion icon that I personally knew, and she always matched her handbag and shoes. Lately though, she has been relaxed in that area. I suppose it's not as important to most. I appreciate you posting this!

From the Kitchen said...

Good morning Miss Janice. I've just been catching up on your posts. I'm now wondering if you could possibly be the reincarnation of my mother! This possibility was especially relevant on your previous post regarding what to not wear after Labor Day. If you think you are possibly her reincarnation, let me know and I'll add you to my Christmas list!! Smiles!


Beth Dunn said...

Seriously happy to hear that the blue blazer is the key! I didn't even know ankle bracelets were ever a craze

Preppy Southern Belle said...

Miss Janice,

You are too cute; always matching beautifully. And I always love seeing your new header pictures; and this one is just a beautiful as the last!

Anonymous said...

My copy of True Prep is on it's way to my home as we speak- can't wait to read it!

Unknown said...

Love the new book. The original Preppy Handbook was such a revelation. Brought the lifestyle to so many people. I think in a time of sexting and saggy pants the world needs a little more True Prep! Lots of sites out there as good resources. Right now I love Awesome writeups on all the best stuff.

Beeutiful by Design said...

I still have my copy of the original preppy handbook from high school! I saw the author on the Today show last week and it brought back a lot of memories. Jennifer

midnight macaroons said...

I just read the "True Prep-Fashion Rules" literally this afternoon at my dentist office. I agree, I always try to match my shoes and handbags. I was laughing at the belly-button piercings and tongue stud remark. This sparked a very interesting conversation with a older gent in the lobby. He was curious what I was reading and we had ourselves a good laugh at the inappropriate attire we see these days. Then a young gal walked into the lobby with a eyebrow peircing and sat across from us. We both looked at each other and began to giggle.

Joan said...

I must be more preppy than I thought!

annie said...

I too am far more preppy than I ever knew!
Have a lovely day Miss Janice.

Karena said...

I am very excited to read it, I do have two blue blazers, a Ralph Lauren and a Donna Karan. I don't think that shoes and bag always have to match, coordinate yes.

I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer and I think you will love it!

Art by Karena

M. L. said...

Miss Janice,

You are just darling. Of course you match purse and shoes. You are a polished lady.

This is why I read your blog, to help me remember what my dear (Southern) Grandmother wanted me to learn. Alas, back in those days I thought I knew everything.

Navy blazer - I'm putting that on my list right away.

No more sweat suits, around here that's almost all you see on the moms (but is anyone doing much actual excersize).

Keep these great posts coming Miss Janice. (Personally, I need the help catching up to your gracious Southern standards).