Thursday, February 22, 2018

How I Style My Vests

Since the temps have been in the 70’s here in Georgia, it appears the vest season might be winding down for me.  I thought I would share how I have styled my vests, just in case it’s still vest season where you live.
When I purchased this ‘Cheeky Melon’ Lilly Pulitzer vest, I thought I might not get much wear out of it.  As it turned out, I love the way it coordinates with some of the Lilly prints I own.  I styled it with the ‘Dripping in Jewels’ Elsa blouse (duh, when I realized the vest is lined in this exact print).

It also goes well with the ‘Gimme Some Leg’ Lilly print, as shown with this Beacon dress and below,

with the ‘Gimme Some Leg’ Elsa blouse and navy slacks.

I’m forever searching for the perfect pink vest and although this ‘Tropical Pink’ Blake Lilly vest doesn’t coordinate with a lot of my Lilly, it does match the ‘Peel & Eat’ Linden dress.

This off white vest is one of my staples that I purchased at Belk for about $10.  The monogram makes it cute!

My only camo accessory is the monogrammed cap and I think it looks cute with this Gap vest and pink Hunters.

I love the color of this ‘Iris Blue’ Blake Lilly vest.  The lining is the same print as the ‘Lilly’s Lagoon’ Marlowe dress.

I love this yellow Lilly vest paired with the aqua.  The lining print is just adorable—wish it were reversible.

I have so many Lilly pieces that pair well with this ‘Breakwater Blue’ Lilly Isabelle vest.  In this photo I paired it with the ‘Going Coastal’ Lilly Marlowe dress and blue Hunter boots.  And...

in this photo, I paired it with the ‘Crystal Coast’ Lilly popover.

I love this Land’s End pale pink vest paired with a brown turtleneck and pale pink Hunters.  I carried my Neo Noe Rose Poudre Louis Vuitton bag...obsessed with the Rose Poudre!

This navy blue ‘Excursion vest’ from J Crew goes great with hot pink.  Love this with the hot pink Hunters.

I love this ‘Va Voom’ Lilly vest with the ‘Lulu’ lining, paired with green gingham and the violet Hunters.

I also love that Lilly is coming out with more purple/lavender prints and the ‘Havin A Blast’ Marlowe dress looks cute with the ‘Va Voom’ Lilly vest.

I purchased this navy blue stripe vest at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago and love it with the ‘Gloria Cotton Grass Green’ Lilly crewneck sweater.

I think it also looks cute layered with a v-neck cableknit and a tartan blouse.

This ‘In the Beginning’ Lilly vest is one of my favorites.  The print is so bright and cheerful and I’m STILL forever searching for the ‘Worth’ jeans in this print.  I love it with the pink gingham, because gingham goes with everything!

‘Spike the Punch’ is another one of my favorite Lilly prints and again I mixed the printed vest with pink gingham.

I wore this Ralph Lauren tartan vest during the holidays.  I’ve had this one for years and still love it.

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Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing all of the ideas. I adore all of them. I am definitely going to have to purchase a pair of high boots next year for winter IF the slim leg pants stay in style. I just don't like the look on a 57 year old 5'2" person. I am going to go with more dresses and a vest look with the boots:)

Alison said...

Two two of my favourite labels, Lands End and Ralph Lauren! I love how you make such a simple thing as a vest into a whole new look.