Monday, March 16, 2015

Royals Coming to America

The Royals are coming y'all!

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla are coming to America!  On March 17th, they will arrive and spend three days undertaking a broad range of engagements in Washington, D.C. and Louisville, KY.  

Just in case you run into them, you must make sure that you follow proper Royal Etiquette.

Do you curtsy, bow, salute, or shake hands?  Unless you are British, you don't curtsy or bow to British Royalty.  Wait until they speak to you before you speak.  Don't shake hands until the royal hand is offered to you.  

When meeting the Prince, it's a gracious gesture to give a bow from the head.  Address the Prince as "Your Royal Highness," then "Sir."

When meeting the Duchess you might do a little bob, just to show respect.  Address the Duchess as "Your Royal Highness," then "Ma'am."

If you are British, you curtsy to the Duchess...Put your right foot behind your left foot and briefly lower yourself several inches while bending at the knees with one foot forward.  Be sure to keep your upper body straight.

Sarah Brown, wife of the former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, gracefully curtsies to the Duchess of Cornwall.

Hugging or kissing a member of the Royal Family is definitely a Royal Etiquette faux pas!


Laura said...

I'm so excited! Although Charles and Camilla do not rank as my favorite royals. Also, I recorded The Royals last night on E! Thanks for the heads up about that one, too, Miss J! Happy Monday!

Lisa Bolling said...

I am always excited when the royals visit America. Oh, how I would love to meet one of them someday. Sigh!
Thank you, Miss Janice for letting us know.
Have a blessed day!

Robyn Proctor said...

So exciting! Thanks for the crash course in royal etiquette. Now if only I could put it to good use!

Lady Caroline said...

Michelle Obama would have been wise to remember about not hugging a Royal, especially HM The Queen.

Elle said...

Actually, as an American you don't do any of this. Regular rules apply, unless you are being presented at court to the Queen (and that's when you do the head bob).

While modern 'experts' are saying to do this, it is no different them being introduced to Mrs. Smith from Anywhere, USA in a formal setting.

Not like it's come up in my life, but this was taught in cotillion.

Miss Janice said...

I like the show. The cousins are hilarious!

Miss Janice said...

Lisa, I would also like to see them in person!

Miss Janice said...

Robyn, You never know!

Miss Janice said...

Caroline, some say that was ok...,

Miss Janice said...

Respectful still.

Lexilooo said...

I was at Mount Vernon, George Washington's home in Virginia, as they were leaving! Camilla was in the gift shop, and there was a small crowd outside waiting, and I saw her leave! She was taller than I thought, and wearing a cream suit, and smiled at the crowd as she walked towards her car. Charles wasn't with her, I think they left separately. She isn't my favorite, but it was still exciting to see her!

Miss Janice said...

How exciting Lexilooo!