Sunday, February 1, 2015

Social Graces Sunday

Getting In and Out of a Car With Poise

The Queen of England and the Duchess of Cambridge have both been schooled in Royal Etiquette and part of that study is surely to know how to get in and out of a car with poise.

You don't have to be a Royal to know how to do it like a Royal.

Getting Into a Car:
Stand close to the car, facing forward.  Always enter with your bottom side first and swivel both legs in (knees together, please) at the same time.

Getting Out of a Car:
Before you open the car door, pull yourself together and make sure you pull your skirt down.  Swing both of your legs towards the exit of the car.  Open the car door as far as you can.  Place the foot nearest to the door on the ground while keeping your knees together.  Place the other foot on the ground.  Do this in one quick move.  Keep your head up and lift yourself from the sitting position to the standing position.  If you are wearing a mini skirt, hopefully you will have a scarf or a purse to drape over your lap as you exit.

Just remember to keep your knees together!


Alison said...

Love it! This and sitting with legs crossed at the ankles, rather than the knees.


Donna said...

Too bad some of the celebrities have never been taught this. :)

A Southern Preppy said...

Is this an older picture? It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge has been ordered to lower the hems of her dresses, which must certainly help her look more elegant entering and exiting a car.

I'm going to keep this information for my daughters. I try to think of everything to teach them, but there is always something more. And, as Ali said above, cross your legs at the ankle! If you don't feel like your inner thigh muscles have had a workout, then you aren't doing it properly.

I read Ali's blog and this blog, and you both might be interested in The Smithsonian Channel's Million Dollar American Princess program. It's a short series on the wealthy American women who took their new money to prop up the British aristocracy and married for a title and status. It's very interesting.

Unknown said...

Great post! Always keep the knees together!

Metro Magnolia

Miss Janice said...

Yes, that's the proper way to sit.

Miss Janice said...

Donna, there aren't many "Princess Grace starlets" in Hollywood today.

Miss Janice said...

Yes it's an older picture. Hmmm, Million Dollar America Princess,

Miss Janice said...

Yes ma'am'