Monday, February 16, 2015

Monogram Monday

I'm pretty much living in puffer vests during all the cold weather here in Middle Georgia.  Today I wore a navy blue and pink outfit...with monogrammed boots and monogrammed gloves.

The purse is Kate Spade, the boots are by Hunter Boots, and the tumbler is "Tusk in Sun" Lilly Pulitzer.

I have a bunch of these inexpensive gloves and love them monogrammed!  The sweater, blouse, vest, and necklace are all J Crew and the gloves...they are from Walmart!

Happy Presidents Day y'all!


Suzanne said...

I love the monogrammed gloves, they make the ensemble!

Unknown said...

You have fabulous, happy, taste! Love the pink and navy/black combo. What color pants/jeans are you wearing?

Unknown said...

You have such wonderfully, happy taste! Love the pink and navy/black combo. Are you wearing navy or black pants/jean?

Miss Janice said...

Thanks, the monogramming cost more than the gloves!?

Miss Janice said...

Thanks, I wore blue jeans.