Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gameday Outfits and Accessories

Gameday is huge in the South and dressing up for the tailgate or the big game is a tradition.  We are going down to Tallahassee for the the FSU game on Saturday and my husband told me that I should wear shorts and tennis shoes..."Because we have a lot of walking to do and it's going to be hot!"  I looked at him and said "Are you crazy?  Do you honestly think I would show up on Gameday wearing shorts and tennis shoes?  I think you have lost your ever loving mind."

Well, I'll probably burn up and my feet will kill me on Sunday, but I plan on wearing a dress with my Revas {my OOTD is at the end of this post}.  Fashion before comfort y'all!

Here are a few of my favorites for the season...

This "Party like it's Saturday, Dress Like It's Sunday" tee from Jadelynn Brooke is adorable to wear the morning of the game or relaxing at an after-the-game party.

Shop Memento has the matching koozie!  Need this, of course!

Party Like It's Saturday, Dress Like It's Sunday Koozie

Or you could wear this cute tee from Southern Doe.

Tailgates and Touchdowns...Traditions in the South.  A cute tee also available from Jadelynn Brooke!

The Laughing Giraffe on Etsy offers this style dress in several colors.  I think it's an adorable Gameday dress.

Lilly Bee has the cutest ballet flats available in many collegiate colors, with or without the bow shoe clips.  I need to get these!

Of course, Marley Lilly has all kinds of cute Gameday loot.  LOVE the monogrammed vest!

This cute monogrammed clutch from Twelve Saturdays is also on my list.

This is my Gameday OOTD for the Florida State vs Citadel game in Tallahassee from Twelve Saturdays.

I'll be wearing these uncomfortable flats all day...Lord help me!

Of course I have a monogrammed coordinating koozie from Monogram Art.

It's football season y'all.  Enjoy!


Lauren T said...

Love it! That outfit is too fun!

Tammy B said...

When I was in college at Auburn, ladies wore either a dress or skirt, blouse and blazer to the games. Men wore white shirt, blazer and tie. Back then there was no such thing as night games. It can get pretty hot on "The Plains" during the afternoon. Have fun at the game!

Donna said...

Love the outfit! I'm not sure people dress as nicely to attend a football game here in the Midwest. You are a class act, Miss Janice!

Miss Janice said...

Thanks so much!

Miss Janice said...

I didn't see too many people dressed up:(

Miss Janice said...

Thank you Donna!

Mona said...

I enjoyed this fun football fashion post!

Miss Janice said...

Merci Miss Mona.

Unknown said...

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