Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sweet Tea On The Go

I'm always traveling back and forth to Georgia and love to make sweet tea stops.  So who has my favorite sweet tea?

I confess that yes, I do go to McDonald's.  Nobody has french fries like their french fries!  And their sweet tea is delish!

The price for their sweet tea is $1.00, plus tax, refills allowed.

It's no secret that I love Cracker Barrel and nothing goes better with their Southern style vegetables than sweet tea.

 At $2.19, plus tax, this sweet tea is the real deal.  Refills are poured and I love that they always ask if you want a cup of iced tea to-go!

Oh Lord, have y'all ever tried the sweet tea at McAlister's?  It's phenomenal.  Since McAlister's started their deli in the Southern town of Oxford, Mississippi, I would expect their sweet tea to be good.  They won't share their secret recipe, but they do say that it's black tea, steeped with filtered water in every restaurant several times throughout the day.  Their tea is sweetened with pure cane sugar.  LOVE LOVE LOVE their sweet tea.

 McAlister's sweet tea is $1.89, plus tax and includes refills.

I grew up eating at the S and S Cafeteria.  It's one of Mama's favorite places for lunch and mine too.  

I love everything they serve, but my favorites are their deviled eggs, squash casserole, fried okra, macaroni and cheese, custard pie, and sweet tea.  Their fabulous sweet tea is $1.49, plus tax and of course, they pour refills. 

I'm totally in love with Chick-fil-A.  To begin with, I'm always impressed with the customer service I receive at this fast-food restaurant.  The servers wear clean uniforms and are so friendly and helpful. 

 I have to say that at $1.59 plus tax {includes refills}, I think that Chick-fil-A sweet tea is the best tea on the planet!  Their tea is steeped each day with a premium blend of tea leaves and sweetened with real cane sugar.  The chicken minis are by far my favorite item on the menu...second to their sweet tea!

If all else fails...take your own sweet tea to-go in a mason jar with a cute mason jar sweet iced tea koozie from Incredibly Charming Paper and Gifts.


Farrah said...

This post is right up my alley!

I've never had Mcalisters, but I'm going to try it as soon as I find a location near me.

Thank you! 😘

Lisa Bolling said...

I agree with you 100%, Miss Janice. I love all those places as well for their sweet tea. That is our drink of choice at our house. I make a gallon of sweet tea every day. My son says my tea is the best, but he may be a little biased.

My Cherie Amour said...

Have you ever had Carey Hilliard's sweet tea when you were in Savannah? If not, may I suggest a large sweet tea and an order of onion rings.

Gramspearls said...

You are my authority on sweet tea and after we finally have a Chic-fil-A here, I am new able to agree with you completely. I get a small/no ice, and a seperate cup of has to be 'thinned out a bit' because I'm from the North! It is my favorite.

Warmly, Kathleen

Rose said...

I will be trying both!!

Miss Janice said...

You'll love their tea and their food is good too!

Miss Janice said...

Every now and then I do drink unsweetened tea or the diet tea from Publix is fantastic.

Miss Janice said...

I haven't been there in many years, but it's now on my list to do when I go the next time!

Miss Janice said...

If y'all have Publix grocers, try their diet sweet tea...very good!

Miss Janice said...


Miss Jane said...

I'm a big fan of sweet tea but it's hard to come by here in Oregon. I usually just make it myself, happily. I mix it up with flavored teas like boysenberry and Southern Hospitalitea.