Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Villager, John Romain, and Weejuns...going way back!

Today I'm going waaaaay back in time y'all.

 "Here's What I Wore"..The printed shirt dress is by Villager.    Villager made the must-have, de rigueur dresses for the prepsters back in the late 60's and early 70's.  I loved their dresses and had them in every color!

Today I'm wearing the same monogrammed gold circle pin I wore back then...monogrammed {in my fave interlocking script font} with my maiden initials jSk. When your monogram changes after you are married, don't fret...just keep using the stuff with your maiden initials--perfectly acceptable y'all!!!

This photo shows the detail of the pin tucks on the dress...the tucks are a trademark of Villager blouses and dresses.

Each dress came with a matching classic stretchy belt.

All the jewelry I'm wearing today is from my "single girl" days.  Classic monogrammed jewelry never goes out of style!

This John Romain purse was also a must-have to carry with your Villager dresses.  This "It Bag" started my lifelong obsession with cute pocketbooks!  Do y'all remember them?  I had one of the linen and leather ones, a straw one for summer, and this all-leather style.  I'm sure I had their belts, headbands, and Lord knows what else!

The Bass Weejuns...another classic.  We just had to wear our Weejuns...some times called "Penny Loafers"--but I never put pennies on mine, no ma'am!  Today I love wearing them without socks, but they also look cute with tights or argyle socks.

I love that today I still like to wear the same stuff as I did so long ago.  It makes coordinating my wardrobe a little bit easier!!


I Do Declare said...

Did you see the gold 75th anniversary weejuns?? I never saw them in stores, only online. I keep meaning to order a pair. They are adorable!

Anita said...

Oh... Miss Janice, my heart went happy to see the John Roamain.. I still have mine from the 70s.. did not take good care of it like I should. I have several straw bags and one like yours. I had Villager outfits and know the WOW factor they had back in the day.. so Thank you for sharing.

Tammy B said...

I had several Villager outfits back in the day. I still wear my Weejuns from the 80's. They still look good, plus they have an arch support. I bought them at Rich's because they were the only place that carried them in narrow widths.

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

This entire look did it for me today! PERfection!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

Mimi said...

The staples of my wardrobe back in the day! Just wish I could still wear mine!! Thanks for a look back into my youth.

annie said...

Oh, did you bring back memories!
Still wearing Weejuns! Most comfortable shoe ever. Villager was a staple for sure. I had a Villager shift in that print in pastel spring green that I absolutely adored. I wish I had it now.

Farrah said...

You look great! I'm not familiar with Villager or Roamain, but adore Weejuns. I have been contemplating going to the Bass outlet and getting a pair for fall.

Have a wonderful day!