Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Wrist Stack

Road trip to Georgia outfit of the day.  "Here's What I Wore."  The skirt is pink 'Hibiscus Gingham' by Lilly, a pink Lilly tee, and pink Lilly flower thongs--all old school favorite!

'Cuz on Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

I carried my Nantucket 'Lightship' pocketbook.

I bought these thongs when I lived in California 10 years ago...I just can't let them go.

"Here's What Miss Coco Wore"  Her pink 'Coco' monogrammed bandana was custom-made for her by  LWhelanDesigns.  {Mama's wearing ric-rac, so Coco had to wear ric-rac also!}  Of course, her top knot is adorned with a pink bow!  She just got a puppy cut on Friday so she could stay cool for the trip!

So let's talk about wrist stacks y'all!  Everybody's stacking bracelets, watches, and bangles on their wrist.  Well, Miss Janice is having a little difficulty with this fad.  No matter what I stack, it just doesn't look right on me.  The fact that my wrists are so tiny does not help either.  I've tried on some darling bangles by Lilly Pulitzer and Tory Burch but they just fall right off my wrist.  Boo hiss!

So today, I'm adorning my wrist with a Barry Beaux Lilly-fied wrist bow.  Made from Lilly Pulitzer fabric, these bows fasten with velcro and they are the perfect solution for us girls who have very small wrists.

I tried creating some stacks...not sure how I like them.  Take a peek...
The Church-Appropriate Stack

A Lilly 'Sailor bracelet' and a Rolex

I feel a bit strange stacking anything with my gold Rolex...okay, maybe a 'Love' bracelet.

Two Chanel charm bracelets and a Rolex.  This is as layered as I'm gonna get y'all!

A 'Love' bracelet, a Rolex, and a 'Bit' bracelet

A Tiffany bracelet, a Rolex, and a monogram bangle.

So what about y'all?  Are y'all fans for the Wrist Stack...aka Wrist Party, Arm Bling, Wrist Candy?


Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Oh Miss Janice, I have been a stacker going back to the Mr. T days! I have worn yellow gold on my left wrist while my right adorns silver, white gold and my Rolex. Some bracelets nevah come off and others are added in for fun. My most recent additions to the gold side include a torty Henri Bendel stunner with a gold pin hinge lock and my J crew pave link. I adore wrist parties the very most! My hubby jokes that I may develop carpal worries...I am woman!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

Something Delightful by Rachel Timmerman said...

Y'all both look adorable, as always :) I like all your stacks!! The bow idea is extra cute :) I especially LOVE your Church stack! I have a small wrist as well, but I think the way I get my bangles to stay on is because I put them on first then I put my Michael Kors watch on, which is large and keeps them from falling to my hand. I always add a Yurman or two to complete my stack. Are you in Augusta, Miss Janice?? :D :D :D

Melissa88Senick said...

Love your stacks. So cute!!!

Gramspearls said...

Dear Miss Janice,
Your sandels remind me of Pappagallo ballet flats....the style that had flowers on the front.

I worked there all through school, and I wish I had bought them in every color!

You look 'Pretty in Pink"

Warmly, Kathleen

AngelaV said...

Mrs. Janice: I love the church stack. I think you should keep that one. I too have had a hard time with stacks. If you have small wrists, check out Fornash bangles. I ordered one and it was so small I couldn't get it over my hand. Some are hinged, and I had success with those. But they are small. You should check them out.

Tikaa Herridge-Cone said...

I love bracelets, so I say "stack away"
The Bow is MY FAVORITE!!! I want one.

You are precious,
green acres