Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lilly Nail Art

Let me introduce y'all to Emma.  She's an 18 year-old girl living way up north in Connecticut and preparing for her Freshman year of college in the Fall.  I discovered Emma on Instagram {she's enb300}.  When I saw her photos of her nail art, I knew I had to share them with y'all.  Yes, you can match your nails to your Lilly outfit!  Lord have mercy!

Emma designs nail art in her spare time and being a Lilly-lover herself, the Lilly prints are some of her favorite designs.  How does she paint these tiny designs?  She says "It takes a bit of practice, a ton of patience, and simplify!"

Emma has an Etsy store and if you are interested in having her paint you a Lilly design, you can contact her at Little Polish & Poise HERE.  She's also on Tumblr HERE.

The "You Gotta Regatta" pattern.


"Summer Classics"

"Chiquita Bonita"

"Garden by the Sea"

Thank you for stopping by today.  Hope your day is full of cheer and color!


Mary T said...

How creative. I love it!

Kate said...

This is AMAZING!!! Awesome job! Did you use nail polish pens?

JulesTX said...

Very talented indeed......

Lori said...

Merciful heavens. . what will they think of next? Emma is extremely talented!


Preppy Delight said...

Wow! She's amazing! I might have to take a trip up to CT to get my nails done =)

Rosemary said...

Very Cute but only for toenails.