Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Seems like it's cold everywhere today! Even South Florida is on it...they say it might freeze tonight. Lord have mercy. The flowers are all covered up around the town square and everybody was out and about town today dressed like a blizzard was coming to town!

Well, thank goodness for hot tea...whatever would I do without it? All of us Southerners have sipped Hot Toddies before...on a chilly gameday or just to soothe a sore throat and maybe ease the aches of the flu! I decided to prepare my "Hot But Not Toddy" today. This is a non-alcoholic toddy to warm you up. Here I am...ready to hit the road for some shopping and sippin' my roadie {but not} toddy. I'm ready for the chill...wearing my new Lilly mittens.

"HERE'S WHAT I WORE" I wore my Ralph Lauren 'fat day jeans' and the cable pullover and white turtleneck are also by Ralph Lauren. The grass green 'Roped In' ballet flats are by Lilly. The hotty pink 'The Gangs All Here' toasty mittens are by Lilly. The pink and green monogrammed iPhone case is from Marley Lilly. My ponytail is adorned with a little Lilly-fied flower scrunchie!

Recipe for my "Hotty but not Toddy":

14 oz. hot tea {I used Harney Hot Cinnamon Spice tea}
1 tsp honey
1 tsp lemon juice

Pour the honey into the bottom of your beverage container. Glass mugs are my fave, but today I used my cute little monogrammed stadium cup--for the road! Add the hot tea and lemon juice and stir. Fabulous on a cold winter day!!!

Y'all stay warm and look cute doing it!


Bethany said...

It's so cold here, too! You look great with your gloves. Love them.

Tammy B said...

It's cold here in Birmingham. I'm drinking Harney & Son's Paris tea. One of my favorites. At least you can get into your fat jeans. Mine won't even zip. LOL!

Kathy said...

It was chilly here in Georgia too! Love your bright, springy color combination! The tea sounds perfect right now!
Have a great week,

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Aren't those mittens the best? I also got the earmuffs for outside bus duty. They got perfectly with my PiNk RiBbOn Northface jacket! Sippin' my hot apple spiced tea this mornin' before my workout! Yikes, this back to school thing is reeeeeally rough on the teacher this mornin'!!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten

Michelle said...

Sounds delightful! So perfect for carrying you through the shopping and crowds!

Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement concerning my sweet little boy. They mean more than you could ever know!

Happy New Year, may it be filled with blessings and joy!

Socially Savvy said...

Thank you Miss Janice - just order the Cinnamon Spiced Tea online. Will be sipping it in a few days. Stay Warm!

Pink and Fabulous said...

Sounds tasty! Love hot toddies up north too!

annie said...

I enjoy tea with honey and lemon also.
The pink on the sweater is lovely.
We plunged down to 18 degrees here by the seashore and I am already wishing for warmer weather.
Enjoy your tea!