Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flower Blooming Art Tea

Art Tea. Blooming Tea. Flower Tea. Those are some of the names used for a category of tea that is the dried tea leaves and flowers which are hand-tied into balls the size of a large marble. The other day I had a chance to sit down and really enjoy the latest edition of "TeaTime Magazine" and sip some Flower Tea. I have a been a faithful reader of this Hoffman Media Publication since their very first issue. The magazine is always filled with delightful teascapes, recipes for tea party foods, and interesting tearooms around the Country.
"TeaTime Magazine" is also celebrating National Hot Tea Month during January...you can visit their Facebook HERE and find a lot of great tea ideas!
The Flower Tea I steeped in a glass pot is 'Jasmine Fairy Maidens,' available at Harney Tea. This tea is sweetly flavored with jasmine flowers and has a vegetal flavor. It is a very light tasting tea. The water for this tea should be heated to 180 degrees and the tea ball steeped for 3-5 minutes. When steeped, the green tea leaves gradually blossom revealing a cluster of orange flowers perched atop a sphere of tea, while the jasmine petals blossom upwards. This tea may be infused 3 or more times.
The tea leaves and flowers are shaped into a ball, the size of a large marble...
Flower teas make great centerpieces or may be presented in a goblet.
A buttermilk scone and my homemade strawberry preserves pair well with the very light tea.

Remember that there are many health benefits of tea...it helps to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, aids in digestion and weight loss, and of course the caffeine gives you a boost of energy...a pick-me-up in the afternoon!

Practice hospitality...serve someone tea!


QueenBeeSwain said...

Oh you tea time break sounds divine! I need to indulge this weekend ;)


TW said...

There is a story in our family of an Irish grandmother on visit to the states, trying to help by changing the baby. My impression is the child was being terribly difficult and it was quite the ordeal. Apparently when she was done, she made herself tea and “drank the whole pot!”

Now, when we’re referring to a difficult day we call it a “whole pot day.” Or sometimes, to emphasize our point, “a three or four pot day.”

Here’s to tea!


(P.S. I'm sipping tea right now as I peruse my Reader. :))

Lori said...

I have just started drinking green tea everyday. Dr. Oz recommended a "weightorade" mixture. I have gooled the benefits of green tea and wowsers. My husband has restless leg syndrome, we are trying it at night around 8 with a hot cup to help with circulation. So far so good.