Monday, April 25, 2011

Things Go Better With Coke

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I gave up Diet Caffeine Free Coke for Lent. I remember the Ash Wednesday service...The Priest said "Don't talk about what you give up. Don't go around moaning about it." Well, other than a mention here and there, I did not AND I made it. NO COKE during Lent!

Last night I celebrated and enjoyed a DCF Coke with some popcorn while watching Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Ahh! Things do go better with Coke. I was raised on this stuff. Can't help loving it. Over the years I've gone from drinking Regular Coke Classic, {Co' Cola to us Southerners} tried the New Coke {eww}, Diet Coke, Caffeine-Free Coke, Coke Zero, and now my Coke of choice is Diet Caffeine-Free Coke!

Welcome back to my frig DCF Coke!!!

I also celebrated the official start of "Open-Toe Shoe Season" and "White Pants Season". I feel like I'm late to the game here in South Florida where all the Yankees have been wearing white shoes, flip flops, and summer wear all winter! :-)

So bring on the seersucker, Jack Rogers, patent leather, linen fabrics, and white shoes! I'm ready now:)

Moving on...I'm now in FULL ROYAL WEDDING MODE!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I need a pedi before nakedness for the toes -- won't have time until this weekend. What are you planning for Wedding Day? I bet it will be filled with fun and elegance whatever you do. I know that you and Miss Coco are getting ready and all a flutter!

linda said...

Oh you are too too funny Miss Janice! Yay for you getting through Lent w/o dcf coke. I gave up Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Cannot wait for Royal wedding either!

Love your monogramed flipflops!

Suburban Princess said...

Goodness! Since you gave it up for this long why not just give up that poison for good? Yikes, I hate to think of what it is doing to your liver and bones :O(

I love your Lilly dress from yesterday, it's on of my favourite prints! I thought the man commenting on your shoes was hilarious!!!

Have a faboo day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Janice! Oh, I used to be a full blown Cokeaholic - the real thing with all the syrupy sugar. Thought I had better put that sugary stuff aside. Didn't like Diet Coke. But it tastes so much better now. But I really like Coke Zero. But I've moved to Dr. Pepper! Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper - it's wonderful!! :)
Cute little tootsies and white capris - the appropriate couch potato attire for the Royal Wedding! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lexilooo said...

I am so excited for the Royal Wedding too!

I try not to drink too much coke, but I might have it once a week or so. Sometimes more!

the pink prep said...

oh miss janice -- i'd LOVE to hear about your royal wedding party!!
i'm having a small one for little ladies in waiting (3 kindergarten girlies and thier mamas) complete with crown-shaped chicken nuggets, royal wedding cake (custom ordered) and champagne!
there will also be games! so excited!
ps: you are a STRONG woman for giving up dc!!!

Anonymous said...

For me, nothing beats a fountain Coke in a big 'ol styrofoam cup! I drink mostly water now, but when that craving hits, sometimes I just have to get one to move on!

Glitterista said...

I just can't wait wait wait to see what you have planned for the wedding! Your parties always look like such a ball! ;)

Wander said...

That's so funny! I'm from south Florida ( I live in Indiana now ) and I'm so happy to wear my white linen pants to school tomorrow.
Being a real GRITS.....I wouldn't dare cheat the white before Easter rule. It's deeply embedded in my brain! ;)

Oh and Royal Wedding countdown? Me too! Except I have to figure out a way to call in "royally ill"! haha

Shavon Hankins said...

I do applaud you for giving up your DCF Coke!! My "addiction", Dr. Pepper!! Can't, have tried, desperately need my one-a-day DP!!
Looking forward to ALL the Royal Wedding Day festivities!!

Lindy D. said...

Do Yankees REALLY wear white all winter? For shame. In New England, we know that white can only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. So, can I assume that in the south, it is Easter to Labor Day?

The 5 Bickies said...

Great job on making it through your Lenten Sacrifice. I bet those bubbles tasted yummy!

So glad to hear it's flip flop and white pant season. You haunted me last week at the Greenbrier....I was worried it wasn't yet flip flop or white season and had packed them for me and my Sweet Pea. Thankfully, the fashion faux pas (plural) around me were much worse and I hope no one noticed!

annie said...

Congrats on lent!
As far as Coke.. you are singing my song. Love it.. love it!
It is also the only thing that dents a little migraine too. So, I an a big fan.

Suzan said...

I am a diet coke girl too! I have been known to walk out of restaurants over the coke/pepsi issue. And you are absolutely right! Things do just taste better with Coke!!!

Suzan said...

I am a diet coke girl too! I have even been known to walk out of restaurants (before being seated) if the serve Pepsi. You are so right! Things do just taste better with a Coke!!!

sle said...

You are so darling!! I love your comment about the Yankee's wearing white all year!