Monday, April 25, 2011


I've been busy y'all...reading every magazine and tabloid I could get my hands on--studying up on the Royal Wedding plans. My focus has been all about Kate Middleton! I'm so excited to see William and Kate's wedding on Friday...can hardly wait!

Aren't they a beautiful couple? Of course, the engagement dress is gorgeous and I'm sure a lot of young girls are looking for the knock off of this one! Kate and William look very much in love in this photo, don't they? Young, smart, beautiful, ROYAL, and in the prime of their lives!

Lucky Kate...she's wearing Princess Diana's ring! How very honored she must feel.

Don't y'all think Kate has the most beautiful hair? Love the color and the style.

Kate has the whole package...beautiful hair, classic face, great figure, and she's a fashion plate--that will keep us all clamoring to copy everything she does and wears!

On top of all that...Miss Kate Middleton is a very smart young lady!


LOVE the Fascinators Kate wears!

The feathered Fascinators will surely become a new trend in the States! A definite must-have, now that Kate has made them so fashionable for the young crowd.

Drooling over this outfit!

Another thing I like about Kate...PRINCE HARRY LOVES HER TOO!

From the gown to the crown, I'm all over this Royal Wedding story. In addition to my tabloid reading, I've been watching the William & Kate movie on Lifetime over & over, Googling Kate Middleton like an online stalker, and of course keeping up-to-date with the television news networks' coverage of the event.

Many of you have emailed me to find out if I'm having a 'Royal Wedding' party. Well, due to the fact that even my British friends are NOT interested in the whole thing, my viewing party will consist of Mlle Coco Chanel and myself. That's just fine with me. We have a 'little something' planned and of course, I will be Tweeting from 4:00 a.m. on Friday...until the entire event is over! I told my husband he needs to sleep out back in the Cottage, 'cuz me and Miss Coco need to have the television turned up loud and we cannot be disturbed. He's up for that...bless his heart!

Maybe you are suffering from "Royal Wedding Fatigue" or you are just not interested, but I cannot stop myself from being thrilled to death to be able to revel in the pomp and ceremony of the wedding of the most likely future King of England.

If you are planning on watching the coverage, here's a timeline that I found online:

~9:00 a.m. London time (4:00 a.m. EST)
1,900 wedding guests are scheduled to arrive between 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. (London time) at Westminister Abbey.

~10:50 a.m. London time (5:50 a.m. EST)
Kate and her Father, Mike Middleton, will depart Buckingham Palace via car--a somewhat controversial decision as it is the first time since 1963 that a royal bride has not arrived at the Church by horse-drawn carriage. Their car will travel along The Mall, passing by Clarence House, Whitehall, and Parliament Square.

~11:00 a.m. London time (6:00 a.m. EST)
The service begins at 11:00 a.m. sharp (London time). The Dean of Westminister will conduct the church service, however William and Kate will be married by Rowan Douglas Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. *FYI from Miss Janice: There will be no kiss at the altar..."that's just not done at Westminister Abbey"!

~12:00 p.m. London time (7:00 a.m. EST)
Following the ceremony, Prince William and Princess Catherine, now husband and wife, will return to Buckingham Palace in a procession of horse-drawn coaches, passing by thousands of well-wishers who will be lining the streets.

~12:30 p.m. London time (7:30 a.m. EST)
Once back at the Palace, the newlyweds will be met by the Queen and enjoy a swanky champagne reception. The couple will also take a moment to appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony, where they will wave and perhaps even kiss for the crowds and cameras.

~7:00 p.m. London time (2:00 p.m. EST)
Following that epic soiree, the Prince of Wales (William's father Charles) will host a private dinner and dance, also at Buckingham Palace. This event will be for just the bride and groom's closest friends and family.

Consider this my Royal Invitation to you to join me on Twitter Friday morning at 4:00 a.m. See you then! {I will also be back on the blog on Friday to post about my viewing party with little Miss Coco.}


Cecilia said...

Fascinating! I'm planning on watching it but since I'm going out Thursday night I'll be using this wonderful thing call DVR and watching it later ;-)

Brittany said...

EEEEK!!! I can't wait!! I've been watching all of the specials on TLC and I also saw the Lifetime movie! I don't think I'll be able to get up earlier than 6am (EST), but I'll definitely be up by then watching the ceremony!!

Gracie Beth said...

This is why we are "blog" friends!!!

Suburban Princess said...

I read she wont be Princess Catherine....she will be Princess William of Wales. I guess since she isnt nobility she doesnt get the big promotion just yet.

Lori said...

They are a beautiful couple and I hope they have many happy years together. I get goose bumps every time I think of their nuptials. I will be watching too. I love royal weddings!!


Lindsey said...

I can't wait!!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

I rise and shine at 4 a.m. daily, so this will fit perfectly into my routine! My daughter and I are so very excited. May the lovely couple have much happiness!

Mrs. Kindergarten

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I'm right there with you, Ms. Janice. I'm heading over to my mother-in-law's house so that I can watch the wedding in peace. I imagine at 7:30 or 8 a.m, my house would be chaos with a five year old and a 17 month old. I've been in wedding month all month on my blog.

Jewel Sauls said...

I am going to a brunch at a friends house - tiaras are required! Will look for your twitter comments!

Kelly said...

I will be up and tweeting with you bright and early Friday morning! I even told my boss I would be in a little late due to a doctor's appt...because there's no way I am leaving my house before 8 am!

the pink prep said...

i'm having a royal watch tea party, but have scheduled it for friday evening so a few girlfriends and their daughters can attend. it will be DARN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to not sneak a peak!
I'm making cucumber sandwiches for the ladies and the little ladies are having crown-shaped chicken nuggets from burger king! ha!
champagne and a custom cake will round out the evening!

Beaufort Belle said...

Great post! I am sure I will be recording quite a bit as it is very hard for me to get up that early in the morning. Thank you so much for the timeline. So fascinating!

Lexilooo said...

I am so fascinated by the Royal Wedding too! I just blogged about this yesterday, actually! I have to work Friday, but my dvr will be recording all of it, and I have a few friends coming over that evening and we will watch! I'm sure though, throughout Friday, I will be reading all about it online at work!

PoshMomma said...

Absolutely LOVED this post.

the nichols' family said...

LOVE this!!!! I can't wait for Friday! :)

kathleen j. said...

My friend and I will be up bright and early!I will be making scones with devonshire cream. I even sent for McVities biscuits!
Great post Miss Janice
Happy viewing

Kathleen J.

Sandra said...

I LOVE this post! Yes, I'll be watching. So thrilled for these two who are sooooo in love :-). Might be tweeting, but for sure will be watching! XOXO

Kara said...

I'm Going to a ROYAL TEA party! Hats, Tierra and Teapots! And a ROYAL lifetime event--who could ask for anything more??? Oh yes, a real invite to the WHOLE event would be nice. What fun I would have had at Kate's Hen Party!!!

Miss Kara. (English by choice)