Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outfits and Halloween Decos

Thought y'all might like to see a few of the Autumn/Halloween decos I have out front...I searched high and low for this wreath and finally found an Etsy store here. She designs the cutest wreaths!

I think I'll get a Christmas wreath in the lime and green dots...which is the theme I have planned for the porch again this year.
If you follow me on twitter, you already know about my Halloween tree drama. This is Miss Coco and myself in front of the tree last year...

I put up the tree again this year and last week a tropical storm came through town and blew it down! I had a mess. This photo was taken after I swept up all the broken ornaments.

Well, it's up again...looking a little bit more shabby than I would like.

This is where the UPS boy leaves all my "cute loot!"

Sometimes the loot overflows into this area...

Two slackers on the settee...

I know, kinda lame! :)

A little sunshine on the porch!

Pumpkins and roses...

The birds are NOT happy with me!

Pants: Black denim by Ralph Lauren
Cardigan: Lime green by Lilly Pulitzer
Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer patterns by Lynn Whelan
Ballet Flats: Turquoise suede by Lilly Pulitzer
Pocketbook: Belvah Bag monogrammed in turquoise
The Accessories:
Lipstick: 'Laser Pink' by Chanel
Nail polish: 'Natural Pink' by Chanel
iPhone Cover: Black with white monogram
Cologne: 'Wink' by Lilly
Shoes: Turquoise suede ballet flats by Lilly Pulitzer
Barrette: Chanel
Watch: 'Oyster Perpetual' by Rolex
Gold charm bracelet, 'Eternity' wedding band by Cartier, gold monogrammed earrings and matching ring.

Monogrammed tote by Belvah Bags.

Trying to keep it bright and cheerful, I wore this 'Sabine' shirt dress by Lilly, with pink tights, navy Revas, and a navy pocketbook by Ferragamo.
The accessories:
Cologne: 'Wink' by Lilly Pulitzer
Lipstick: 'Laser Pink' by Chanel
Nail polish: 'Lovie Dovie' by Essie
iPhone cover: Hot pink
Hair bow: Navy grosgrain ribbon
Shoes: Navy 'Revas' by Tory Burch
Ring: 'Eternity' wedding by Cartier
Necklace, bracelet, and earrings: Pearls

Navy pocketbook by Ferragamo...
Super casual day...
Jeans: Ralph Lauren
Tee: Flower tee by J Crew
Cardigan: J Crew
Shoes: Black clogs monogrammed in tan by The Pink Monogram
Pocketbook: 'Pimlico' by Ralph Lauren

The accessories:
Makeup: Chanel
Lipstick: 'Talisman' by Chanel
Nail Polish: 'Natural Pink' by Chanel
Cologne: 'Lauren' by Ralph Lauren
iPhone cover: Black with white monogram
Headband: Ferragamo
Shoes: Black clogs monogrammed in tan by The Pink Monogram
Watch: 'Oyster Perpetual' by Rolex
Ring: 'Eternity' wedding band by Cartier
Necklace, earrings, and bracelet by Chanel

The 'Pimlico' black tote is by Ralph Lauren and I tied a vintage YSL scarf onto the handles...
I'm relaxing today and being super lazy! Getting ready for my must-see Sunday evening television shows!!!

LOVE Dexter. I have been fan of the show since DAY ONE!

My new favorite show is PAN AM. Love the girls. Love the clothes. Of course, I love all the prissiness, also. You can bet that I'm holding my pocketbooks just like the girls in the photo below...with my arm angled just so!
Hope y'all have a fabulous week!


College Prepster said...

I love everything!

Suburban Princess said...

I feel so sad about your tree blowing over! Hopefully the broken ornaments werent terribly valuable or irreplaceable!

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

And all I have to show for the holiday is a glittering orange skeleton sitting in the chair in the living room. You're a fashion and decorating icon!

amiLCT said...

ADORABLE as usual, Miss Janice; and you know I'm heading right over to find some of those monogrammed clogs for Fall!!

Teresa Jane said...

Oh my Lord, you spray painted that white wicker black? When did you do that?

Natalie said...

I love that you love Dexter!!!

Everything is just perfect, Miss Janice.

Also, I can only hope TB will bring back Navy Revas!!

JRB Photography said...

Can I just tell you how absolutely ADORABLE you are! Love it all! :)

Simply Sara said...

Love all your decorations!!!


His Way or Her Way said...

I love your Halloween decorations. For some reason, I thought your porch furniture was white. Do you switch it out for fall/winter?


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh Dear! Sorry about your tree mishap! I would be sad too to lose my ornaments!

Laura said...

Miss Janice, I just LOVE all your Fall decorations!! Too, too cute!!

The Barnett Family said...

So sorry about your tree....I hate it when I break just one ornament! I love the show Pan Am....just like you....I LOVE their clothes! I caught myself totin' my purse like them. How funny! Love the new show Revenge too! Cannot wait till Wednesday night!

Hines-Sight said...

Love your Halloween tree. You have so many things that you must have one big storage closet.

Love your outfits.

I've not seen Dexter, and I'm thinking I may need to watch that on Roku.

Rose said...

Revenge is my new favorite show right now. If you haven't seen it yet I think you'll like it

Beaufort Belle said...

I love tying a scarf around my purse handle. It just adds that special finishing touch!

Love the Halloween tree and your porch as always. I cannot wait till I have a true front porch to do these super cute ideas. I do think I will try the wreath though, tres chic!

Chloe said...

this makes me wish my family "did" holidays. so festive!

Kristens Creations said...

Cutest halloween tree ever!! I just love it! Sorry it blew over, but it still looks great. The entire porch looks wonderful! Love the slackers on the You are definitely the best dressed lady I know! Love all of your pretty outfits.Kristen