Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pan Am

The new television show Pan Am takes place back in the glamorous jet-set age of the 60's. The show features the flight crew of Pan Am...traveling around the world to places young ladies dream of visiting. The cast is perfect!!!

Christina Ricci, as Maggie Ryan, the Flight Crew Purser.

Left to right: Karine Vanasse as Colette Valois, a French Pan Am Stewardess, orphaned during the German occupation of France during World War II. She still harbors resentment against German people. Kelli Garner as Kate Cameroni, older sister to Lauren and the experienced Stewardess. Margot Robbie as Lauren Cameron, who is newly out of training.

Mike Vogel as Dean Lowery, Captain on Pan Am International flights.

Michael Mosley as Ted Vanderway, First Officer on Pan Am.
The Stewardesses of Pan Am...walked like ladies and carried their pocketbooks with the arm angled just so!
The Stewardesses had specific standards of beauty. Their weight was constantly checked, their appearance had to be perfect, and they were expected to be perfect ladylike reps of Pan Am. I love the old school chic stewardess uniforms. Pill box hats perched two fingers above the eyebrows and light colored stockings, which were, of course, de rigueur. And...those white gloves {always cleaned and pressed} sealed the deal for me!!!
The coveted Pan Am bag!!!

Yes, we all wore those curlers in our hair while sleeping at night...had to wear them, to get the look! {Flip or Bob}

They wore girdles to shape their figures and so they wouldn't jiggle...jiggling is not ladylike at all! Of course, the girdles had garters to hold their stockings...pantyhose weren't worn back then. Lord have mercy, my Mama still doesn't own a pair of pantyhose, she only wears stockings! The long line bullet bras were worn also and helped to maintain good posture.
Cocktail service back in the day on Pan Am

Dinner was served in style back then
{image Nick Verreos}

I long for the days when flying was a pleasure...back when we didn't have to be worried about our safety, when we actually received meals and good service, when people dressed appropriately to be out in public. I haven't flown in years due to the fact that I am plum scared of flying anymore after September 11th, and also that I can't take the airbus-atmosphere, with people being squeezed onto the plan and seated practically on top of each other.

That's okay, because I've traveled the world to all the places I've ever wanted to visit and now I enjoy roadtrips!!!

You can watch Pan Am on Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET on ABC. Thank you for stopping by today!


Suburban Princess said...

I feel exactly the same way about flying! In the plane yesterday I was telling my pilot friend I felt safer with him flying because with just the two of us I know none of the passengers are terrorists!

Lexilooo said...

I am just loving this show! Did you see the girls on The View the other day?

Hope said...
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Anonymous said...

I long for the days of 1960's travel, and while some airlines are better than others, it looked so glamourous back then. Sigh - if only...

Mona said...

My aunt was a stewardess back in the day. She said, they were indeed that rigid in their rules regarding girdles and weight. She was also required to wear stockings with the seam in back and "it had to be perfectly straight".

I must practice carrying my handbag prissy like the Pan Am girls do. I just love that look!

Petunia said...

Love Pan Am! The DVR is set!

Kim said...

Just watched the show ... LOVE it ... I remember wanting to be a stewardess, but I am only 5'2" and that wouldn't "fly"!! Love your cute blog! My daughter follows you on Twitter and introduced me to you! Pop on over for a visit sometime!!

Kara said...

Oh Darling, isn't it fab? Wish I had been a Pan Am Stewardess. Of course I had a friend who's daddy was a Pan Am pilot...a real one. I did of course have a Barbi with the Stewardess outfit, purse, hat and luggage. Ha! I still do.... Barbie (girl) dreams do die hard!
LoVe the post!
PS: Hate flyin like I am cattle!

Lori said...

I love the show too. It does bring back lots of memories of how flying used to be. We always got "dolled" up when boarding a plane. Everyone dressed for looks, not for comfort like they do now. The first meal I ever had on a flight was a filet mignon dinner complete with baked potato and a salad. My how times have changed.


Kathleen said...

Dear Miss Janice,
I love Pan Am and was actually thinking of you, wondering if it brought back memeories of the years you toured the world...and I'm sure loved it. What an education.
Where does your mother buy stockings? I wish they still made well fitting longline bras. This would solve many issues...and lessen the number of pieces of 'shapewear' one must own!.

Warmly, Kathleen

Hannah said...

This is one of my favorite shows this fall. I enjoy the clothing, characters and music. I've heard that on Pandora there is a fantastic Pan Am station. I must check it out!


Lisa said...

I am lovin' Pan-Am! Love seeing all the retro sets and costumes. The airline industry is certainly not as illustrious as it once was. Airline travel has become a necessary evil. Not something to get excited about or look forward to. So sad.:(

StephenH said...

This show shows how air travel has changed over the years. I remember when airlines served hot meals, treated people nice, and flying was enjoyable. Now it seems that airlines are into high security, charging fees for everything, and the like. You are lucky if you get a free soda these days in the air. Airlines also got rid of magazines, and some even eliminated videos and movies. Planes are more crowded than ever.

Unknown said...

Welcome to my life, Miss Janice! You know I dress like this more days than not, and I also only wear stockings with garters. I find "deadstock" silk stockings from the 40s and 50s with seams and Cuban heels...and you already know about my pocketbooks! Cant' wait for your OOTD posts with yours, "just so!"

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I don't watch much TV -- but this does look like a fun bit of nostalgia. I wish flying was a bit more comfortable than taking the bus.....just a shorter time of misery.

annie said...

Women used to mold their figures and so they stayed nicer longer.
I don't like flying anymore either Miss Janice.
I am also enjoying Pan Am.