Friday, October 21, 2011

Marley Lilly Scarves

Just in time for the Fall season, Marley Lilly has the cutest monogrammed pashmina scarves!

Look at all the colors...again, I'm loving that houndstooth pattern, and the purple one, and the brown one, and the red one.
The camel and zebra print are both catching my eye also!!!
And monogrammed, to make them extra special and preppy!

So, you can be sure when you wear one of these precious scarves, people are gonna ask you "Where did you get that?" When you receive your order, these darling little pink & green cards are enclosed to hand out to those who "Need to know."

You can go HERE to see the chart on some basic pashmina folds...

I wore the orange scarf {monogrammed in lime green} today folded in the #1 Loop-n-Through Fold...with a black long sleeve tee, J Crew jeans, and orange Revas.

Please excuse the underline...ugh! won't go away:(
The accessories:
Earrings: Givenchy
Wedding Band: 'Eternity' by Cartier
Lipstick: 'Talisman' by Chanel
Cologne: Burberry
iPhone cover: Black with white monogram
Ballet Flats: Revas by Tory Burch
Watch: 'Oyster Perpetual by Rolex
Barrette and Wrist Cuff: J Crew
The earrings: Givenchy

The pocketbook: Louis Vuitton
You can go here to pin any of the Marley Lilly items onto Pinterest..."Pin All Day, Pin All Night!"


Ashley said...

Miss Janice you are so cute! I love Marley Lilly scarves! I want a gray monogrammed one!

The Wife said...

These scarves are so adorable! Did you get the cashmere-feel scarf or the pashmina? It's hard to tell without trying on if the pashmina would be too bulky around the neck. Thanks!

Miss Janice said...

The Wife,
I got the cashmere-feel...LOVE it. The site recommends this scarf if you want to monogram it. These scarves are so cute!!!

Heather said...
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Hillcrest Acres said...

Love, love, love these scarves. I have a lime green one with black monogram and wear it all the time. Love the feel of it around my neck, so soft and warm.

Preppy 101 said...

I adore these scarves! Such cute Christmas gifts!! XOXO

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Adorable love the chart on different ways to wear them!

As you know, I'm hosting a Marley Lilly pashmina scarf giveaway on my blog.

Stop on over and enter if you haven't already!

His Way or Her Way said...

I want one!!! I love the look of them.


william said...

The scarves are cute-- the website says they are 100% acrylic-- so they would be good for someone allergic to wool and real cashmere.

And I love your pumpkin parfaits! I cheated and used glazed pecans out of a package from the grocery store for the topping. This recipe is so good and so easy! I love Ina Garten's pumpkin parfaits but think yours are better because they are so easy and you can use fat free cool whip in them! Thank you! Will make these for Thanksgiving houseguests!


The Wife said...

Thanks! I see some Christmas gifts getting knocked out at Marley Lilly-such cute stuff!