Thursday, October 27, 2011

French Cuffs and Cuff Links for Ladies?

I found this darling dark gray jumper at Target and thought it was so cute and the price was right. I decided to wear it with a white blouse with french cuffs and use my vintage {aka very old} monogrammed cufflinks.

Dress: Target
Blouse: Land's End
Tights: J Crew
Shoes: Bandolino Mary Janes
The Accessories:
Cufflinks: Gold disks with maiden-name monogram {Totally appropriate}
Earrings and Ring: Gold disks, again with maiden-name monogram
*I must have purchased the earrings, the ring, and the cufflinks around the same time since they all match!
Wedding Band: 'Eternity' by Cartier
Lipstick: 'Talisman' by Chanel
Cologne: Burberry
iPhone cover: Black with white monogram
Shoes: Mary Janes by Bandolino
Headband: Burberry
Watch: 'Oyster Perpetual' by Rolex
Pocketbook: Burberry
You can see in this close-up photo that all the monogrammed jewelry matches...I've always been matchy-match!
Are cufflinks appropriate for ladies? Absolutely! Cufflinks should be worn with blouses with double cuffs {French cuffs}. I think they add a little personality to an outfit and they are so fun! I also think they help to make an otherwise drab outfit look more feminine.

Cufflinks would also add a special touch to a blouse worn with a skirt or pantsuit in a business setting.

Here's another close-up of my monogrammed cufflink.
These white knot cufflinks were included with the blouse and I can use them when I'm in monogram overload! The silver monogrammed cufflinks below these are next ON MY LIST!

Thank you for stopping in today to visit with me. Remember, you can still use your items monogrammed with your maiden monogram, even if you are married and using your husband's surname.


Kathleen said...

Perfect! You've had excellent taste all your we have proof.

Warmly, K

Annie said...

I have always loved the look of French cuffs with links. I had a beautiful set of cuff links in the form of gold knots. I wish French cuffs were more universally available.
Lovely outfit!

Tammy B said...

I really like that jumper/dress. I may have to stop in Target and check it out. I have my late father's gold cufflinks that I wear.

Town and Country Mom said...

Thanks so much for this post. I just purchased a lovely French cuff blouse and have been debating about what size, finish, etc. of cuff links would be best. I love yours and will happily be a copycat!

melissa said...

I love cuff links .. especially monogrammed! My husband always wears them (I bought him the same silver cuff links) :)

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