Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Salad

I love the classic BLT Salad*.  Today I prepared one with low fat dressing and low sodium was delicious y'all!

It has lettuce and tomatoes, so that makes it a little bit healthy!

I prepared it on a Spode Blue Italian English bread and butter plate, 11" in diameter and available at Wayfair. This bread and butter plate is meant to be a service plate for a bread loaf.  I love it as a salad plate...just the right size and pretty, too!

This is the Spode Blue Italian salad plate, 7 1/2" diameter and available at Replacements, Ltd.

Recipe for the BLT Salad:

Wedge of iceburg lettuce
Low-fat Blue Cheese Dressing
6 cherry tomatoes, chopped, strained, and sprinkled with garlic salt
3 strips low-sodium bacon, chopped

Pour the dressing over the lettuce wedge and sprinkle with the chopped bacon and tomatoes.

Thank you for visiting with me today!


Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Sheer genius! Love the plate as well.

Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

I have a BLT salad recipe that my family LOVES but I am going to have to try this one! Looks delicious and so pretty on the blue and white plates! xo

NikkiL said...

Heavenly. I love the Spode blue transfer ware. Several years ago my Mom gave me the Blue Room collection sampler of each of their designs in dinner plates. I had them on the wall of my breakfast nook in our last house. We just purchased a country weekend place and I can't wait to unpack them and use them. It's a 1907 farmhouse and should be perfect for a blue and white pallet.

Miss Janice said...

Super late saying "Thank you!"

Miss Janice said...

Belated thank you!

Miss Janice said...

I know they will be lovely in your farmhouse!