Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

I always get excited about the Fall season.  I've been busy finding a few new pieces to add to my Fall wardrobe and organizing my new agenda.    I'm still loving the "Tusk n Sun" print Lilly Pulitzer agenda and chose it for the second year in a row.  Being an extremely organized person, I have notes, lists, and appointment times for every single day.  These are some of my agenda planning tools.

In addition to my agenda, I also have the Lilly Pulitzer notebook, with a "To-Do" list for each day.  Rarely do I cross off everything on the list...the items usually carry over to the next day and the days after that!

I do not leave home without my iPad, iPhone, agenda, or notebook!  This Lilly Pulitzer notebook folio in the 'Wild Confetti' print can hold it all.  It is truly a must-have!

Of course I love to priss up my agenda.  Lilly Pulitzer includes a sheet of Lilly stickers inside their agendas and you can buy more of their stickers online.

The Preppy Planner has the cutest Lilly-inspired stickers ever!

For more preppy-inspired stickers, go to Pretty Little Monograms.  How cute are these stickers?!

Here are a few sites that y'all might like for stickers and agenda planning:

The Preppy Planner (stickers)
Pretty Little Monograms (stickers and note book folios)
XO Mama Plans (stickers)
The Reset Girl (online planner workshop)
The Planner Society (online planner workshop)


Something Delightful by Rachel Timmerman said...

You chose my very favorite planner for this year, Miss Janice :)

Sally said...

this post is making me really want to get my act together and get more organized, or at least buy cute cute stuff to help!

Miss Janice said...

Of course I changed my mind and got a larger size and the Confetti print.

Miss Janice said...

Sally, see my reply to Rachel above. I also got the Lilly Notebook Folio, which I LOVE!