Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Miss Florida 2015

While watching the Miss Georgia pageant this past weekend, I was also following the Miss Florida pageant via social media.  Congratulations to Mary Catherine Fechtel who won the title and will compete for the crown of Miss America in Atlantic City this September.  Miss Fechtel was also Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen in 2010.  Y'all might remember her sister Elizabeth Fechtel, former Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2012, who was crowned Miss Florida 2014, but had to turn over the crown one week later to Victoria Cowen, due to an "error in the tabulation process."

The Fechtel ladies are talented and beautiful and I look forward to watching Mary Catherine compete for the Miss America crown.

Congratulations also to Betty Cantrell, of Warner Robins, Georgia who won the title of Miss Georgia 2015.

Coming up this Saturday evening, is the Miss South Carolina 2015 pageant.  Yay, pageant season continues!


Julianna said...

What channel do you watch the pageants on?

Miss Janice said...

I watch the live feeds online. Go the pageant's website and it will usually say where to watch. If not, try their Facebook site and someone may comment where you can watch.

Laurie said...

Miss Janice, when did you move from Palm Beach??!

Miss Janice said...

I never lived in Palm Beach. I have lived in Miami and Port St. Lucie and moved from Port St. Lucie to Georgia last Summer.